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英国奥运取佳绩 却招羡慕嫉妒恨

2016-08-25    来源:可可英语网    【      美国外教 在线口语培训


Britain’s stunning medals success in the Rio Olympics may have been a cause for elation at home — but in parts of Europe it has met with sneers, incredulity and withering criticism of UK sports policy.
Great Britain achieved its best Olympic performance in more than a century, garnering a total of 67 medals, including 27 golds. It ended the Rio games second in the overall medals tableafter the US and ahead of China.

Some fellow Europeans were impressed. Others were sceptical.
Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper, for example, singled out Team GB’s spectacular success in cycling, which it said “has led its rivals to wonder if there isn’t something fishy going on with the Brits”.
比如,德国《法兰克福汇报》(Frankfurter Allgemeine)就把矛头指向了英国队在自行车项目上的惊人成就,称这“让英国队的对手们怀疑英国人是不是玩了什么猫腻”。
The paper also had harsh words for the Britain’s “no compromise” approach to funding,which allocates money to sports with a realistic chance of earning medals and has withheld it from disciplines that failed to meet their medals target in 2012.
该报还对英国的“不折中”(no compromise)资助方式提出了严厉批评。英国把资金拨给有现实可能夺牌的项目,而拒绝拨给那些在2012年未实现奖牌目标的项目。
“It made no difference how popular the sport was with the public, how suitable it was for the mass market,” the paper said. “Volleyball and table tennis were excluded from funding programmes, despite their broad appeal and wide take-up in the population.”
The article was headlined: “No compromise: why the Brits win more often in Rio than China,and what a high price they pay for it.”
There was a similar reaction in Spain, where the El País daily described Britain’s pursuit of Olympic glory as “brutal and heartless”, stating: “Every medal is the product of calculation,not the spirit of a nonconformist athlete.”
西班牙国内也有类似的反应。西班牙《国家报》(El País)把英国对奥运荣耀的追求描绘为“残酷无情”。该报称:“每块奖牌都出于算计,而不是源自不墨守成规的运动员的精神。”
Perhaps even more irritating to British sports fans was the approach taken by the European Parliament. In a tweet it airbrushed out the Britain’s performance, instead congratulating the whole of the EU on the 325 medals it had collectively won.
更令英国体育迷恼火的或许是欧洲议会(European Parliament)的做法。欧洲议会在Twitter上发的一条帖子略掉了英国队的成绩,改为庆祝整个欧盟(EU)合计赢得的325块奖牌。
That earned this terse response from one @JDrewer: “If you want to know why the Brits decided to leave the EU, this tweet pretty much sums it up.”
Yet in other countries, there was outright envy at Team GB’s medal haul, and especially the extraordinary turn round achieved since Atlanta in 1996, when it won just one gold. On Monday, Poland’s sports minister called for the country to copy the British approach in order to win more medals.
“In Rio, Great Britain won 67 medals. And this shows that their model, which involves the selection of key disciplines, passed the test,” said Witold Banka.
“在里约,英国赢得了67块奖牌。这表明他们的模式——涉及对关键项目的遴选——通过了考验,”维托尔德•班卡(Witold Banka)称。
He said Poland should emulate UK Sport’s targeted policy, rather than splitting funding equally between all disciplines. “[This approach] will play a very important role in the development of Polish sport,” he added.
The Frankfurter Allgemeine’s sniping at Britain’s success in the velodrome came in the wake of comments by a number of athletes and coaches at Rio hinting at skulduggery in the British ranks.
Michael D’Almeida, a French cyclist who was in the bronze medal-winning men’s sprint team,said last week: “We are human beings like them, we are made of the same stuff, we have a bike like they do, so why are they better?”
法国自行车选手米夏埃尔•德阿尔梅达(Michael D’Almeida)是赢得本届奥运会场地自行车争先赛男子团体铜牌的运动员之一。他上周表示:“我们和他们一样都是人、都是同种材料制成的,我们的自行车也和他们的一样,那为什么他们的成绩更好?”
German track cyclist Kristina Vogel, who won the women’s sprint, said there was something“questionable” about Britain’s cycling success. “They all come here at their best level, and Ihave no idea how they do it,” she said.
德国场地自行车选手克里斯蒂娜•福格尔(Kristina Vogel)赢得了本届奥运会场地自行车女子争先赛金牌。她表示,英国在自行车项目上的成功有点“可疑”。“他们都是以最佳状态来参赛的,我不知道他们是怎么做到的,”她说。
She later backtracked, saying: “I never said they take any drugs or have a bike with engines,but they always seem faster at the Games.”
It’s not the first time that Britain’s success in the velodrome has raised eyebrows. At the 2012 London Olympics the French director of cycling suggested that GB was winning so many cycling medals because its racers were using different wheels to everyone else. This prompted Dave Brailsford, the British cycling director, to joke that Team GB did have a secret — they used“specially round wheels”.
英国在场地自行车项目上的成功并非首次引来质疑。2012年伦敦奥运会上,法国自行车队领队曾暗示,英国队在自行车项目上赢得如此多的奖牌,是因为其选手所用的车轮与其他任何选手都不一样。英国自行车队领队戴夫•布雷斯福德(Dave Brailsford)对此戏言道,英国队确实有个秘密——他们用了“特别圆的车轮”。

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