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“米格道“运动现在已经是一种全球化的风尚了,“米格道“三个字其实是来源于MGTOW这个英文缩写,人们把MG念作“米格“,TOW念作“道“,即中国文化中的终极真理。米格道的字面意义指的是“走自己路的男人们“(Man Going Their Own Way),单数“走自己路的男人“为MGHOW“米格豪“。

“They lose their creativity, their drive, their focus when they think about women and sex all day. I think men are realizing how much better life is when they don’t have to deal with these women or care so much about them and what they think.“


Welcome to the wonderful world of MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way)
欢迎来到MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) 的精彩世界!

A community of fellas who believe they need to “eliminate the biggest obstacle“ that is stopping them from living their best lives.Those darn, pesky, money-sucking women.

As Mack Lamoureux put it, these men have “had enough … To them, the feminist movement has all but ruined our society, and it just doesn’t make sense to participate in the dating game because women have been, in their eyes, programmed to ruin a man’s life.
正如Mack Lamoureux所说,这些人“真是太多了......对他们来说,女权运动破坏了我们的社会,在他们眼中,约会没有任何意义,因为女人已经把男人的生活完全给毁了。“

“Around every corner they seem to see one-dimensional women who are just out to take their well-earned money and stick them with kids who aren’t theirs …They are f***ing terrified of those gosh-darn prevalent false rape accusations“.The words at the top of this post come from (the presumably musty bedroom of) Smitty6.

Smitty6是红迪网的一个MGTOW团体,它有 15,000位 用户。

MGTOW 社区的灵感最初来源于日本的“食草族男人“(没兴趣结婚找对象的男人)。(2010年通过调查发现,在日本的单身男人中,在20多岁就将自己归为“食草族男人“的男人占61%,在30多岁的则占到70%)。日本人认为,极端的“草食男“也会走向MGTOW。

The MGTOW group repeatedly references pop culture when explaining their ideology — Fight Club and they often refer to The Matrix — particularly the moment where Keanu’s character Neo chooses to reject his blinkered “blue pill“ life in favor of the awareness offered by the “red pill“ (speaking of which, if you want to go down another misogynistic rabbit hole, check out The Red Pill community).

同很懂游戏一样,这个搞笑的MGTOW 社区行动有五个不同等级供用户选择:
Level 0 — Situational Awareness: the member has “taken the red pill“ and embraces the idea that gender equality is a lie.

Level 1 — Rejection of Long-Term Relationships: the man rejects long-term relationships but will still partake in short-term relationships and sexual encounters.

Level 2 — Rejection of Short-Term Relationships: the member won’t participate in hook-ups or any form of short-term or sexual relationships.

Level 3 — Economic Disengagement: a member at this stage refuses to earn more money than is necessary for sustaining life. He views the government as tyrannical and is trying to actively drain money from the bureaucrats.

Level 4 — Societal Disengagement: this is as far as a mainstream MGTOW can go. Here the man refuses to interact with society. Basically, going full-hermit.

Unfortunately it’s not that easy to completely ditch the ladies — they still have sexual urges(also, please note that homosexuality is utterly frowned upon). Thankfully there are some forms of sexual release that are deemed acceptable as you’re progressing up the MGTOW chain and tactics are discussed on the forums. Some men prefer one night stands, others rely solely on masturbation, and some routinely visit sex workers. The old adage “You don’t pay for the sex, you pay them to leave“ is a popular sentiment on the forums.

美国著名搭讪艺术家Roosh Varek曾在自己的网站上写道,MGTOW是个“猥琐男的撸瑟党“(creepy cult of male loserdom),说他们“拒绝承认人类的基本天性“。其它人直接说这是个成天只会玩游戏开车的宅男邪教。不管定义如何,Google搜索数据表明了这项运动正在扩张 。

大部分MGTOW口头挂着“zero fucks given“,认为他们选择的是一种哲理而不是一场运动。与试图改变社会的男权主义者不同,MGTOW为他们的狭隘刻薄感到骄傲。他们抵制婚姻,拒绝抚养后代,像群鸵鸟一样挺胸面对社会上种种唾骂。

Myself, I hate getting associated with women in any form, be it relationships or sex, moreover i [sic] can’t have sex with a girl that i don’t love. I’m kind of old school here. Therefore for me to have sex i need to love her, so to love a girl i should throw away all my logical thinking and turn myself into a mangina, which i never wanted to be, hence i stayed virgin.“



“The road to our forum is paved with bad experiences, men who have never been loved, have loved and lost, men who have tried and failed, or men who succeeded and were taken advantage of.“

“They want female attention and for one reason or another, they’re not getting it.“

Tristan Bridges博士是纽约布罗克波特大学的一名社会学教授助理,他同学术期刊《Men, Masculinities, and Methodologies 》展开合作。Bridges博士的工作是深入分析性别问题。VICE网站要他从学术角度解释MGTOW现象及历史上与之类似的“manosphere“运动。
“When we look at the historical record that’s what it shows: Men start to get pissed off and want to talk about masculinity and change masculinity right after there has been some sort of transformation in femininity,“ Bridges said.

“When these kinds of things come up, I think historians would say something significant has happened with respect to gender inequality that men are feeling their position of privilege is challenged and this is a cultural reaction that takes place after that happens.“

美国西方学院社会学副教授Lisa Wade也表述过类似的观点,当女性在社会中地位提升到让一些男性不自在的程度的时候,婚姻关系也成为了女性权力膨胀到一个表现。“MGTOW体现了有的人认为社会已经变得过度女性化,他们就直接离开,无意改变现状。“


“When you’re 15, girls are weird and you’re looking for answers. [These sites] claim to have them.“