2017-6-17 09:17


Father’s Day is notoriously hard for gift-givers. You want to choose a present that’s meaningful, memorable and right for the recipient. The good news? If the dad in your life loves his gadgets, there are plenty of Father’s Day gifts that’ll fly right up his alley. Thank gawd for technology! Whether he’s an amateur photographer, a music man, or the kind of guy who always has to have the latest home tech device, we have something here for every type of dad.

人们为老爸准备父 亲节的礼物总是绞尽脑汁,希望挑选一款有意义,值得回忆又合老爸心意的礼物。好消息是,如果你的老爸是位科技达人,那么下面的礼物一定正对他的胃口。感谢 上帝赐给人类科技这玩意!无论你的老爸是业余摄影家﹑音乐发烧友还是最新科技设备的狂热买家,这里的礼物总会让他们称心如意。

Check out all of these gifts for your tech-loving dad.


1. ManCrates On The Water pack, $124.99

1.ManCrates On the Water挎包

If your guy is equal parts tech-obsessed and outdoorsy, this set of goods that’ll protect his beloved gadgets is perfect.


2. Fender Mini Tonemaster Amplifier, $54.99

2.Fender Mini Tonemaster功放

If he’s a musician, he’ll surely appreciate this vintage-style mini amp.


3. Google Home base, $40


Does your dad love his Google Home device? If so, get him this colorful base, which will make the entire unit look WAY cooler.


4. Panasonic wireless Bluetooth headphones, $79.99


High-quality headphones are totally worth the splurge if he’s into his Spotify playlists. And really, is there anything more dad-ish than bulky headphones?


5.Coravin Model One wine system, $199.95

5.Coravin Model One红酒取酒器

This is one high-tech wine tool, and it gives him the chance to marry his Cabernet collection with his electronic stash.


6. Quip electric toothbrush, $40


Quip’s electric toothbrushes are game-changers thanks to their sleek design (gimme that rose gold toothbrush please!) — but these aren’t just super cool-looking, they’re also seriously effective cleaning tools.


7. Goby all-black brush kit, $60 with subscription


This one is for the goth dad who loves clean teeth.


8. Me Foto travel tripod, $125

8.Me Foto旅行摄影三脚架

This compact tripod fits easily into a backpack, making it the perfect find for the guy who loves travel. He can easily stash this lightweight number and pull it when he wants to capture images during his many adventures.


9. Picture Keeper Create Your Own drive, $49.99

9.Picture Keeper自创自图驱动程序

Picture Keeper offers up awesome photo storage software and devices, and this affordable piece is a great way for him to dip his toe into the brand’s offerings.

Picture Keeper开发出高品质的照片存储软件和设备,而这款好用不贵的程序非常适合初次接触该品牌产品的老爸们。

10. Conair Turbo ExtremeSteam Handheld Fabric Steamer, $59.99


Wrinkles, be gone! The powerful, tech-fueled steamer makes smoothing out his shirts, ties and even furniture fabric a total breeze.


11. Pocketbook Wave Smart Notebook, $27


Um, coolest thing ever? At first glance, this is a regular notebook — but since it’s not 1999, it has a twist: You can microwave it to erase the pages after sending them to your accounts through the Cloud.


12. Amazon Echo Dot, $49.99

12.亚马逊Echo Dot音箱

The compact device allows the man in your life to ask questions, play music and so much more without lifting a finger. Literally! Amazon’s Alexa is like the ultimate personal assistant in a tiny disc.


13. Leather iPhone case, $49


This sleek, eye-catching case is super classy thanks to the leather fabric. Bonus? He’ll never mistake his phone for anyone else’s.


14. Personalized Ready2Go leather tech organizer, $29.99

14.Personalized Ready2Go皮制科技设备收容袋

This sleek storage solution keeps unsightly cords in place and is genius for travel. And how beautiful is the case itself?


15. Waterproof folding Bluetooth keyboard, $49.95


iPad users will be obsessed with this portable — yet sizable — keyboard. The best part? You won’t have to worry if you spill a bit of your drink on it.


What gift will you choose for the tech dad in your life?