2014-5-6 09:46

美国折扣零售巨头Target Corp(TGT)周一宣布,其首席执行官Gregg Steinhafel已经辞职,即刻生效。该公司已任命首席财务官John Mulligan临时接替Steinhafel的职位,并已开始招募新CEO。


US retailer Target has announced the resignation of its chief executive and chairman, Gregg Steinhafel.

It follows a difficult year for the retailer, which was the victim of a data breach that shook customer confidence and hurt profits.

Up to 70 million customers had payment card and personal data stolen from the company's databases in December.

Target's chief information officer, Beth Jacob, who oversaw Target's computer systems, resigned in March.

In a statement, the US retailer said: "After extensive discussions, the board and Gregg Steinhafel have decided that now is the right time for new leadership at Target."

Chief financial officer John Mulligan will take over as interim president and chief executive, the company added.

Roxanne Austin, a current member of Target's board of directors, has been appointed as interim non-executive chair of the board.