iPhone X或将于金秋停产!原因竟是销售量不佳?



2018-1-25 15:53

Apple will cancel the iPhone X this summer due to disappointing sales, analyst claims.
分析师称,由于销量不佳,iPhone X或将于金秋停产

It was released to mark the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone and is considered to be the most innovative mobile released in years.

But one tech expert has claimed iPhone X sales have been poorer than expected and production of the device will be stopped in summer.
但一位技术专家声称,iPhone X的销量比预期的要差,该手机的生产可能将在夏季停止生产。

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the X would come to the 'end of life' later on in 2018, which means it will not be sold as a cheaper model next year.
证券分析师郭明棋说iPhone X将于2018年“结束生产“,这意味着明年iPhone X不会便宜出售。

Apple tends to introduce new iPhones in September so the cancellation of its flagship mobile could be intended to make way for a new model.

Kuo said the notch in the screen of the X is proving to be unattractive to Chinese customers.

Apple will release an iPhone X Plus later this year to address these concerns, Kuo claimed.
他还表示,苹果今年晚些时候将发布iPhone X Plus,以解决这些问题。

During a trip to China, Apple boss Tim Cook said he 'couldn't be happier' with the demand for the iPhone X in the People's Republic.
苹果公司首席执行官蒂姆•库克在访问中国期间表示,他对中国市场对 iPhone X的需求感到“非常高兴“。

However, Sinolink Securities analyst Zhang Bin claimed shipments could be as low as 35 million during the first quarter of this year – which is about 10 million lower than older estimations.