2014-1-28 10:05

据英国《每日邮报》报道,德国纳粹元首阿道夫·希特勒(Adolf Hitler)一直被认为于1945年自杀于柏林地堡中,但一本新书宣称,希特勒实际上假死逃生,并于1984年在巴西与玻利维亚边境小村去世,终年95岁,有照片为证。

He is believed to have died after shooting himself in a Berlin bunker in 1945 when he realised Germany had lost World War II.

But a startling new book claims Adolf Hitler actually escaped his hideout and died incognito in 1984 in a small town near Brazil's border with Bolivia - and it can be proved by a picture.

Not only that, but the author believes the Fuhrer fled to Argentina and then Paraguay before settling in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso to hunt for buried treasure - with a map given to him by Vatican allies, according to its author.

As part of his elaborate ruse to escape detection, he also had a relationship with a black woman called Cutinga, which was meant to prove that he could not be the dictator who hated anyone who did not fit his Aryan ideal, the book claims.

Post-graduate student Simoni Renee Guerreiro Dias has outlined her bizarre theory, claiming the fascist actually died aged 95.
The book, titled 'Hitler in Brazil - His Life and His Death', challenges the accepted view that the dictator shot himself in his Berlin bunker on April 30 1945.

She claims he may have lived as Adolf Leipzig in the small town of Nossa Senhora do Livramento, 30 miles from the state capital Cuiaba.

Simoni, a Brazilian who comes from Cuiaba, says Leipzig was known locally as the 'Old German.'

Simoni is now planning to use DNA tests using a relative of Hitler living in Israel, after been given permission to exhume Adolf Leipzig's remains from his alleged final resting place in Nossa Senhora do Livramento.

The journalism student has linked the Fuhrer's alleged arrival in the area to a Vatican offer of ownership rights over buried Jesuit treasure in a cave near his adopted home.

She says her suspicions about Adolf Leipzig increased after she photoshopped a moustache on to the grainy picture she obtained of him and compared it to photos of the Nazi leader.

According to Simoni, an unidentified Polish nun recognised an elderly man due to have an op at a hospital in Cuiaba in the early eighties as Hitler and demanded he leave - but was reprimanded by a superior who claimed he was there on Vatican orders.

Academics in Brazil have also rubbished the theory Hitler lived and died in Nossa Senhora do Livramento.

Candido Moreira Rodrigues, a history professor at Mato Grosso's Federal University said: 'There's nothing new in people who claim to be historians coming up with the most far-reaching theories about Hitler supposedly living in south America and subsequently dying in one of the countries in this region.'
Ten of thousands of Nazis escaped after the war, including the notorious Adolf Eichmann and Josef Mengele.

Investigators probing Hitler's demise were hampered by the lack of any physical evidence for his death.

Fantasists were given added ammunition he didn't die in his Berlin bunker when 2009 DNA tests on skull fragments found near the bunker, believed to be his, turned out to belong to a woman.

Rochus Misch, a former bodyguard of Adolf Hitler who has been named as the last man to see the Fuhrer alive during his final hours in Germany, died last September aged 96.

Misch, who lived with Hitler and his mistress in their underground refuge as the allies closed in, told before his death he saw Hitler slumped with his head on the table after hearing a gunshot behind his closed door.(MailOnline)


巴西马托格罗索州(Mato Grosso)首府库亚巴市(Cuiaba)新闻系研究生西莫尼·雷内·格雷罗·迪亚斯(Simoni Renee Guerreiro Dias)在新书《希特勒在巴西:生与死》中挑战传统观点,认为希特勒没有于1945年4月20日自杀在柏林地堡中,而是逃到马托格罗索州的Nossa Senhora do Livramento村化名生活,直到95岁才去世。

作为逃脱追捕的策略,证明自己不可能是信奉“雅利安理想“的独裁者,希特勒甚至娶了黑人女子卡廷嘉(Cutinga)。当时希特勒化名阿道夫·莱比锡(Adolf Leipzig),而在当地人语言中,莱比锡就是“老德国人“的意思。此外,莱比锡也是希特勒最喜欢的作曲家巴赫(Bach)的出生地。迪亚斯已经获准挖出莱比锡的遗骸,并与希特勒住在以色列的亲戚进行DNA对比验证。