ISIS官方推特发布 瞄准台北101?



2015-2-26 10:55

ISIS官方推特发布 瞄准台北101?
ISIS targeting Taipei building?




A picture showing Taipei's 101 Tower in flames was posted on the official twitter account of the ISIS on Feb.24, sparking speculation that Taiwan may be targeted in future terror attacks.

'When the Islamic State attack your cities, it wont look nice. By the permission of Allah that day is not far,' The posting said.

Taiwan's defense department said they are still checking the authenticity of the picture and is fully prepared for terror attacks.(英文文本 via

重点解析 Key Phrases/Words

1. speculation n. 投机买卖,思考

2. terror attacks 恐怖袭击

3. authenticity n. 可靠性,确实性