2015-6-5 09:18


Their wedding is an occasion when a bride and groom can reasonably expect for all the attention to be on them.

Stealing the newlyweds' thunder is considered a terrible faux pas.

And so it is unsurprising that a picture showing a wedding guest proposing to his girlfriend right in front of the bride and groom at their reception has been met with outrage and ridicule online.

The picture, uploaded to Reddit this week by an unnamed user who has since deleted their account, has been viewed a staggering 1.36million times.

More than 1,000 comments on the photograph are increasingly hilarious and scathing as community members air their disbelief at the unidentified guests' apparent rudeness.

The picture shows a newlywed couple, yet to be identified, smiling as a guest gets down on one knee to present a visibly emotional woman with an engagement ring.

The photo even shows that the guest had placed his bottle of beer on the table in front of the bride before getting down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend.

While the bride and groom appear to be happy with the events, the bride's arguably strained grin has been the subject of much discussion amongst Reddit commentators.

'Her smiles says "congratulations", her eyes say "that b**ch",' one user wrote.

'The bride is doing a really good job of hiding her murder,' another added.

'Her smile pretends to be happy for them, but her eyes betray her true feelings,' cry_wolf wrote.

While Alliewonka added: 'Honestly I feel kinda bad for the girl being proposed to more than the bride, she's being proposed to at someone else's big day, he hasn't made it personal for her at all but I guess she seems ok with it.'

It is unknown whether the bridal couple were aware the proposal was going to happen in the middle of their reception, or whether they gave their blessing.

Either way, the internet is outraged on their behalf.

Reddit users have helpfully come up with the perfect revenge, suggesting that the newlyweds announce that they are expecting at their friend's wedding - if they are indeed still friends.

William Hanson, author of The Bluffer's Guide To Etiquette, said: 'As irritating as some happy couples can be on their wedding day, it is never acceptable to upstage the bride and groom by making a proposal of your own during their special day.
威廉·汉森(William Hanson)是《吓唬人的社交礼仪》一书的作者,他说:“用常识想都知道,在新婚夫妇大喜之日抢他们的风头是非常令人恼怒的,在这种场合做求婚这样的私事是绝不能被接受的。“

'It doesn’t make it any better if you clear it in advance with the couple, you should not ask in the first place.

'It is their day, for which they are most likely paying, and they call the shots.

'Similarly, you should not upstage their wedding and the wedding breakfast in any other way, such as having a vocal argument with another guest, a public break-up with your plus one, or indeed being taken suddenly and violently sick during the speeches.

'If you can’t stand the limelight being on other people then weddings are perhaps not for you.'