Apple Pay正式登陆中国:你会用吗?



2016-2-18 10:22

Apple Pay正式登陆中国:你会用吗?

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“苹果粉“们一直期待的Apple Pay正式登陆中国。2月18日,兴业银行等12家银行率先上线这一基于手机安全芯片的非接触式支付模式,“快速、安全、私密“的体验或将引爆移动支付领域的又一次热潮。

目前,在iPhone6以上型号的手机、Apple Watch和iPad上加载带有银联标识的兴业银行理财卡或信用卡,就能轻松体验Apple Pay线下商户和线上App消费。

对于Apple Pay备受关注的操纵“快“感,专业人士称,与智能手机普遍安装的扫码支付方式相比,使用Apple Pay线下支付时,无需扫描二维码,也无需点亮显示屏及打开APP,依托创新的近场通信(NFC)天线设计,只要将iPhone靠近银联“云闪付“POS终端,同时在Touch ID上验证指纹即可完成;线上支付甚至简单到只需指纹,无需多余操作。如果以Apple Watch为介质,连续按两下侧边按钮后,将表盘靠近非接触式读卡器,就能感受到‘手腕购买’的神奇。(中国新闻网)


Apple Pay enters China today

Apple Pay is now available on the Chinese mainland. Several banks across the country have already launched support for Apple Pay, including Bank of China and China Construction Bank.

More than a dozen other lenders are expected to join up with Apple Pay in the coming days.

Apple Pay is now available after it struck a deal with China UnionPay, which dominates bank-card payments in China.

China is the world's fifth Apple Pay market behind the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia.

For more on this, we're joined by Cao Can, CRI's financial commentator.(via CNTV)