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英语原版有声读物:《公主日记》Volume I_14

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公主日记 第一册 part 14

The Princess Diaries


【Audio Book】The Princess Diaries

【原版朗读者】Anne Hathaway (安妮·海瑟薇)





《公主日记》原著小说就是由电影版主角Anne Hathaway朗读,以第一人称的角度,为你讲述她生活中的点点滴滴,爆笑趣事,成长困惑,以及从普通人到一个公主所有的经历感受。如同一个朋友,在向你倾诉她的喜怒哀乐...


【原滋原味 英文小说】

Later on Thursday, Penguin House, Central Park Zoo (1)

I’m so freaked out I can barely write, plus people keep bumping my elbow, and it’s dark in here, but whatever. I have to get this down exactly the way it happened. Otherwise, when I wake up tomorrow I might think it was just a nightmare.

But it wasn’t a nightmare. It was REAL.

I’m not going to tell anybody, not even Lilly. Lilly would NOT understand. NOBODY would understand. Because nobody I know has ever been in this situation before. Nobody ever went to bed one night as one person and then woke up the next morning to find out that she was somebody completely different.

When I got back to our table after hiccuping in the ladies’ room at the Plaza, I saw that the German tourists had been replaced by some Japanese tourists. This was an improvement. They were much quieter. My dad was on his cellular phone when I sat back down. He was talking to my mom, I realized right away. He had on the expression he wears only when he is talking to her. He was saying, “Yes, I told her. No, she doesn’t seem upset.” He looked at me. “Are you upset?”

I said, “No,” because I wasn’t upset—not THEN.

He said, into the phone, “She says no.” He listened for a minute, then he looked at me again. “Do you want your mother to come up here and help to explain things?”

I shook my head. “No. She has to finish that mixed-media piece for the Kelly Tate Gallery. They want it by next Tuesday.”

My dad repeated this to my mom. I heard her grumble back. She is always very grumbly when I remind her that she has paintings due by a certain time. My mom likes to work when the muses move her. Since my dad pays most of our bills, this is not usually a problem, but it is not a very responsible way for an adult to behave, even if she is an artist. I swear, if I ever met my mom’s muses, I’d give ’em such swift kicks in the toga they wouldn’t know what hit them.

Finally my dad hung up and then he looked at me. “Better?” he asked.

So I guess he had noticed the hiccups after all. “Better,” I said.

"Do you really understand what I’m telling you, Mia?"

I nodded. “You are the prince of Genovia.”

"Yes . . . " he said, like there was more.

I didn’t know what else to say. So I tried, “Grandpère was the prince of Genovia before you?”

He said, “Yes . . . ”

"So Grandmère is . . . what?"

"The dowager princess."

I winced. Ew. That explained a whole lot about Grandmère.

Dad could tell he had me stumped. He kept on looking at me all hopeful like. Finally, after I tried just smiling at him innocently for a while, and that didn’t work, I slumped over and said, “Okay. What?”

He looked disappointed. “Mia, don’t you know?”

I had my head on the table. You aren’t supposed to do that at the Plaza, but I hadn’t noticed
Ivana Trump looking our way. “No . . . ” I said. “I guess not. Know what?”

"You’re not Mia Thermopolis anymore, honey," he said. Because I was born out of wedlock, and my mom doesn’t believe in what she calls the cult of the patriarchy, she gave me her last name instead of my dad’s.

I raised my head at that. “I’m not?” I said, blinking a few times. “Then who am I?”

And he went, kind of sadly, “You’re Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo, Princess of Genovia.”



Yeah. Right.

This is how NOT a princess I am. I am so NOT a princess that when my dad started telling me that I was one I totally started crying. I could see my reflection in this big gold mirror across the room, and my face had gotten all splotchy, like it does in PE whenever we play dodge ball and I get hit. I looked at my face in that big mirror and I was like, This is the face of a princess?

You should see what I look like. You never saw anyone who looked LESS like a princess than I do. I mean, I have really bad hair that isn’t curly or straight; it’s sort of triangular, so I have to wear it really short or I look like a Yield sign. And it isn’t blond or brunette, it’s in the middle, the sort of color they call mouse brown, or dishwater blond. Attractive, huh? And I have a really big mouth and no breasts and feet that look like skis. Lilly says my only attractive feature is my eyes, which are gray, but right then they were all squinty and red-looking since I was trying not to cry.

I mean, princesses don’t cry, right?

Then my dad reached out and started patting my hand. Okay, I love my dad, but he just has no clue. He kept saying how sorry he was. I couldn’t say anything in reply because I was afraid if I talked I’d cry harder. He kept on saying how it wasn’t that bad, that I’d like living at the palace in Genovia with him, and that I could come back to visit my little friends as often as I wanted.

That’s when I lost it.

Not only am I a princess, but I have to MOVE???

I stopped crying almost right away. Because then I got mad. Really mad. I don’t get mad all that often, because of my fear of confrontation and all, but when I do get mad, look out.

"I am NOT moving to Genovia," I said in this really loud voice. I know it was loud because all the Japanese tourists turned around and looked at me, and then started whispering to one another.

My dad looked kind of shocked. The last time I yelled at him had been years ago, when he agreed with Grandmère that I ought to eat some foie gras. I don’t care if it is a delicacy in France; I’m not eating anything that once walked around and quacked.

"But Mia," my dad said in his Now-let’s-be-reasonable voice, “I thought you understood—“

"All I understand," I said, “is that you lied to me my whole life. Why should I come live with you?”


1. freaked out 吓坏了(所谓的吓尿了...)

2. nightmare 噩梦,可怕的事情,无法摆脱的恐惧

3. grumble v. 抱怨, 发牢骚,嘟囔

4.  pay bills 还账,付款 (pays most of our bills,这里指米娅的老爹帮她们付了大部分的开支)

5. swift kicks 迅速连环踢 (自行脑补动画片画面...)

6. dowager princess n. (继承亡夫爵位或遗产的)遗孀,太后级的人物~

7. out of wedlock 私生的,婚外的,非婚子女

8. patriarchy n. 父权制(社会), 家长制,家长统治 (这里指米娅母亲并不崇尚父权制而觉得孩子一定要跟父亲姓,所以米娅从出身就是和妈妈姓的)

9.  I am so NOT a princess (I am so NOT a 我根本就不是....人,当,,,的料,英文小说中常出现某些单词大写来表强调语气)

10. splotchy adj. 沾上污点的,有污点的

11. Yield sign 美国的三角型路标

12. brunette n/adj. 黑头发的妇女,咖啡色头发的女人,深褐色头发的白人女子

13. squinty adj. 斜视眼的,斗鸡眼的

14. Then my dad reached out and started patting my hand.reach out 这里指伸出手来,pat是轻拍,拍打。父亲为了安慰米娅轻拍着她的手)

15. Someone has no clue.某人根本就不明白,不懂,不能理解 (米娅觉得自己的父亲根本无法理解自己因为这个突如其来的消息带来的震撼与惊慌失措)

16. That’s when I lost it. 1.在那一刻失去控制,失去理智,不知所措。(lose 在口语中也可以用来表达情绪失控)2. 也可以表达迷茫,迷糊了

16. whisper v. 私语,低声说 ,窃窃私语

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