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英语原版有声读物:《公主日记》Volume I_39

2015-10-27    来源:普特编辑部    【      美国外教 在线口语培训

公主日记 第一册 part 39

The Princess Diaries


【Audio Book】The Princess Diaries

【原版朗读者】Anne Hathaway (安妮·海瑟薇)





《公主日记》原著小说就是由电影版主角Anne Hathaway朗读,以第一人称的角度,为你讲述她生活中的点点滴滴,爆笑趣事,成长困惑,以及从普通人到一个公主所有的经历感受。如同一个朋友,在向你倾诉她的喜怒哀乐...


【原滋原味 英文小说】

Saturday, October 11 
I can never go to school again. I can never go anywhere again. I will never leave this loft, ever, ever again.
You won’t believe what she did to me. I can’t believe what she did to me. I can’t believe my dad let her do this to me.
Well, he’s going to pay. He’s totally paying for this, and I mean BIG. As soon as I got home (right after my mom went, “Well, hey, Rosemary. Where’s your baby?”

which I suppose was some kind of joke about my new haircut, but it was NOT funny), I marched right up to him and said, “You are paying for this. Big time.”
Who says I have a fear of confrontation?
He totally tried to get out of it, going, “What do you mean? Mia, I think you look beautiful. Don’t listen to your mother, what does she know? I like your hair. It’s so . . .  short.”
Gee, I wonder why? Maybe because his mother met Lars and me in the lobby as soon as we’d turned the car over to the valet, and just pointed at the door. Just pointed at the door again, and said, “On y va,” which in English means “Let’s go.”
“Let’s go where?” I asked, all innocently (this was this morning, remember, back when I was still innocent).
“Chez Paolo,” Grandmère said. Chez Paolo means “Paul’s house.” So I thought we were going to meet one of her friends, maybe for brunch or something, and I thought, huh, cool, field trip. Maybe these princess lessons won’t be so bad.
But then we got there, and I saw Chez Paolo wasn’t a house at all. At first I couldn’t tell what it was. It looked a little like a really fancy hospital—it was all frosted glass and these Japanese-looking trees. And then we got inside; all of these skinny young people were floating around, dressed all in black. They were all excited to see my grandmother, and took us to this little room where there were these couches and all these magazines. So then I figured Grandmère maybe had some plastic surgery scheduled, and while I am sort of against plastic surgery—unless you’re like Leola Mae and you need lips—I was like, Well, at least she’ll be off my back for a while.
Boy, was I ever wrong! Paolo isn’t a doctor. I doubt he’s ever even been to college! Paolo is a stylist! Worse, he styles people! I’m serious. He takes unfashionable, frumpy people like me, and he makes them stylish—for a living. And Grandmère sicced him on me! Me!! Like it’s bad enough I don’t have breasts. She has to tell some guy named Paolo that?
What kind of name is Paolo, anyway? I mean, this is America, for Pete’s sake! YOUR NAME IS PAUL!!!
That’s what I wanted to scream at him. But, of course, I couldn’t. I mean, it wasn’t Paolo’s fault my grandmother dragged me there. And as he pointed out to me, he only made time for me in his incredibly busy schedule because Grandmère told him it was this big emergency.
God, how embarrassing. I’m a fashion emergency.
Anyway, I was plenty peeved at Grandmère, but I couldn’t start yelling at her right there in front of Paolo. She totally knew it, too. She just sat there on this velvet couch, petting Rommel, who was sitting on her lap with his legs crossed—she’s even taught her dog to sit ladylike, and he’s a boy—sipping a Sidecar she got somebody to make for her and reading W.
Meanwhile, Paolo was picking up chunks of my hair and making this face and going, all sadly, “It must go. It must all go.”
And it went. All of it. Well, almost all of it. I still have some like bangs and a little fringe in back.
Did I mention that I’m no longer a dishwater blond? No. I’m just a plain old blond now.
And Paolo didn’t stop there. Oh, no. I now have fingernails. I am not kidding. For the first time in my life, I have fingernails. They’re completely fake, but I have them. And it looks like I’ll have them for a while: I already tried to pull one off, and it HURT. What kind of secret astronaut glue did that manicurist use, anyway?
You might be wondering why, if I didn’t want to have all my hair cut off and fake fingernails glued over my real, stumpy fingernails, I let them do all that.
I’m sort of wondering that myself. I mean, I know I have a fear of confrontation. So it wasn’t like I was going to throw down my glass of lemonade and say, “Okay, stop making a fuss over me, right now!” I mean, they gave me lemonade! Can you imagine that? At the International House of Hair, which is where my mom and I usually go, over on Sixth Avenue, they sure don’t give you lemonade, but it does only cost $9.99 for a cut and blow dry.
And it is sort of hard when all these beautiful, fashionable people are telling you how good you’d look in this and how much that would bring out your cheekbones, to remember you’re a feminist and an environmentalist, and don’t believe in using makeup or chemicals that might be harmful to the earth. I mean, I didn’t want to hurt their feelings, or cause a scene, or anything like that.
And I kept telling myself, She’s only doing this because she loves you. My grandmother, I mean. I know she probably wasn’t doing it for that reason—I don’t think Grandmère loves me any more than I love her—but I told myself that, anyway.
I told myself that after we left Paolo’s and went to Bergdorf Goodman, where Grandmère bought me four pairs of shoes that cost almost as much as the removal of that sock from Fat Louie’s small intestines. I told myself that after she bought me a bunch of clothes I will never wear. I did tell her I would never wear these clothes, but she just waved at me. Like, Go on, go on. You tell such amusing stories.
Well, I for one will not stand for it. There isn’t a single inch of me that hasn’t been pinched, cut, filed, painted, sloughed, blown dry, or moisturized. I even have fingernails.
But I am not happy. I am not a bit happy. Grandmère’s happy. Grandmère’s head over heels happy about how I look. Because I don’t look a thing like Mia Thermopolis. Mia Thermopolis never had fingernails. Mia Thermopolis never had blond highlights. Mia Thermopolis never wore makeup or Gucci shoes or Chanel skirts or Christian Dior bras, which, by the way, don’t even come in 32A, which is my size. I don’t even know who I am anymore. It certainly isn’t Mia Thermopolis.
She’s turning me into someone else.


1. Big time <超地道> 可以表达的意思简直不要太多,神马“一流,巨大成功,特别愉快的时光”,在口语中,其实就是强调某事程度的“高”与“深”,超级/非常...


<活学活用> I own you. Big time. 不是我欠你很多时间,实际上是指“我欠你的太多”(言下之意,我要好好感谢你,你帮了我很大的忙)

Wow,she's crying big time! 喔,她哭得很惨喔!

上文中:"You are paying for this. Big time." 你会为此付出巨大的代价。(原文直译:你会为此付出代价的,非常大的代价!)

2.field trip 实地考察,或是学校组织的一些外出活动,比如参观神马的。

3.frumpy 落伍的,没见过世面的

4.sic something on somebody (牛津:to tell a dog to attack somebody)  唆使<狗>去攻击...

5.confrontation n.对抗, 对峙, 面对 原文一直在强调Mia的性格是"have a fear of confrontation" 害怕对峙,遇事不敢反抗,任人摆布的意味。

6.make a fuss of/over somebody 对某人/事物过于注意

7.cause a scene 大吵大闹,出尽洋相

8.stand for 为…而奋斗,拥护 

9.head over heels 神魂颠倒,完全地,全部地 ,所以 head over heels happy 就表示“超级开心,乐死了~”

10.turn sb into 把某人变成(改造成)...

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