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mod 表示模式,模板

mode [məud]
[n.]1. a particular way of doing sth; a particular type of sth 方式;风格;样式
2. the way in which a piece of equipment is set to perform a particular task(设备的)模式,工作状态
3.a particular way of feeling or behaving (情感或行为的)状态,状况
4. a particular style or fashion in clothes,art,etc.(衣着,艺术等的)形式,风格

1. At the end of adolescence , however, the brain shuts down half of that capacity, preserving only those modes of thought that have seemed most valuable during the first decade or so of life.(2009 阅读Text 1)

modify ['mɔdifai]
[v.]1. to change sth slightly, esp. in order to make it more suitable for a particular purpose 调整,稍作修改;使更适合
2. to make sth less extreme 缓和,使温和

1. modification n.修改,改进,改变

1. Furthermore, humans have the ability to modify the environment in which they live, thus subjecting all other life forms to their own peculiar ideas and fancies.(2003翻译61)

sub'ject sb / sth to sth [often passive]

• to make sb / sth experience, suffer or be affected by sth, usually sth unpleasant

• 使经受;使遭受:

»to be subjected to ridicule 受到嘲笑

»The city was subjected to heavy bombing. 那座城市遭受猛烈轰炸。

讲解:-ify 表示使动:

classify 分类
edify 陶冶教化来自edifice 大厦education
fortify 加强,设防,证实
qualify 使…合格qualified college students
identify 认明,辨认identification identical identical

to be a typical example of sth

• 是…的典型(或典范、榜样):

»Her early work is exemplified in her book, 'A Study of Children's Minds'.

»His food exemplifies Italian cooking at its best.

2. to give an example in order to make sth clearer
• 举例说明;例证;例示

model ['mɔdəl]
[n] 1. a copy of sth. usually smaller than the original object(依照实物按比例制成)模型
2.a particular design or type of product 样式;设计;模式
3.sth such as a system that can be copied by other people 样本;范例
4.a person or thing that is considered an excellent example of sth 典范;模范
[vt.] 1. 做模型

2. to create a copy of an activity, a situation, etc. so that you can study it before dealing with the real thing 以…作模范表示模仿的意思
[a.] 模型的;值得效仿的

1.What they found, in attempting to model thought, is that the human brain’s roughly one hundred billion nerve cells are much more talented—and human perception far more complicated—than previously imagined.(2002 阅读Text2)
在试图模仿人类思维的过程中,人们发现,人脑中约有一千亿神经细胞以前想象的更能干——人类的感知过程也更复杂。(2002 Text2)

2. For much of the past year, President Bush campaigned to move Social Security to a saving-account model…(2007 阅读Text 3)
在过去的这些年里,布什总统一职在推动一场运动,试图将社会安全保障体制改成储蓄账号模式…(2007 Text 3)

moderate ['mɔdərət, 'mɔdəreit]
[a.] 1. having or showing opinions, esp. about politics, that are not extreme温和的,不偏激的
2.staying within the limits that are considered to be reasonable by most people 适中的,合理的
3.That is neither very good, large, hot, etc nor very bad, small, cold, etc适度的,中等的

[v.] to become or make sth become less extreme, severe, etc 缓和,使适中

1. If the moderate end of the legal community has its way, the information on products might actually be provided for the benefit of customers and not as protection against legal liability. (1999阅读Text 1)

modest ['mɔdist]
[a.] 1.not very large, expensive, important, etc 些许的,不太大(或太贵、太重要等)的
2.not talking much about your own abilities or possessions 谦虚的
3.shy about showing much of the body; not intended to attract attention(人,尤指妇女或其衣着)庄重的,朴素的

1. Consumers seem only mildly concerned, not panicked, and many say they remain optimistic about the economy's long term prospects even as they do some modest belt-tightening.(2004阅读Text 3)
消费者似乎只是适度关注,没有恐慌,很多人说,即使在他们稍微勒紧裤腰带的时候,他们对 经济的远景也仍是乐观的。(2004 Text 3)

2. While even the modestly educated sought an elevated tone when they put pen to paper before the 1960s... (2005阅读Text 4)

3. in his autobiography, Darwin himself speaks of his intellectual powers with extraordinary modesty.(2008翻译)

accommodate [ə'kɔmədeit]
[v.] 1. to provide sb with a room or place to sleep, live or sit;为(某人)提供住宿(或膳宿、座位等)
2.to provide enough space for sb/sth 容纳,提供空间
3. to consider sth, such as sb's opinion or a fact, and be influenced by it when you are deciding what to do or explaining sth 考虑到,顾及
4. to help sb by doing what they want 帮忙,为……提供方便
5. to change your behaviour so that you can deal with a new situation better顺应适应(新情况)


1. accommodating [a.] 乐于助人的,与人方便的
2. accommodation [n.] 住处;和解,调解

1. Teachers need to be aware of the emotional, intellectual, and physical changes that young adults experience. And they also need to give serious thought to how they can best accommodate such changes. (2003知识运用)

2. A man arrives in heaven and is being shown around by St. Peter. He sees wonderful accommodations, beautiful gardens, sunny weather, and so on. (2002阅读Text 1)

commodity [kə'mɔditi]
[n.] 1. a product or a raw material that can be bought and sold, esp. between countries(尤指国家间贸易的)商品,货物

2.A thing that is useful or has a useful quality 有用的东西

1. He must use this surplus in three ways: as seed for sowing, as an insurance against the unpredictable effects of bad weather and as a commodity which he must sell in order to replace old agricultural implements and obtain chemical fertilizers to feed the soil. (2000 知识运用)