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Text 4
There will eventually come a day when The New York Times ceases to publish stories on newsprint. Exactly when that day will be is a matter of debate. ”Sometime in the future,” the paper’s publisher said back in 2010.
Nostalgia for ink on paper and the rustle of pages aside, there’s plenty of incentive to ditch print. The infrastructure required to make a physical newspaper – printing presses, delivery trucks – isn’t just expensive; it’s excessive at a time when online – only competitors don’t have the same set of financial constraints. Readers are migrating away from print anyway. And though print ad sales still dwarf their online and mobile counterparts, revenue from print is still declining.
Overhead may be high and circulation lower, but rushing to eliminate its print edition would be a mistake, says BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti.
Peretti says the Times shouldn’t waste time getting out of the print business, but only if they go about doing it the right way. “Figuring out a way to accelerate that transition would make sense for them,” he said, “but if you discontinue it, you’re going have your most loyal customers really upset with you.”
Sometimes that’s worth making a change anyway. Peretti gives the example of Netflix discontinuing its DVD-mailing service to focus on streaming. “It was seen as blunder,” he said. The move turned out to be foresighted. And if Peretti were in charge at the Times? ”I wouldn’t pick a year to end print,” he said “I would raise prices and make it into more of a legacy product.”
The most loyal customers would still get the product they favor, the idea goes, and they’d feel like they were helping sustain the quality of something they believe in. “So if you’re overpaying for print, you could feel like you were helping,” Peretti said. “Then increase it at a higher rate each year and essentially try to generate additional revenue.” In other words, if you’re going to make a print product, make it for the people who are already obsessed with it. Which may be what the Times is doing already. Getting the print edition seven days a week costs nearly $500 a year – more than twice as much as a digital – only subscription.
“It’s a really hard thing to do and it’s a tremendous luxury that BuzzFeed doesn’t have a legacy business,” Peretti remarked. “But we’re going to have questions like that where we have things we’re doing that don’t make sense when the market changes and the world changes. In those situations, it’s better to be more aggressive that less aggressive.”
36. The New York Times is considering ending it’s print edition partly due to
[A] the increasing online and sales
[B] the pressure from its investors
[C] the complaints from its readers
[D] the high cost of operation
37. Peretti suggests that in face of the present situation, The Times should
[A] make strategic adjustments
[B] end the print sedition for good
[C] seek new sources of leadership
[D] aim for efficient management
38. It can be inferred from paragraphs 5and 6 that a ” legacy product”
[A] helps restore the glory of former times
[B] is meant for the most loyal customers
[C] will have the cost of printing reduced
[D] expands the popularity of the paper
39. Peretti believes that in a changing world
[A] traditional luxuries can stay unaffected
[B] cautiousness facilitates problem-solving
[C] aggressiveness better meets challenges
[D] legacy businesses are becoming out dated
40. which of the following would be the best title of the text?
[A] shift to online newspapers all at once
[B] Cherish the Newspapers still in Your Hand
[C] keep Your Newspapers Forever in Fashion
[D] Make Your print Newspapers a luxury Good
2016年考研英语一真题第4篇阅读的选择依然延续了考研英语文章选材的一贯做法,选自2015年3月26日美国大西洋月刊《The Atlantic》上一篇名为One Way to Phase Out Newspapers: Make Them a Luxury Good(逐步废除报纸行业的方法:使报纸成为一种奢侈品)的文章。文章主要讨论了报纸行业面临终将被淘汰的局面,但专家认为不应该立即废除报纸行业,而应该提高报纸的价格,使报纸成为一种更像文化遗产类的产品,准确的说是使其变为一种奢侈品。总体来说,作为今年传统阅读的最后一篇,该文章在内容上难度不大,文章里的词汇也都在大纲考察范围之内。并且单纯就题目来说的话,难度也不是很大,答案的出处也比较容易找到。接下来就文章具体的题目来进行深入的解析。
首先第36题属于细节题,题目考察纽约时报终止发行的部分原因。根据题干中的关键词ending和due to定位到第二段主题句中的incentive to ditch the print(放弃印刷的原因)。随后解释了infrastructure isn’t just expensive(设备不仅仅是昂贵)。此外,该段还对比对手电子图书:don’t have the same set of financial constraints(经济限制)。因此可以确定答案D“the high cost of operation(高昂的运营费用)”。选项A“The increasing online ad sales(网络广告收入日益增加)”,该选项与该段“And though print ad sales continue to dwarf their online and mobile counterparts”相违背。选项B“the pressure from its investors(来自投资者的压力)”,该选项属于无中生有;选项C“the complaints from its readers(读者的抱怨)”,同样是无中生有选项。
接下来第37题同样属于是细节题。题干意思是:Peretti认为在当前面临的形式下,纽约时报应该...。首先根据Peretti suggests定位到阐述Peretti观点的第四段第一句:Peretti says the Times shouldn’t waste time getting out of the print business,but only if they go about doing it the right way。可以确定答案A“make strategic adjustments(进行战略调整)”。选项B“end the print edition for good(永远结束印刷版本)”。该选项和shouldn’t不符。选项C“seek new sources of readership(挖掘更多读者)”,文章中未提到。选项D“aim for efficient management(提高管理效率)”,文章中未提到。
第38题属于推理题。本题答案可定位到第6段第1句“The most loyal customers would still get the product they favor(最忠诚的那些顾客们依旧会选择他们一直喜欢的产品”以及“make it for the people who are already obsessed with it(为那些一开始就非常痴迷于报纸的人来发行报纸)”,可得出答案B“is meant for the most loyal customers(专门为最忠诚客户为生)”。选项A“helps restore the glory of former times (有助于恢复报纸以前的辉煌)”,选项C“will have the cost of printing reduced (会降低报纸成本)”,选项D“expands the popularity of the paper (有助于报纸的流行和普及)”,这些信息文中均未提及。
第39题又是细节题。根据题干中的关键词“in a changing world”定位到文章最后一段最后一句。原文说当市场和世界形势发生变化时,我们所做的事情就毫无意义了。在这种情形下,“more aggressive(积极进取)is better”,这和选项C中的关键信息“aggressiveness better”相呼应,因此选项C“aggressiveness better meets challenges”为正确答案。选项A“traditional luxuries can stay unaffected(传统的奢侈品不会受到影响)”,选项B“cautiousness facilitates problem-solving (小心谨慎有助于问题的解决)”,选项D“legacy businesses are becoming outdated (文化遗产行业将变得与时俱进)”,这些信息文中均未提及。
最后第40题为主旨题。本文主要是讲述报纸行业为防止被淘汰的而需要做出的应对之策。根据文中第5段最后一句的“...raise prices,and make it into more of a legacy product”以及第6段中“...increase it at a higher rate each year...”可得知,不应该立即取消或淘汰报纸行业,而应该把它变成一种更像文化遗产的一种产品,并且要不断提高报纸的价格,变成一种奢侈品。故选项D“Make Your Print Newspaper a Luxury Good”为正确答案。

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