BBC都市掠影系列(音频):伦敦的中国菜 Chinese Dishes in London



2016-4-21 09:48

BBC都市掠影系列(音频):伦敦的中国菜 Chinese Dishes in London


伦敦的中国菜 Chinese Dishes in London
跟着《BBC Learning English》节目,带你走遍英国,了解当地文化,领略风土人情。练听力的同时还可以涨姿势。是练习英音的绝佳素材。
Wang Fei:大家好,欢迎收听《都市掠影》节目。我是王飞。
Finn:And I'm Finn. Today we continue talking about Chinese food in London.
Wang Fei:对,这是一个很有意思的话题。Many of my Chinese friends often ask me a question - what do Chinese dishes in London taste like
Finn:伦敦的中国菜味道怎么样呢?Let's hear from someone who just had Aromatic Crispy Duck, a very famous Chinese dish in London.
Wang Fei:Aromatic Crispy Duck 也就是香酥鸭。几乎是伦敦中国城每个餐馆必备的特色菜。我们听一听下面这位被采访者是怎么描述香酥鸭这道菜的?
It’s like Beijing Roast Duck. It’s very crispy outside, but really juicy inside. They serve the duck with flour-made like sort of pancakes.
Wang Fei:She said Aromatic Crispy Duck is like Beijing Roast Duck. 香酥鸭有些像北京烤鸭。
Finn:That's right. It's crispy outside and juicy inside.
Wang Fei:外焦里嫩。
Finn:It's served with pancakes made of flour.
Wang Fei:同时还有薄薄的面饼。和北京烤鸭的吃法很相似。Have you tried Aromatic Crispy Duck before, Finn
Finn:Oh yes I have. I really like it, Wang Fei. And it tastes quite different from Beijing Roast Duck. Beijing Roast Duck – or we sometimes still call it Peking Duck – is quite fatty and quite juicy while Aromatic Crispy Duck is dry and crispy. And I think that's because the fat has been got rid of during cooking.
Wang Fei:是的,香酥鸭和北京烤鸭的味道不太一样,北京烤鸭比较肥嫩,而香酥鸭则比较干酥。我们听一听下一位被采访者是如何描述北京烤鸭的味道的?
It’s very succulent, very oily. The gravy is sweet and yet it’s very savoury. It’s very delicious, so it can go with rice, it can go with noodles.And because you eat the duck with the skin and the fat as well, so it's sort of full of flavour.It’s smoky as well.
Finn:Yes, this interviewee must have enjoyed eating Beijing Roast Duck. He used a lot of nice words to describe it. For example, succulent
Wang Fei:Succulent 味美多汁的。
Beijing Roast Duck is very succulent, delicious and smoky as well, full of flavour.
Wang Fei:Delicious 美味可口的。
Finn:And smoky
Wang Fei:Smoky 有熏烧味道的。
Finn:That's right. Now we've talked about two duck dishes, let's hear people talking about another very popular Chinese dish, hotpot.
Wang Fei:Hotpot 火锅,这在伦敦也越来越流行了。
So it’s actually a bowl of, you know, spicy seasonings, and you put your raw meat and your raw vegetables in it and you cook it together. It’s actually one of the famous dishes for Chinese New Year. You know… every family gets together and sits around the hotpot. It’s quite nice and harmonious.
Finn:She says there are a lot of spicy seasonings in hotpot.
Wang Fei:Spicy seasonings 辣的调味品、佐料。
Finn:And then people put raw meat and raw vegetables into the hotpot to cook it.
Wang Fei:Raw meat and raw vegetables 生肉和生的蔬菜。
Finn:That's right. And she thinks it's very harmonious to sit around the hotpot and eat the food together.
Wang Fei:对!气氛非常和谐。It's very harmonious. 我们听一听另外一位火锅爱好者是怎么描述火锅的。
I particularly like the hotpot here. Basically, you have a pot full of a broth of hot chilli or seafood. You had another dish of raw vegetables and meat, and you put the raw food into the hotpot and cook it in the broth. And then you have the food with other flavours.
Finn:She describes hotpot as a broth of hot chilli.
Wang Fei:Broth 就是浓汤,a broth of hot chilli 就是有很多红辣椒、红辣椒油的浓汤。Finn, do you like hotpot
Hotpot is a pot full of a broth of hot chilli or seafood, and you put the raw food into the hotpot and cook it in the broth.
A female interviewee
Finn:Actually Wang Fei, I love hotpot, especially Sichuan hotpot.
Wang Fei:So what do you like to add into your hotpot then
Finn:Me Okay, well, I love meat. So I add a lot of thinly sliced meat...
Wang Fei:Sliced meat
Finn:Hmm - lamb and beef. And I usually add some seafood, prawns or fish balls, and sometimes beef stomach.
Wang Fei:Beef stomach 也就是我们说的那个牛肚、牛百叶。
Finn:That's right. And so you keep it all simmering together and then you take one out at a time, one by one, and put it in the dipping sauce, which is really yummy.
Wang Fei:Finn 刚才给我们补充了三点,首先是 the hotpot is kept simmering. 火锅的汤一定要煮着、咕嘟着。另外他还很喜欢吃很薄的肉片 thinly sliced meat, 还有一个就是蘸着吃的酱汁 the dipping sauce. 一说吃火锅,我可是觉得…
Wang Fei:是的!
Finn:Me too. Food is always a good topic to talk about. I hope our listeners can use all these expressions to talk about different Chinese dishes.
Wang Fei:对,希望我们的听众更多了解了英国,也学到了更多关于描述菜肴的表达。我们下次节目再会。
Finn:Bye for now.
Wang Fei:Bye!