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2014-07-15    来源:中国网    【      美国外教 在线口语培训

On the day of the Final, the winners of the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy outshine everything and everyone else. For the fourth time in the history of the FIFA World Cup, Germany have laid hands on the most prized trophy in football. But away from the action itself, a number of outstanding players have been recognised with individual awards, spearheaded by Argentina’s Lionel Messi, named the tournament’s best player by FIFA’s Technical Study Group.
据FIFA官网7月14日报道,决赛比赛日当天,2014年FIFA世界杯冠军奖杯的获奖者们总是星光熠熠、闪耀全场。德国队终于历史上第四次捧杯,夺得最有价值的世界杯冠军。然而,除了比赛以外,赛场上还涌现出许多出色的球员,他们也同样获得认可,并被授予世界杯个人奖项。FIFA官方技术统计组(Technical Group)就授予领衔阿根廷队的梅西本届杯赛“最佳球员”的称号。

adidas Golden Ball: Lionel Messi (Argentina)

A true captain and a true matchwinner. There can be no finer compliment to Argentina skipper Lionel Messi, who was so influential in his team’s path to the Final. With some questioning just how influential he would be in Brazil after a demanding season for Barcelona and concerns over a troublesome hamstring, he silenced the doubters by simply being his usual inspirational self. He mesmerised at the Maracana by scoring and setting up another in the 2-1 win over Bosnia and Herzegovina. He scored late on against Iran to send the team through to the Round of 16 and then added two in the 3-2 win over Nigeria. But he didn’t stop there. He played the ball to Angel Di Maria, who scored in the 118th minute of the match against Switzerland to send them through to the quarter-finals. In the semi-finals he stroked home a penalty to help his side defeat the Dutch. And while the personal accolade may be scant reward for a runners-up medal, he can be justifiably proud of his performances at this FIFA World Cup.
真正的一队之长、真正的赛场赢家。再没有更加贴切的赞美之词来形容阿根廷队的队长梅西了,他在球队挺进总决赛的道路上起了至关重要的作用。经过了在巴萨的一个高强度赛季后,有些人怀疑带着腿伤的梅西是否还能在巴西世界杯赛场上叱咤风云。面对质疑,梅西依旧用自己一贯的实力默默作出回应。梅西在马拉卡纳球场技惊四座、打入阿根廷队在世界杯的第二粒进球,率领球队2:1战胜波黑。对阵伊朗时,他在补时阶段的进球将阿根廷队送进16强,之后又在与尼日利亚的比赛中梅开二度,确保阿根廷3:2淘汰对手。然而他还在继续前进。在对阵瑞士的比赛中,他把球传给安赫尔·迪玛利亚(Angel Di Maria),后者在第118分钟将球打进,阿根廷晋级四分之一决赛。半决赛上,他罚进点球,帮助球队击败荷兰。也许个人荣誉比不上一块亚军奖牌,但是,他绝对有理由为自己在FIFA世界杯上的精彩表现而感到骄傲。

adidas Silver Ball: Thomas Muller (Germany)

adidas Bronze Ball: Arjen Robben (Netherlands)

adidas Golden Boot: James Rodriguez (Colombia) - 6 goals, 2 assists

Colombia’s No10 made an instant impact at Brazil 2014, setting up Los Cafeteros’s opening two goals and scoring in the last minute in their 3-0 win over Greece, earning the Budweiser Man of the Match Award in the process. He picked up the same accolade in the next match, a 2-1 win over Côte d’Ivoire, having provided an assist for Juan Fernando Quintero and found the target once more. The Monaco man was at it again in the final group game against Japan, entering the fray as a second-half substitute, yet making time to create two goals for Jackson Martinez and score himself. Rodriguez then made history when he scored twice in the 2-0 win over Uruguay, ensuring Colombia qualified for the quarter-finals of a FIFA World Cup for the first time. There he tasted defeat for the first time against Brazil, but converted a consolatory penalty and earned a standing ovation from the crowd in Fortaleza for his efforts.
哥伦比亚的10号在2014巴西世界杯上表现不俗。哥伦比亚首场比赛对阵希腊时先进两球保持领先优势,J罗在最后关头射门得分,哥伦比亚3:0完胜希腊,他本人则赢得那场比赛的百威“全场最佳球员奖”。在接下来2:1击败科特迪瓦的比赛中,他独自打进一球,同时为队友胡安·费尔南多·金特罗(Juan Fernando Quintero)助攻一次,后者为球队再进一球,而J罗则再次赢得百威“全场最佳球员奖”。哥伦比亚对阵日本时,这位效力于摩洛哥俱乐部的球员下半场替补出场,再次代表国家队出战。那场比赛,他同样自己打进一球,也为队友杰克逊·马丁内斯(Jackson Martinez)创造了一次射门进球的机会。J罗在对阵乌拉圭的比赛中梅开二度,助哥伦比亚2:0淘汰对手挺进八强,他也创造了自己的历史。在与巴西的比赛中,他第一次品尝到失败的滋味,但后来他为哥伦比亚队罚中点球,在福塔雷萨球场赢得了他应得的掌声。

adidas Silver Boot: Thomas Muller (5 goals, 3 assists)

adidas Bronze Boot: Neymar (4 goals, 1 assist)

adidas Golden Glove: Manuel Neuer (Germany)

After winning the UEFA Champions League and the FIFA Club World Cup with Bayern Munich, the 28-year-old now has the adidas Golden Glove to add to his growing collection. The Germany No1 was in fine form for the Nationalmannschaft during Brazil 2014, conceding just four goals in seven games and impressing FIFA’s Technical Study Group with his shot-stopping ability, his commanding presence and his ability to start attacks from his own penalty area. Indeed, he has been dubbed a ‘sweeper-keeper’ by sections of the media for his performances at this World Cup, featuring plenty of evidence of his desire to come off his line and play accurate passes when under pressure.

Hyundai Young Player Award: Paul Pogba (France)

The France midfielder was considered to be the pick of the players born after 1 January 1993 at this World Cup. The Juventus midfielder played in all five of Les Bleus' games, having an impact in the 5-2 win over Switzerland by creating a goal for Karim Benzema and then scoring in the 2-0 win over Nigeria, in which he was named as the Budweiser Man of the Match. In picking up this award, he has won the Golden Ball award at the FIFA U-20 World Cup and the Young Player award at successive tournaments.
这位法国中卫被公认为本届杯赛上1993年1月1日以后出生的年轻球员的杰出代表。这位在尤文图斯效力的中卫全程参加了三色军团(Les Bleus)的五场比赛,并在5:2狂扫瑞士的比赛中为本泽马贡献了一次助攻,发挥出色、所向披靡。之后在迎战尼日利亚时打进一球,助球队2:0战胜对手。在这场比赛的出色表现,他获得百威”全场最佳球员“的称号。在此之前,他在FIFA U-20世界杯比赛上和一系列的比赛中分别获得过金球奖和年轻球员奖。

FIFA Fair Play Award: Colombia

The Group C winners who reached the quarter-finals were given this award, not only for collecting just five yellow cards in their five matches at Brazil 2014, but for scoring highly in the criteria set by FIFA’s Technical Study Group, which includes positive play, respect towards the opponent and match officials, as well as the behaviour of their team officials and supporters.

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