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【整理】VOA 2014-01-13 巴格达汽车炸弹袭击

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From Washington, this is VOA News.

Agreement on Iran nuclear deal. Deadly car bombing hit Baghdad. I’m Ray Kouguell, reporting from Washington.

Iran and six world powers have agreed to carry out an interim agreement reached in November. Iranian foreign ministry officials confirm Sunday the Geneva Deal will take effect on January 20th. Iran will limit its Uranian enrichment which the west says has been used to plan a nuclear bomb. In exchange, the United States, the European Union will ease economic sanctions on Iran over the next six months. During that time, the six world powers, Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States will continue negotiations with Iran on a permanent deal. UN inspectors will verify Iranian compliance.

Iraqi police say three bomb explosions killed at least thirteen people, wounded several dozen more in Baghdad Sunday. Edward Yeranian reports from our Middle East Bureau in Cairo. Fire crews doused blazing vehicles after the latest bombings in the Iraqi capital during the wave of violence aimed mostly at pro-government and Shi’ite targets. The most powerful blast Sunday hit the Merab Alawi car park where dozens of army recruits were milling around. It was the second major blast targeting army recruits in four days. Another Sunday explosion apparently from a car bomb caused casualties in the Kadhimiyah district of the capital. The attacks came as Iraqi army forces continued to shell targets in and around the town of Ramadi. Edward Yeranian for VOA News, Cairo.

US Secretary of State John Kerry says he’s confident the Syrian opposition will attend this month’s peace talks in Geneva. Following a foreign ministers’ meeting in Paris Sunday, Secretary Kerry said the coming to the talks will be a test of credibility for all parties. The western-backed Syrian National Coalition says it will decide at the end of the week whether to attend the January 22nd talks. Opposition leaders have expressed misgivings about sitting across a peace table from representatives of Bashar al-Assad’s government.

Israelis are mourning former prime minister and military commander Ariel Sharon who died Saturday at the age of 85. He spent the past eight years in a coma following a stroke. VOA’s Scott Bobb has details. Thousands of Israelis filed pass the coffin of former prime minister Ariel Sharon as he lay in state at Israel’s parliament. Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, after a moment of silence at the weekly cabinet meeting, said Mr.Sharon represented a generation of Jewish warriors who arose with Israel’s modern-day independence.

He said that Mr.Sharon understood above all that our independence is our ability to defend ourselves by ourselves. Israeli president Shimon Peres laid a wreath at the coffin. Earlier he mourned him in a televised address. “He knew no fear, he took difficult decisions and implemented them courageously. I shall miss him dearly.” Scott Bobb, VOA News, Jerusalem. Mr.Sharon will be buried Monday at his home in the Negev desert in southern Israel.

In northwest Pakistan, a bomb targeting at an advisor of vice president Nawaz Sharif killed five men in his security detail. The bomb hit the car of convoy Amir Mugam on Sunday in an area of the Swat Valley. Mugam was not hurt and there’s been no claim of responsibility.

Sheikh Hasina was sworn in Sunday for her second straight term as Bangladesh’s prime minister, she followed one of the country’s most violent elections that left at least eighteen people dead.

Thousands of Ukrainian activists gathered in the capital Kiev in continuation of last year’s massive protest movement against the government’s decision to forego closer ties with the European Union in favor of increased cooperation with Russia. Sunday’s rally brought an estimated 50,000 to Independent Square. During the demonstration, opposition leader and former boxing champion Vitali Klitschko urged Ukrainians to continue with street demonstrations and called for a nationwide strike.

Pope Francis has named nineteen new cardinals including sixteen who will have voting rights in the Conclave that will one day elect his successor. The new cardinals hail from dioceses around the world including four Italians, two from other European countries, five from South America, one from North America, two Africans and two Asians.

I’m Ray Kouguell, VOA News, more on our website at VOANEWS.com.













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