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【整理】VOA 2014-01-26 叙利亚对立双方会谈

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From Washington, this is VOA News.

Saturday meetings between opposing sides from Syria enwrapped with no developments. Nearly 30 are dead in an increased violence in Egypt. I'm Vincent Bruce, reporting from Washington.

Negotiators from the Syrian government and opposition met for the first time with the United Nations and Arab League mediator in Geneva Saturday. VOA's Al Pession reports from Geneva. It was an achievement for veteran Algerian diplomat Lakhdar Brahimi just to get the two delegations into the same room. The delegation leaders did not attend Saturday's talks, but Brahimi was not bothered by that. The opposition has said it would only discuss the creation of a transitional government without Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Its spokesman Louay Safi explained why the delegation agreed to talk about humanitarian issues and prisoners first. “We have this preparatory discussions leading to the negotiations which should start on Monday. Our main purpose of negotiating with the regime is to enter into transition from dictatorship into democracy”. The mediator Mr.Brahimi said he hopes discussing the preliminary topics will ease the way for the more difficult talks to come, but he still expects those negotiations to be extremely difficult. Al Pessin, VOA News, Geneva. More on this story at VOANEWS.com.

Egyptian officials say clashes have left at least 29 people dead as government supporters mark the third anniversary of the uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak. Authorities Saturday said the deaths occurred as anti-government activists fought security forces and government loyalists. They say most of those killed were in Cairo where thousands of people had gathered in a show of support for the current government. Supporters flooded Tahrir Square where government sanctioned celebrations marking the anniversary of the uprising. Some waved flags and posters as they pledged support for Defense Minister and de-facto leader General Abdel Fatah el-Sisi. Some of his supporters have been urging him to run for president.

Ukraine's embattled President Viktor Yanukovych is offering the position of prime minister to Arseniy Yatsenyak, one of the leaders of the political opposition. The voice of Ukrainian Justice Minister Olena Lukash in a video statement issued by the presidential press service. News of the offer appeared Saturday on the president's website a day after he agreed to reshuffle his government and amend controversial new anti-protest laws. It's unclear whether Yatsenyak has responded. His opposition group has waged two months of anti-government protests. On Saturday, the opposition denied allegations that protesters are holding two police officers in Kiev's occupied city Hall. Ukrainian officials have warned protesters to release those officers or face police action to free them.

Iraqi authorities say mortar bombs killed 6 people Saturday in a Shi’ite Muslim village near the city of Baquba. The victims include five members of the same family with a woman and a young boy among the dead. There's been no claim of responsibility for those bombings.

Police in the eastern US state of Maryland say 3 people were killed in a shooting Saturday at a shopping mall including the suspected gunman. The mall in the Baltimore suburb of Columbia, Maryland, is just under 50 km north of Washington. Authorities say they were alerted to the shooting by an emergency phone call in the late morning. Witnesses reported hearing a series of shots fire. Police were helping clean people from the mall and announced on Twitter, a little more than an hour after the emergency called the shopping center was believed to be secure.

The government in the Central African Republic has named a new prime minister as tensions remain high in the capital Bangui. Interim president Catherine Samba-Panza's office announced the selection of Andre Nzapayeke, a regional banking official. The French News Agency says Samba-Panza had to step away from her Saturday talks on forming a new cabinet to deal with security issues a day after deadly violence erupted in the capital.

President Barack Obama's fifth State of the Union address on Tuesday will be closely watched in the US and around the world. He's expected to renew his call for a year of action on the US economy and to help the middle class. VOA will provide live coverage of the President's State of the Union address beginning at 9 o'clock eastern time on Tuesday and worldwide on Wednesday at 2 hours universal time on VOA radio, television and the VOANEWS.com.

All the latest at VOANEWS.com. 24 hours a day. I'm Vincent Bruce, VOA News, reporting from Washington.











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