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【整理】VOA 2014-04-02 尼日利亚北部发生多起爆炸

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From Washington, this is VOA news. Multiple explosions in northern Nigeria take at least 15 lives. Kenyan authorities arrest hundreds in the search for bombing suspects. I'm Victor Beattie, reporting from Washington.

Multiple explosions near an oil depot in the Nigerian city of Maiduguri killed at least 15 civilians and six suicide bombers. Officials said soldiers blew up three vehicles laden with the explosives while a fourth car exploded apparently set off by a suicide bomber. A surviving attacker was arrested. The police commission of Nigeria's Borno states said the attack appear to be the work of Islamist militant group Boko Haram, the group blamed for thousands of deaths since 2009. Police in Kenya's capital have arrested hundreds of people following the explosions that killed at least six on Monday. Mahmoud Yusuf has the story in Nairobi.

For more than three hours, police carried out door-to-door searches of nearby residential buildings, looking for sympathizers of Somali militant group al-Shabab. Police demanded everyone produce identification cards and searched people's rooms. Multiple of these arrested were Somali refugees who are required to have alien cards issued by the Kenyan government. Kenyan officials have ordered Somali refugees living in urban areas to return to designated camps, following a wave of terror attacks and threats in the country attributed to al-Shabab. The country's security officials have warned there will be more arrested until those behind Monday's attack are found. Mahmoud Yusuf, for VOA news, Nairobi.

Kenya’s Interior Cabinet Secretary called the bombings barbaric and said the security operation will continue until those responsible are found. No one has claimed responsibility for Monday's attacks which wounded at least 25 people.

The International Criminal Court has postponed the trial of Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, this time until October 7. Mr Kenyatta is charged with having organized deadly violence following Kenyan's disputed 2007 presidential election. The court said the latest delay is to give Kenya's government more time to provide records sought by ICC prosecutors. Those prosecutors said they lack sufficient evidence to go ahead with the trial and alleged that witnesses had been bribed or pressured not to cooperate. Human Rights Watch's Richard Dickers says the burden of proof must be ascertained in the case of a head of a state.

The prosecutors says alleged that a number of her witnesses as either being intimidated or disappeared under pressure exerted supposedly by those close to President Kenyatta. I think another lesson to learn is if one is charging a senior official or indeed a president, it's imperative to bring a case that is as airtight as possible. Mr Kenyatta faces charges of crimes against humanity for his alleged role in murders, prosecution, rapes and other crimes in the aftermath of the 2007 election. His deputy, William Ruto, is currently on trial at the ICC for similar charges. Both men denied them.

Saudi Arabia announced Tuesday it would suspend in issuing visas for Muslim pilgrims from Guinea and Liberia, two countries hit by an outbreak of deadly Ebola virus. The Saudi Health Ministry called them could have preventive measure. The World Health Organization has sorted downplay in aseries of the latest outbreaks, noticing a far worse situation than thosereported earlier in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. Here is reporter Lisa Schlein.

WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl says there have been large outbreaks of Ebola recorded in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. He says the outbreak in Guinea is relatively small compared to the one in Uganda in 2000 and 2001, which infected more than 400 people. Four cases of the disease have been reported in the Guinean capital, Conakry, But Hartl says it is not unusual to have cases in capital cities.

“In Gabon, in the 1990s I believe there were cases in Libreville. The source of infection is still quite localized in the southeast of Guinea.”

Ebola is spread through blood and other bodily fluids from an infected person. It can also be transmitted by the handling of contaminated corpses. Bats and primates are the original source of the infection. Hartl says it is essential to stop the chains of transmission. Lisa Schlein for VOA news, Guinea.

Apparently, paralympian star Oscar Pistorius will not be the first defense witness when his murder trial resumes next week in Victoria. . One of the lawyers says the forensic expert will proceed the 27-year old sprinter of double-amputee known as the Blade Runner accused of killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp a year ago February. Pistorius denied shooting her that was murder just he mistook Steenkamp for an intruder. I'm Victor Beattie, VOA news. You could find many of these stories at our internet website, the address voanews.com.











残奥运动之星奥斯卡·皮斯托瑞斯的谋杀案将于下周在维多利亚重新开庭,显然,届时他将不再是第一位辩方证人。奥斯卡的一位律师表示,法医专家将继续控告他在去年二月谋杀其女朋友瑞娃·斯廷坎普的罪名。刀锋战士奥斯卡·皮斯托瑞斯今年27岁,是一名双腿截肢的短跑选手。他否认谋杀指控,称其误将其女友斯廷坎普当做是非法入侵者,因此才会开枪。VOA 新闻,我是主持人维克多·贝蒂。更多报道敬请访问我们的网站voanews.com.

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