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From Washington, this is VOA News. 

The first Ebola patient in the US dies....

Turkey still deciding on role in fight against Islamic State...

I'm Ray Kouguell  reporting from Washington.

The first Ebola patient diagnosed in the United States died Wednesday in Dallas, Texas.  Thomas Eric Duncan died 10 days after he entered Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.  He came to Dallas on September 20th from his native Liberia, the epicenter of the West African Ebola outbreak. The chief of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, Dr. Thomas Frieden, says he is deeply saddened by Duncan's death.  Dr. Frieden says there cannot be a zero risk for Ebola in the United States as long as the outbreak continues in West Africa. President Barack Obama says fighting Ebola is a national security priority. He says new screening measures for travelers coming from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone will be put in place at five major U.S. airports.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says the strategy for the coalition battling Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq is still "evolving."  At a press conference in Washington with British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, Secretary Kerry said decisions about the role of Turkey and other countries will be coming within "hours or days. “These things have to be done in a thoughtful and careful way so everybody understands who is doing what and what the implications are of their doing it and where you go as a result.”  Six coalition airstrikes Wednesday helped Kurdish fighters push back Islamic State militants.
Afghan authorities have executed five men convicted of gang rape, despite allegations of flawed legal proceedings. Former President Hamid Karzai signed the execution order last month on his last day in office.

This is VOA News.

Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta  appeared before the International Criminal Court in the Hague Wednesday for a hearing that may determine whether the crimes against humanity case against him is dropped or postponed indefinitely.  Judges are expected to make a decision by the end of the year.  Lisa Bryant reports:
President Uhuru Kenyatta was greeted by cheering supporters outside the courtroom, but he remained silent during the three-hour hearing at the International Criminal Court.  Instead, his defense lawyer Steven Kay made a vigorous argument the Kenyan leader be acquitted of the charges against him. "He is entitled to his verdict of 'not guilty' because there are no further enquiries going on.  It is plainly not the case that was brought against him that can be sustained at all.”  Mr. Kenyatta faces five counts at the Hague-based court for his alleged role in overseeing post-election violence in Kenya between 2007 and 2008.

Lisa Bryant for VOA News, Paris.

The unrest killed about 11-hundred people and displaced more than a half-million others.

Mali's foreign minister is warning his country is at risk of becoming a destination for "hoards of terrorists" as attacks by armed groups have increased.  U-N correspondent Margaret Besheer has more:

Foreign Minister Abdoulaye Diop called for all armed groups to renounce terrorism and accept "the extended hand of the government".

He urged the U.N. Security Council to review and strengthen the mandate of its nearly 10,000-member peacekeeping force so that it could better protect civilians.  He spoke from Bamako via a video link and is heard here through an interpreter. "Perhaps the council should consider setting up a rapid intervention force which is a capable of effectively fighting terrorists." He warned that drug traffickers and jihadists have returned to northern Mali and he expressed concern about increased attacks on U.N. peacekeepers.

Margaret Besheer VOA News, the United Nations.
U.S. and Japanese officials have laid out guidelines for significantly expanded security coordination between the two nations.  They say the upgrade is needed to better respond to what one senior State Department official described as "the modern threat environment." No specific threats were mentioned.

Three scientists -- Americans Eric Betzig and William Moerner and German Stefan Hell -- have won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.  They were awarded  for their development of microscopes so powerful they can be used to see how diseases develop inside the tiniest living cells.

U.S. health officials say Americans are living longer than ever  with life expectancy moving up and death rates falling. Using 2012 data, the government said Wednesday the life expectancy for a child born then is now almost 79 years.

I’m Ray Kouguell in Washington.

That’s the latest world news from VOA.

epicenter n. 震中;中心

priority n. 优先;优先权;[数] 优先次序;优先考虑的事





首位在美国确诊的埃博拉患者于周三在德克萨斯州达拉斯市去世。托马斯-埃里克-邓肯在进入德克萨斯卫生长老会医院就医10天后因病去世。他来自西非埃博拉疾病高发地利比里亚,在9月20日来到达拉斯市。美国疾控中心负责人托马斯-弗利登表示,邓肯的逝世令他悲伤不已。 邓肯博士又称,只要埃博拉仍在西非肆虐,美国爆发埃博拉的风险就不会是零。美国总统巴拉克-奥巴马表示,抗击埃博拉是维护本国安全的首要任务,而五个美国主要机场将实施新的检查措施,这些措施针对来自几内亚、利比里亚和塞拉利昂的入境者。





在法庭外,支持者们热烈欢迎肯尼亚总统乌胡鲁·肯雅塔,但肯雅塔在国际刑事法院3个小时的听证会上一直保持沉默。 与此相对,他的辩护律师斯蒂文·凯在庭上慷慨陈词,就针对肯雅塔的指控不成立作了非常强有力的辩论。"肯雅塔应被宣判无罪,因为现在没有对他进行进一步的质询。显然针对他的审判不可能持续下去。" 针对所谓的肯雅塔在2007年至2008年监控选举后骚乱事件,他在总部位于海牙的国际刑事法庭面对5项罪名。











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