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From Washington, this is VOA News. 

Turkey's Prime Minister says NO to arming Kurds in fight for Kobani....

Another disaster prediction for Ebola outbreak....

I'm Ray Kouguell reporting from Washington.

Turkey says it will not arm or agree to arms transfers to Kurdish fighters battling Islamic State militants for control of Kobani, the Syrian town just across the Turkish border. Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan  called the embattled Kurdish forces "equal" to the Kurdistan Workers Party, which has waged a 30-year armed campaign for self-rule in Turkey.
A high-level Arab League delegation met with Iraqi leaders Sunday--offering their support in the country's battle against the Islamic State.  Edward Yeranian reports:

In a joint news conference with the Arab League delegation, Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim Jaafari said the new spirit of relations between Iraq and its neighbors is the product of a series of recent joint meetings, including a conference in Saudi Arabia last month. Jaafari notes some Arab states have pledged to help Iraq with arms, humanitarian aid, logistics, air power, intelligence and training.  He adds they would not be sending ground troops.

Edward Yeranian for VOA News, Cairo.

The international aid agency Oxfam is appealing to European Union foreign ministers to do more to fight Ebola; a disease Oxfam says could be the "definitive humanitarian disaster of our generation." The chief of the British charity, Mark Goldring, called for more troops, funding and medical staff to be sent to Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia - the countries hit hardest by the epidemic.  This is VOA News.
Hong Kong's leader is accusing 'foreign forces' of involvement in the Chinese territory's pro-democracy protests. During a TV interview  Sunday, Leung Chun-ying said the weeks long demonstrations are "not entirely a domestic movement."  However, he declined to name the foreign countries or groups he believes are behind the protests. Earlier in the day....Hong Kong police clashed with protesters deepening a sense of impasse between the government and the pro-democracy movement. Associated Press said 20 people were injured. The scuffle came hours after Hong Kong's government said it will likely begin talks with student demonstrators on Tuesday.
At least 40 people remain missing, and presumed dead, after an unexpected blizzard struck a popular Himalayan trekking route last week. Nepalese search teams, travelling by helicopter, continue to scan high-altitude areas in what is gradually turning from a rescue to a recovery operation. At least 39 hikers are confirmed dead, among them Canadians, Indians, Israelis, Slovaks and Poles, but mostly Nepalese porters. Many of the hikers were on Nepal's popular Annapurna trail where the storm produced avalanches.
India's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party gained control of two key states, trouncing the Congress Party. The results  will strengthen Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, who won a landslide victory in national elections five months ago.  Anjana Pasricha has details:

The Bharatiya Janata Party's huge margin over its rivals put it on course to form governments in the northern Haryana and western Maharashtra states, setting off huge celebrations by party workers. BJP head Amit Shah called the victories an endorsement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Shah says people have put a stamp of approval on the programs and the manner in which the BJP has been running the federal government.  In a tweet, Prime Minister Modi called the win "historic" and a matter of immense happiness and pride.

Anjana Pasricha for VOA News, New Delhi.

Four civilians have been killed in new fighting between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine. Last month's cease-fire has mostly held in the region, except in the separatist stronghold of Donetsk, where Kyiv's forces and the insurgents have engaged in daily clashes for control of the city's airport.
Sweden's military is searching its waters near Stockholm after detecting what it calls "foreign underwater activity," possibly a damaged Russian submarine. Sweden's deployed more than 200 men, stealth ships, minesweepers and helicopters to look for a "man-made object" it detected Friday. Sweden describes the search 50 kilometers east of Stockholm as an "intelligence operation. " Russia denies  any of its submarines are involved in the incident.

I’m Ray Kouguell in Washington.

That's the latest world news from VOA.
















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