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From Washington, this is VOA News.   

Pakistani Taliban kill 141 in school siege... 

Russian ruble plunges....

I'm Ray Kouguell reporting from Washington.

A deadly siege by Taliban militants at a school in Pakistan left at least 141 people dead, most of them children. Islamist militants wearing military uniforms and strapped with explosives attacked the military-run school facility in Peshawar.  Military officials say 132 of the dead were students about 12 to 16 years old. Nine school staff members are believed to have been killed as well. A Pakistan Army spokesman in Peshawar says that security forces killed the seven attackers and cleared explosives from the school. The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the massacre. Pakistan's President Mamnoon Hussain and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif condemned the attacks.

U-S Secretary of State John Kerry spoke in London:  

“This act of terror angers and shakes all people of conscience and we condemn it in the strongest terms possible.”

The Pakistani Taliban says the attack was an act of retaliation for the government's offensive targeting insurgents in the country's northwestern tribal region, near the Afghan border.

Two car bombs exploded Tuesday south of the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, hitting a school bus traveling near a Shi'ite rebel gathering and killing 25 people, including at least 15 students.

Authorities in Sierra Leone plan to conduct house-to-house searches around the capital, Freetown, to look for hidden Ebola patients. Freetown has become a center of the West African Ebola outbreak, reporting more than 130 new confirmed cases in the first week of December, one-third of the country's total. Sierra Leone recently passed Liberia as the country with the most Ebola cases. 

This is VOA News.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says nothing should be allowed to get in the way of Israel's upcoming elections, as Palestinians prepare to introduce a draft U.N. Security Council resolution that would set a deadline for Israel's withdrawal from Palestinian territories. In comments ahead of his meeting with chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat in London, Secretary Kerry said it is imperative to lower tensions so there is an opportunity to find a path toward genuine peace.

The White House says President Barack Obama has decided to sign legislation authorizing more sanctions on Russia for its role in the Ukraine crisis.   The bill, which cleared the Senate last week, also gives the president authority to provide 350 million dollars  in lethal and non-lethal military aid to the Ukrainian government. The legislation does not make the sanctions or military aid mandatory.

The value of Russia's currency, the ruble, dropped 20 percent in a single day--touching a new low of 80 to the dollar.  This comes despite a dramatic central bank interest rate hike to prop up its value.  VOA's Daniel Schearf reports:

“Russia's emergency measures to brake the fall of the ruble showed the opposite results Tuesday as the currency dropped to a new low. The ruble at one point fell to bellow 80 to the dollar, despite a whopping 6.5 percent interest rate hike. It recovered somewhat in late trading but was still down 60 percent from its value at the beginning of the year. Russia's central bank announced the jump to a 17 percent rate overnight Monday to try shore up the currency after it lost 10 percent of its value in just one day.

Daniel Schearf, Moscow.”

Another Bush is seriously thinking about running for President of the United States.  Former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush, posted messages on his Facebook page and Twitter account that he plans to actively explore a bid for the Republican Party's nomination--with a final decision expected next year.  VOA's Jim Malone has details:

“In his announcement, Jeb Bush said he had discussed a possible White House bid with his family last month over the Thanksgiving holiday and decided to "actively explore" a presidential bid in the months ahead. Bush would be considered one of the favorites for the Republican Party nomination should he decide to run in what is expected to be a very crowded field of Republican presidential contenders for 2016.

Jim Malone, VOA News, Washington.”

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame named its new inductees for 2015. Former Beatle Ringo Starr, punk rock band Green Day and the late singer-songwriter Lou Reed are among eight musical performers selected. The Cleveland, Ohio institution will make the move official at a ceremony next April.  Ringo Starr joins his three bandmates in being honored as a solo artist, after they were inducted together in 1988.

I’m Ray Kouguell in Washington. 

That’s the latest world news from VOA.


siege :围攻



withdrawal :撤军







non-lethal military aid:非致命性军事援助



hike :上升
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:是一个西方摇滚乐界成就奖,致力于表彰历史上一些最具知名度最具影响力的艺术家、制作人以及在一些重要层面通过摇滚乐形式影响整个音乐工业的人。相比被视为美国流行乐坛最高荣誉奖的“格莱美奖”,“摇滚名人堂”显得厚重许多,它考虑到了入选音乐人对整个摇滚乐历史的贡献,更能证明他们的辉煌成就。最苛刻的一个条件是,被提名的时间必须距离首张专辑发行25年以上。





我是雷. 酷格尔,华盛顿报道。






为了查找隐藏起来的埃博拉病患,塞拉利昂当局计划在首都弗里敦进行挨家挨户搜查。弗里敦已经成为西非埃博拉疫情爆发的中心,报告称在12月的第一个星期内就有130多个确诊病例,这个数字是该国埃博拉患者数量的1/3. 塞拉利昂最近刚刚超过利比里亚成为埃博拉病患最多的国家。这里是美国之音新闻。








摇滚名人堂选出2015年的入选摇滚名人。 披头士乐队的林戈·斯塔尔,朋克摇滚乐队绿日及已经过世的创作型歌手劳·瑞德,同其他5名音乐人入选。明年4月,位于美国俄亥俄州的该组织将在入主仪式上正式授予他们此项荣誉。林戈·斯塔尔同披头士乐队的其他3人在1988年一起入主摇滚名人堂,如今他们再次一同入选独奏艺人这一殊荣。



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