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From Washington, this is VOA News.  
AirAsia jet likely on "bottom of the sea"....

Death toll hits 10 in Greek car ferry fire....

I'm Ray Kouguell reporting from Washington.

The head of Indonesia's search and rescue agency says the missing AirAsia jet is likely on the "bottom of the sea." Bambang Sulistyo says the Airbus 320 with 162 people on board is presumed to have crashed Sunday off the Indonesia coast in the Java Sea. Indonesian authorities confirm that an Australian search plane sighted debris in the waters off Borneo, about 11-hundred kilometers from the last known position of the Air Asia flight. But there is no confirmation the material is related to the missing airliner. 

VOA's Steve Herman reports:

“Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla says 30 ships and 15 aircraft are involved in the search for the missing Airbus A320. But he is trying to dampen expectations that the missing jetliner, which the head of the country's search agency says is likely "at the bottom of the sea," will be quickly discovered.

"Of course, we hope as fast as possible. We have no… target, but as fast as possible." 

He noted that Malaysia Flight 370, which vanished in March in deep waters off the coast of Australia, has still not been located and other jetliners that went missing in recent years took months or longer to find.

Steve Herman, VOA News, Bangkok.”

The airplane was about halfway through its flight from the Indonesian city of Surabaya to Singapore when it disappeared Sunday morning.

The latest figures from The World Health Organization on Ebola cases and victims, shows the number of people infected surpassing 20-thousand. The death total from Ebola in the three West Africa countries worst affected - Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea-- stands at seven thousand-842.

This is VOA News.

The suspected mastermind of the 2008 militant attacks on Mumbai that killed 166 people won an appeal against his detention in Pakistan. 
The Islamabad High Court ruled Monday that Zaki- ur-Rehman Lakhvi could be freed on about 10-thousand dollars bail, a ruling that drew an immediate rebuke from India. The Indian government summoned Pakistan's envoy to protest.

Italy says that all the remaining passengers have been rescued from the car ferry that caught fire off the island of Corfu, but the death toll from the Adriatic Sea disaster reached 10 amid fears that more people may be missing. Five bodies were recovered Monday after rescue workers hoisted the last survivors to safety.  Selah Hennessy has details:

“Helicopters rescued nearly 500 people from the top deck of the ship, despite rain, strong winds and choppy waters. One survivor, a Greek truck driver, described how the rescue scene had been "chaos" and "panic." He said passengers had been frantic to escape the flames and pelting rain - and trampled each other to get onto helicopters. Rescued passengers were taken to the Italian port city Bari early Monday, where they were receiving health evaluations. Admiral Giovanni de Tullio of the Italian coast guard said every passenger would be examined. Most of those on board were Greeks, but others hail from Italy, Germany, Britain, and elsewhere. Selah Hennessy for VOA News, London.”

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras called for early elections for January 25th, after lawmakers failed to elect a new president in the third and final round of voting on Monday. In a televised speech announcing the election date, Prime Minister Samaras called on the public to support him in the upcoming election "to ensure stability in the country."

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says he intends to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande on January 15th to seek a negotiated end to the conflict in Ukraine's east. .  Mr. Poroshenko says  the meeting would take place in Kazakhstan's capital, Astana. The fighting between government troops and pro-Russian separatists has claimed more than 47-hundred lives since last April.  Both Kyiv and the West have accused Russia of fueling the unrest. Moscow denies this.

The United States says it does not back a draft United Nations resolution on Palestinian statehood, in part, because it would not guarantee Israel's security. State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke says U.S. officials do not believe the resolution is constructive and that it sets an arbitrary deadline for an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank, making peace talks less likely to succeed. He says the draft also fails to take into account Israel's legitimate security needs.

I’m Ray Kouguell in Washington.

That’s the latest world news from VOA.


confirm :证实



mastermind :主谋


death toll:死亡人数










前往希腊的渡轮因船内所载汽车着火导致目前死亡人数达到10人 。


印度尼西亚搜救局负责人表示,失联的亚航飞机可能已经沉入海底。班穆班·苏力斯拖称,他们推测搭载162名乘客的空客320已于周日在印尼爪哇海沉没。印 尼官方确认一架澳大利亚搜寻飞机在婆罗洲海域看到了飞机残片,该地距最后亚航所知的位置有1100公里。但目前还不能确认这些飞机碎片是否与失联客机有 关。


“印尼副总统尤素夫·卡拉称,30艘船和15架飞机参与搜寻失联的A320客机。但尤素夫·卡拉表示,不要抱太大期望能很快发现失联客机,因为印尼国家救 援中心的负责人称,失联的喷气式客机可能已经‘沉入海底’。我们当然希望尽快找到飞机。目前我们还没有目标,但我们会尽快找到它。”









“尽管刮风下雨,海浪湍急,直升机还是从渡轮顶层的甲板上救出了近500人。一名幸存的希腊卡车司机描述了救援现场的混乱和惊恐。他说乘客们疯狂的逃离火 场和暴雨,相互践踏着爬上直升机。周一早些时候,获救的乘客被带到意大利港口城市巴里,并在那里接受健康评估。意大利海岸警卫队的海军上将乔瓦尼•德•图 里奥称将对所有乘客进行检查。船上大部分为希腊人,但也有来自意大利、德国、英国和其它地方的人。西拉•轩尼诗,VOA新闻,伦敦报道。”

在周一第三轮总统最终选投票中希腊议会没有选出一位新总统,总理安东尼斯. 萨马拉斯要求1月25日提前选举。在宣布选举日期的一场电视演讲中,总理萨马拉斯呼吁公众在即将到来的选举中支持他,“以保证国家的安定。”

乌克兰总统佩罗.波罗申科宣布他将在1月15日与俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔.普金、德国总理安吉拉.默克尔、法国总统佛朗索瓦.奥朗德举行会晤,商讨结束乌克 兰东部冲突。波罗申科先生表示此次会晤将在哈萨克斯坦首都阿斯塔纳举行。自去年4月以来,政府军与亲俄分裂份子之间的冲突已造成4700多人死亡。基辅政 府和西方国家均指责是俄罗斯煽动了当地的动荡。莫斯科对此予以否认。

美国表示不支持联合国关于巴勒斯坦建国的决议草案,因为在某种程度上,这无法保证以色列的安全。国务院发言人杰夫•拉特克称美方官员不认为这个决议 是建设性的,为以色列从约旦河西岸撤军设立最终期限是武断的,这让和谈变得难以成功。他称该草案未能考虑到以色列的合法安全需求。


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