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VOA新闻:2015-03-10 俄罗斯总统普京曾助乌克兰前总统出逃

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From Washington, this is VOA news. I'm Dave DeForest reporting.

Russian President Vladimir Putin says he ordered security officials last year to protect then-president Viktor Yanukovych and to begin planning for a Russian takeover of Crimea. In a TV interview promo aired on Sunday, Mr. Putin says he ordered Russian officials to prepare to take Mr. Yanukovych out of Ukraine, claiming the pro-Russian president would otherwise have been killed.  Mr. Yanukovych was forced out of office following a wave of pro-Western demonstrations. Crimea was officially annexed by Russia on March 21 of 2014.

President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree conferring awards on several people, including a man suspected of murdering dissident Russian security agent Alexander Litvinenko. Mr. Putin awarded a medal for "services to the fatherland" to Andrei Lugovoi, a former KGB bodyguard who is now a member of the lower house of Russia's parliament.  The government newspaper says Lugovoi was awarded for (what was called) his "contribution to the development of Russian parliamentarism and energetic legislative activity."

Syrian activists say coalition airstrikes hit an oil refinery in northern Syria on Sunday and that 30 people were killed. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says the Islamic State group had been operating the refinery.  It says the dead include both militants and workers.

Soldiers from Chad and Niger have retaken the northeastern Nigerian town of Damasak from Boko Haram militants. The capture of the town on the Niger-Nigeria border is the first reported success from a joint offensive being carried out against the militants.

This is VOA news.

The head of the Eurozone's group of 19 finance ministers has urged Greece to (in his words) "stop wasting time" and speed up talks on implementing a reform program to secure international loans. Group chairman Jeroen Dijsselbloem said little has been done since the last Eurogroup meeting.

“We agree today that there is no further time to lose.  Discussions between the Greek authorities and the institutions must and will start as of Wednesday—the day after tomorrow—with a view to achieve a speedy and successful conclusion of the review.”

Last week, Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis outlined reforms in a letter that provided few detailed figures. Dijsselbloem said the proposals were far from complete. 

Turkey's currency and markets are being hit hard by a dispute between the country's president and Central Bank chief.   Dorian Jones takes a look.

“Turkey's Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has promised to intervene to restore order to financial markets after the Turkish lira repeatedly broke record lows, causing heavy losses on the stock market.  The turmoil is a result of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan repeatedly criticizing Central Bank Chief Erdem Basci for failing to aggressively cut interest rates. But Mr. Erdogan now says he will meet with central bank chief Basci.  The president's economic advisers continue to argue aggressive interest rate cuts are needed to kick-start the economy before June's general election.  Dorian Jones, Istanbul.”

U.S. President Barack Obama has ordered new sanctions against seven senior Venezuelan officials who the United States says violated human rights and engaged in acts of corruption. Targets in the executive order, announced Monday, include the head of the country's intelligence service as well as the director of national police. 

The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected an appeal by a former Somali prime minister who was ordered to pay more than $20 million to victims of human rights abuses in his country. The court Monday declined to review a lower court ruling that allows a lawsuit to proceed against Mohamed Ali Samantar.  He served as Somalia's prime minister and defense minister in the 1980's and early 1990's. U.S. federal courts have found that Samantar, who lives in Virginia, cannot claim immunity on account of being an official of a foreign government.

U.S. President Barack Obama is criticizing a group of 47 Republican senators who warned Iran that any nuclear agreement it negotiates with Mr. Obama might last only until he leaves office. Mr. Obama told reporters at the White House Republicans' actions are "ironic" because the senators appear to him to want to align themselves with "hardliners" in Iran.  I’m Dave DeForest. That’s the latest world news from VOA.

这里是VOA新闻,Dave DeForest华盛顿为您报道。

俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔普京表示去年他命令安全官员保护当时的总统Viktor Yanukovych并着手接管克里米亚一事。在周日播出的一档商品广告电视采访中,普京总统表示他已经命令俄罗斯官员将Viktor Yanukovych护送出乌克兰,并宣称他有可能被暗杀。Viktor Yanukovych在一系列亲西方的示威活动中被赶下台。克里米亚于2014年3月21日正式被俄罗斯吞并。

弗拉基米尔•普京总统签署一项法令,授予数人奖项,其中包括一名涉嫌谋杀持不同政见的俄罗斯安全特工Alexander Litvinenko的男子。普金授予前KGB保镖Andrei Lugovoi"为国贡献奖",如今他已是俄罗斯国会下议院的一名议员。政府报刊报道,Lugovoi因对俄罗斯议会政治做出了贡献,并积极参与立法活动而获此殊荣。



欧元区19国财长的主席敦促希腊“不要再浪费时间”,并尽快出台出一个改革方案以确保国际贷款的安全。集团主席 Jeroen Dijsselbloem表示自去年欧洲集团会议之后,进展甚微。


上周希腊财长Yanis Varoufakis在一封信函中提出了改革纲要,但几乎缺乏详细的数据。Dijsselbloem称该方案还远远不够完善。


“在土耳其里拉连续跌破记录,对股票市场造成重大损失后,土耳其总理Ahmet Davutoglu承诺将介入以恢复金融市场的秩序。总统Recep Tayyip Erdogan反复指责中央银行行长Erdem Basci未能大幅度降低利率,因此导致了市场混乱。但Erdogan先生目前表示他将与央行行长Basci会面。总统的经济顾问仍坚持认为在六月的大选前,大幅降低利率是重新拉动经济的必要措施。Dorian Jones伊斯坦布尔为您报道。”



美国总统巴拉克奥巴马指责47名共和党参议员,因为他们曾警告伊朗说任何与奥巴马总统协商的的核协议只在其任职期间有效。奥巴马总统于白宫向媒体表示共和党的行动颇有“讽刺”意味,这无异于和伊朗的强硬派联手。我是Dave DeForest。以上是VOA最新世界新闻。

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