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【整理】BBC 2011-08-01 奥巴马强烈谴责阿萨德

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BBC News with Iain Purdon

President Obama has said he's horrified at what he called the Syrian government's "brutality against its own people". His comments came at the end of one of the bloodiest days since the uprising began in mid-March. At least 100 people have been killed across Syria in government offensives against opposition protesters. Marcus George reports from Washington.

In a strongly-worded statement, President Obama said he was appalled by the violence in Hama, which he said demonstrated the true character of the Syrian regime. He accused President Bashar al-Assad of using torture and terror against his own people, and such actions would ensure he'd be left on the wrong side of history. But he had praise for the Syrian people; they were courageous, and the United States, he said, would continue to stand with them. In recent weeks, Washington has hardened its tone against President Assad, but so far it's avoided any explicit call for him to hand over power.

The leader of the Republicans in the United States Senate says agreement is very close on a deal to raise the limit on US borrowing to avert an unprecedented default on America's debt. Mark Mardell reports from Washington.

The crisis has been caused because the Republicans, who control the House of Representatives, insist that the debt ceiling should not be raised without dealing with the national debt. Republican leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, says they are close to getting what they want. Even if the president and the leaders of both parties can agree, it doesn't mean they can sell a deal to their troops. Many Democrats will be unhappy that deep cuts aren't matched with tax increases. Republican supporters of the conservative Tea Party movement will worry that the cuts can't be enforced while some don't think the debt limit should be raised at all.

Police in Mexico say a suspected cartel leader they arrested on Friday has confessed to ordering the murder of 1,500 people in the northern city of Juarez. The man, Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez, is also suspected of masterminding the attack on an American consulate worker and her husband last year. Vanessa Buschschluter reports.

The security forces said the raid, in which Mr Acosta Hernandez was captured, had been long in the planning. The suspect, who's better known as El Diego, is accused of being the leader of the La Linea gang, whose members work as hired killers for the Juarez cartel. The cartel controls some of the main drug smuggling routes from Ciudad Juarez into the United States. Police believe El Diego is also behind a car bomb attack which killed four people in the border city, the first such attack in Mexico's spiralling drug-related violence.

Indonesian police say 17 people have died in election violence in the remote province of Papua, in the east of the country. They were killed in clashes between supporters of two rival candidates for local elections later this year. Papua has been the scene of low-level separatist insurgency for decades, and the area is heavily militarised.

World News from the BBC

The trial has ended in Tehran of two American men accused of spying. It's exactly two years since the men, Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal, were arrested. They said they had crossed the Iranian border by mistake while hiking in neighbouring Iraq. The Arabic language Al-Alam television is reporting that the verdicts on the two men will be announced in the coming days.

The second outbreak of violence in two weeks in the far western Chinese region of Xinjiang is reported to have killed at least 15 people. Eight of them died in the city of Kashgar when two men stabbed passersby. From Beijing, Martin Patience.

The series of attacks are the latest unrest to hit Xinjiang. Earlier this month, more than 20 people were killed in violent clashes with the police. The province is home to the Uighurs, a largely Muslim ethnic group native to the area. But many are unhappy about what they regard as the repressive rule of Beijing. They are also angered by the migration of the country's majority Han Chinese to the region.

The African Union has announced it'll hold a summit to pledge help for the victims of Somalia's famine, which the United Nations says has already claimed 10,000 lives. The statement comes after considerable criticism of the continent's leaders in the African media for failing to help. The UN says 12 million people urgently need help in the region.

A study, published in the scientific journal Nature Medicine says trials of a cheap credit card-sized blood-testing kit which can diagnose infections within minutes, suggests it could transform medical care in remote parts of the world. Called the mChip, the plastic device contains up to 10 individual detection zones, requiring only a pinprick of blood to be placed on them. Prototypes, tested on hundreds of patients in Rwanda looking for infections like HIV and syphilis, returned almost 100% accuracy.

BBC News

奥巴马总统表示,对于叙利亚政府“对自己的人民实施的暴行”,他感到非常惊骇。自三月中旬起义开始以来,叙利亚经历了最为血腥的一天。在这一天结束 的时候,奥巴马发表了该评论。在叙利亚政府对反对派抗议者的镇压活动中,已有至少100人遇难。Marcus George在华盛顿报道。

在言辞强烈的声明中,奥巴马总统表示,他对哈马发生的暴力事件感到非常震惊。他说,这显示了叙利亚政权的本性。他指控阿萨德总统对自己的人民使用酷 刑和恐怖主义手段,这样的行为毫无疑问会使他作为错误的典范载入史册。但是他赞扬了叙利亚民众,称他们是勇敢的,美国将会继续支持他们。最近几周,华盛顿 对阿萨德总统的态度开始强硬起来,但是目前为止一直避免明确要求他出让权利。

美国参议院共和党领袖表示,针对提高美国债务限额即将达成协议,避免前所未有的债务违约行为。Mark Mardell在华盛顿报道。

这场危机是由于控制着众议院的共和党人坚持称,如果不解决全国债务问题就不能提高债务限额。参议院共和党领袖麦康奈尔(Mitch McConnell)表示,他们距离自己想要的结果已经很近。即使总统和两党领袖均赞同,这并不意味着他们可以向军队兜售自己的计划。许多民主党人会感到 不高兴,因为大幅削减支出并没有伴随着提高税收。保守派茶党运动的共和党支持者将会担心支出削减不会得到执行,还有一些人担心债务限额根本不会提高。

墨西哥警方表示,他们周五逮捕的一名卡特尔头目嫌疑人已经供认下令在北部城市华雷斯谋杀1,500人。这名男子Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez还涉嫌于去年策划了杀害美国领事馆工作人员和她的丈夫的阴谋。Vanessa Buschschluter报道。

安全力量表示,逮捕Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez的这次行动是计划已久的。外号为El Diego的嫌疑人被指控为La Linea犯罪团伙头目。该犯罪团伙成员是华雷斯卡特尔的雇佣杀手。该卡特尔控制着从华雷斯前往美国的主要毒品运输通道。警方相信El Diego还参与了在边境城市杀害四人的汽车炸弹袭击,这是墨西哥不断升级的与毒品有关的暴力中首次类似的袭击。



德黑兰对两名被控间谍的美国人的审判结束。自这两名男子Shane Bauer和Josh Fattal被捕以来已经两年的时间。他们说,他们在邻国伊拉克境内远足时误闯边境进入伊朗。阿拉伯语Al-Alam电视台报道称,对这两名男子的判决将于未来几天公布。

两周以来,中国西部新疆维吾尔自治区爆发第二次暴力,造成至少15人死亡。其中8人在喀什两名男子袭击行人时遇难。北京,Martin Patience报道。



《自然医学》期刊上发表的一份研究表示,可以在几分钟之内诊断疾病的信用卡大小的验血设备的试用表明可以将医疗保健传播到偏远地区。这个名叫 mChip的塑料设备包含10个单独的检测区域,只需要在上面滴上一滴血。在卢旺达对数百人进行的测试检查了HIV和梅毒等疾病,准确率几乎达到 100%。



1.brutality n.残忍,野蛮,粗暴

eg: The brutality of the crime has appalled the public.  罪行之残暴使公众大为震惊。

2.offensive adj.讨厌的; 令人不快的

eg: She said some offensive remarks.   她说了一些令人不快的话。

      I found him very offensive.   我觉得他非常讨厌。

3.appall vt.〈美〉使惊骇; 使充满恐惧

eg: They were appalled by the reports of the nuclear war.  他们被核战争的报道吓坏了。

4.explicit adj.详述的, 明确的, 明晰的, 陈述或文章 清楚明白的, 易于理解的

eg: It's an explicit statement.  这句话说得很明确。

5.avert vt.防止, 避免

eg: He managed to avert suspicion.   他设法避嫌。

6.mastermind vt.巧妙地计划, 策划(某一行动)

eg: He masterminded a number of terrorist attacks.   他谋划了许多次恐怖袭击行动。

7.largely adv.在很大程度上, 大半地, 主要地

eg: This country is largely desert.  这个国家大半都是沙漠。

8.repressive adj.(法律或其他控制形式)抑制的,镇压的,残暴的

eg: The government’s repressive policies are sowing the seeds of rebellion.   政府的镇压政策正在播下叛乱的种子。

9.considerable  adj. 相当大(或多)的

eg: It is a considerable sum of money.  那是一笔数量可观的钱。

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