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【整理】BBC 2011-08-02 索马里进入饥荒状态

2011-10-12    来源:普特整理    【      美国外教 在线口语培训
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BBC News with Marion Marshall

Reports from the Syrian city of Hama say government tanks have been shelling residential neighbourhoods indiscriminately. They said the shelling intensified just as residents were breaking the dawn-to-dusk fast on the first day of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Activists said at least four people had been killed. On Sunday, scores of people were reported killed when security forces targeted opposition protesters. The UN Security Council is due to hold closed-door consultations on Syria in New York shortly. Lina Sinjab reports from Damascus on the fear in Hama that's preventing some families from burying their dead as they wish.

The shelling resumed today on parts of Hama, leaving several people dead, according to residents of the city. Heavy artillery and machine guns were also used in this morning's attack. Some families buried their dead in parks and even in the gardens of their own homes.

The United States Senate and House of Representatives are due to vote on a bill to raise the limit on US borrowing ahead of a deadline to avert an unprecedented debt default. Democratic and Republican party leaders in Washington reached agreement late on Sunday on a proposal to raise the $14.3tn limit. Global financial markets have been nervous over the prospect that the US might not have enough money to meet its financial obligations. Paul Adams reports from Washington.

The business of selling Sunday's deal has begun, but politicians are holding their noses even as they urge colleagues to support it. In the Senate, the Majority Leader Harry Reid said he was not proud of the rancorous process that led to it, but he held it up as an example of American democracy at work.

"No one got what they wanted. Everyone had to give something up. People on the right are upset; people on the left are upset; people in the middle are upset. It was a compromise."

There is, as Mr Reid says, plenty for everyone to dislike. The president has not been able to get Republicans to agree to tax increases. The Republicans have had to agree to a longer extension of the debt ceiling than they wanted. And both sides know that if they fail to agree on a spending plan by the end of November, then domestic social programmes and defence will face automatic cuts worth $1.2tn.

The Turkish foreign minister has joined mourners in Norway to pay tribute to Gizem Dogan, a young girl of Turkish origin who was one of those killed in Norway's twin attacks. At the funeral in Trondheim, Ahmet Davutoglu pledged to work for more democracy, tolerance and openness. His sentiments echoed those expressed earlier at a special session of the Norwegian parliament in Oslo. The Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said the Norwegian people would find their way through the darkness. The only suspect, Anders Behring Breivik, has admitted to carrying out the attacks, which he says were necessary in order to wake up the country to the threat he claims posed by increased immigration.

You're listening to the latest World News from the BBC.

The United Nations humanitarian affairs coordinator Valerie Amos has warned that the food crisis in the Horn of Africa is intensifying with over 12 million people in dire need of help. Baroness Amos said she feared that famine could spread to five or six more regions of war-torn Somalia unless there was a massive increase in aid.

"A little less than two weeks ago, we declared a famine in two regions in Somalia. Today, we are warning that unless we see a massive increase in the response, the famine will spread to five or six more regions. Tens of thousands of Somalis have already died, and hundreds of thousands face starvation with consequences for the entire region."

The authorities in Italy say they've found the bodies of 25 people in the hold of a boat on the Italian island of Lampedusa. The officials say that the victims, all young men, were believed to be from sub-Saharan Africa. According to survivors, the 15-metre boat was carrying nearly 300 people and had set sail from Libya two days ago.

Egyptian troops have moved into Tahrir Square in the capital Cairo to remove protesters. Several hundred people have been camped out in the capital's main square for over three weeks, complaining about the speed of reforms following the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak in February. But a retired general, Sameh Saif el-Yazal, told the BBC it was impossible to meet the protesters' every demand.

"All the big heads are in jail now, but Mubarak will be in the court the day after tomorrow; the constitution has been frozen completely; a new constitution is coming on the way; [the] cabinet has been shuffled four times since the revolution. The idea of having a new lift every day for more than 140 political groups and religious group[s] is nonsense. How can you deal with that?"

Former President Mubarak is due to stand trial on Wednesday on charges of corruption and ordering the killing of protesters.

BBC News

来自叙利亚城市哈马的报道称,政府坦克不加选择地肆意炮击居民区。他们说,在穆斯林斋月节的第一天,居民们打破了从黎明到傍晚的斋戒之后,炮火加强。活动积极分子表示至少4人遇难。周日,安全力量向反对派抗议者开火,造成几十人死亡。不久之后,联合国安理会将在纽约召开闭门会议,商讨叙利亚问题。 Lina Sinjab在大马士革报道称,对哈马形势的恐惧使一些家庭不敢埋葬遇难者。


在最后期限之前,美国参议院和众议院即将针对提高债务限额的法案投票,避免前所未有的债务违约。周日晚些时候,华盛顿民主党和共和党领导人就提高14.3兆美元的债务上限达成协议。全球金融市场对于美国可能没有足够的资金来履行金融债务的前景感到非常紧张。Paul Adams在华盛顿报道。




土耳其外长和挪威许多悼念者一起追悼在挪威两起袭击中遇难的土耳其裔女孩Gizem Dogan。在特隆赫姆举行的葬礼上,达乌特奥卢(Ahmet Davutolu)承诺致力于更高水平的民主,忍让和公开。他的情绪反应了挪威议会在奥斯陆召开特别会议的人们的感情。挪威首相延斯·斯托尔滕贝格 (Jens Stoltenberg)表示,挪威人民一定能够找到走出黑暗的道路。

这起袭击事件唯一的嫌疑人安德斯·布雷维克(Anders Behring Breivik)已经承认实施了这两起袭击。他说,他的目的是让整个国家清醒过来,清楚面对面对不断涌入国家的移民带来的威胁。


联合国紧急救援协调员阿莫斯(Valerie Amos)警告称,非洲之角的食品危机正在加剧,超过1200万人亟需帮助。阿莫斯男爵夫人表示,她担心这场饥荒会蔓延到被战争蹂躏的五六个地区,除非大规模增加救助。



埃及军队进入首都开罗解放广场驱逐抗议者。几百人在首都主要的广场露营已经超过三周的时间,他们抱怨二月份穆巴拉克总统被推翻之后改革的速度非常缓慢。但是退休的将军Sameh Saif el-Yazal告诉BBC,要满足抗议者的每一个要求是不可能的。





1.indiscriminately adv. 无差别,任意地,不分青红皂白地

eg:kill a large number of people indiscriminately.    毫无罪犯感地杀死大量的人。

2.intensify vt.vi.(使)增强, (使)加剧

eg:The drought has intensified.   旱情加剧了。

      Blowing on fire intensifies the heat.    吹火使热度加强。

3.resume vt.vi.重新开始; 重新获得;重新占用;恢复,重返

eg:We'll stop now and resume at two o'clock.   我们现在停下来, 到两点再干。

4.avert vt.防止, 避免

eg:He managed to avert suspicion.   他设法避嫌。

5.rancorous adj.怨恨的;满怀恶意的

eg: In the past four years , Spanish politics has been characterised by a rancorous bitterness.   在过去的四年中,西班牙的政坛被刻画成了仇恨与苦难的交织。

6.overthrow n.推翻; 终止, 结束

eg:After the overthrow of the government, the country was in chaos.  政府被推翻后, 这个国家处于混乱中。

      The revolution caused the overthrow of the autocracy.   这场革命导致了独裁政体的结束。

7.shuffle v.洗(纸牌);弄混;乱堆

eg:I wish you’d remember to shuffle before you deal.  我希望在你发牌前记得洗牌。

8.extension n.延伸, 扩展

eg:The pupils disliked the extension of the term. 小学生们不愿延长学期。

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