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【整理】BBC 2011-08-05 科学家发现火星上有流动水

2011-10-12    来源:普特整理    【      美国外教 在线口语培训
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BBC News with Gaenor Howells

Stock markets in Europe and the United States have fallen sharply with concern that the eurozone debt crisis could spread to Italy and Spain. The falls came despite interventions by policymakers aimed at restoring calm. The markets in London, Paris and Frankfurt were all down by more than 3%. In the United States, the Dow has closed down 4%. Caroline Hepker reports from New York.

Disastrous was the way one trader on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange described the drop in US shares on Thursday. The reason for the stock market rout is a combination of fears over the sovereign debt crisis in Europe and growing concern about the US recovery. There has been a string of worrying economic data in America in recent days: economic growth slowed to a trickle this year; consumer spending fell in June, and both the manufacturing and the service sector are sluggish.

A court in France has approved an investigation into allegations that the new head of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, abused her position when she was the French finance minister. The case centres on a $400m compensation payment to a businessman. From Paris, here's Christian Fraser.

In 2008, just months into the job as the first female finance minister of France, Christine Lagarde used her powers to bring to an end a court battle that had run for years. Bernard Tapie, a wealthy businessman and controversial figure here in France, had accused the former state-owned bank Credit Lyonnais of mishandling the sale of his share in the sportswear manufacturer Adidas. Prosecutors allege she went beyond her powers, complicit, they said, in the embezzlement of public funds. Ms Lagarde has always denied any wrongdoing or any suggestion she profited personally.

Syrian activists say the city of Hama is suffering severe food and medical shortages after five days of being besieged by government forces. The activists say 30 people were killed on Wednesday when troops backed by tanks retook control of the city centre. Jim Muir reports from neighbouring Lebanon.

Despite the army assault, Hama remains defiant with protests like this breaking out after nighttime prayers for the fasting month of Ramadan. In addition to water and electricity being cut off, the blackout on virtually all communication with Hama has meant that very little is known about the storming of the city by troops and tanks, and the number of casualties involved. In the meantime, residents speak of regime militia shooting at anything that moves in the streets, and they say they are having to bury their dead in gardens and public parks for fear of venturing to cemeteries.

The government of Libya says it now fully controls the western frontline town of Zlitan. On Wednesday, government troops announced a major offensive against rebels in the town, but foreign journalists who've been driven there by officials say there's no sign of the insurgents.

You're listening to the World News from the BBC.

The Israeli government has given final approval for more than 900 new homes in occupied East Jerusalem. The move to build houses for Jewish families in the settlement of Har Homa has been criticised by peace groups as cynical. They say it'll cut off the Palestinian town of Bethlehem from Arab areas of East Jerusalem, but the government says it'll help address Israel's housing shortage.

The United Nations says it'll take at least 25 years to clear up pollution from oil operations in the Ogoniland region of Nigeria. A report by the UN Environment Programme said oil spills had contaminated land, sea and air to such an extent that it seriously threatened public health in some areas. A spokesman for the UNEP, Nick Nuttall, told the BBC about the scale of the problem.

"The United Nations Environment Programme over 14 months has toured the length and breadth of Ogoniland to assess the oil pollution. It is serious. It has gone much further and much deeper into the land than previously had been supposed. It's going to take at least 25 years to restore the health of Ogoniland back to pre-oil days."

Riot police in the Chilean capital Santiago have used tear gas and water cannon to break up protests by students. More than 100 people were detained as they tried to march to the city centre. Chile has endured weeks of protests by students and teachers demanding education reforms. They've called for fundamental reform and increased investment in the public education system. President Sebastian Pinera has offered extra funding.

Scientists have found what they believe may be the first evidence of flowing water on Mars. Nasa researchers say images taken by one of their spacecraft show clusters of dark lines on some slopes of the planet. These markings disappear in the winter. The scientists say their best explanation for this is the flow of salty water, possibly underground, although they say the findings don't provide direct evidence of water on Mars.

BBC News

由于担忧欧元区债务危机会扩散至西班牙和意大利,欧洲和美国的股票市场大幅下跌。尽管试图重建平稳秩序的政策制定者采取了干预措施,股市仍然下跌。 伦敦,巴黎和法兰克福的股价均下跌了超过3%、在美国,道琼斯工业指数收盘时下跌4%。Caroline Hepker在纽约报道。


有人指控IMF新任总裁拉加德在担任法国财长期间滥用职权,法国一家法庭已经批准进行调查。该案件集中在对一名商人高达4亿美元的赔偿方面。巴黎,Christian Fraser报道。

2008年,刚刚成为法国首任女财长几个月,拉加德利用自己的权利终结了一宗持续了多年的法庭案件。富有的商人,法国有争议的人物Bernard Tapie指控前国有银行里昂信贷错误地抛售了他持有的运动服饰制造商阿迪达斯的股票。检控官指控她越权同谋挪用公众资金。拉加德一直否认自己做错事,否 认为自己谋利。

叙利亚活动积极分子表示,被政府军队围困五天之后,哈马市遭受着严重的食物和药品短缺。积极分子表示,周三,政府军队在坦克的掩护下重新控制了市中心,造成30人死亡。Jim Muir在邻国黎巴嫩报道。

尽管军队发动进攻,哈马仍然在不断抵抗,例如在斋月节午夜祈祷后爆发的抗议活动。除了水电被切断以外,哈马市所有通讯设施的管制意味着完全不知道军 队和坦克对该城市的袭击情况,以及造成的伤亡人数。与此同时,居民表示,政府义勇军向在街上移动的任何东西开枪。他们说,因为不敢去墓地,他们不得不将遇 难的亲人埋在花园或公园。



以色列政府最终批准在被占领的东耶路撒冷建设900多座新房屋。在哈尔霍马(Har Homa)为犹太人建设房屋的举动被和平组织批评为愤世嫉俗的。他们说,此举将会使巴勒斯坦城镇伯利恒从东耶路撒冷的阿拉伯区域切断,但是政府称此举将帮助解决以色列的房屋短缺问题。

联合国表示,清理尼日利亚奥戈尼兰地区石油泄漏造成的污染需要至少25年的时间。联合国环境规划署表示,石油泄漏严重污染了土地,海洋和空气,在某些地区甚至威胁到公众健康。环境规划署发言人Nick Nuttall向BBC讲述了问题的严重性。



科学家发现了火星上有流动水的证据。美国航天局研究人员表示,其中一艘航天探测器拍摄的图片显示火星的一些斜坡上聚集着很多黑色线条,而这些线条在 冬季就会消失。科学家表示,最好的解释就是这可能是地下的盐水的流动。然而他们表示,该发现并不能提供火星上有水存在的直接证据。



1.intervention n.介入, 干涉, 干预

eg: The government's intervention in this dispute will not help.  政府对这场争论的干预不会起作用。

2.trickle n.滴, 淌, 细流

eg: Trickle of flowing mud may precede a larger flow.   很小的一股泥石流可能会先于更大的流量。

3.sluggish adj.行动迟缓的, 不机警的, 不活泼的, 无精打采的

eg: a sluggish response  迟钝的反应

     This humid heat makes you feel rather sluggish.   这种湿热的天气使人感到懒洋洋的。

4.complicit adj.有同谋关系的,串通一气的

eg: Shareholders are, perhaps , too weak to be able to turn anger into outcome , but they may also be lazy , or complicit.   也许,股东们太软弱而无法把他们的愤怒转化为成果,不过也可能是太懒或串通好不做事。

5.defiant adj.公然违抗的; 反抗的; 挑衅的

eg: With a last defiant gesture, they sang a revolutionary song as they were led away to prison.   他们被带走投入监狱时, 仍以最后的反抗姿态唱起了一支革命歌曲。

6.virtually adv.实际上; 事实上

eg: He was virtually a prisoner.  他实际上是个囚犯。

     The job was virtually completed by the end of the week.   到周末时这项工作差不多完成了。

7.restore  v. 使恢复;修复,重建

eg: At present the doctor is giving him daily massages to help restore the function of his limbs.   目前医生每天在给他按摩, 帮助他恢复腿臂的功能。

      The old painting was damaged in the flood and had to be painstakingly restored.  那幅古画在洪水中遭到毁坏, 必须精心修复。

8.fundamental adj.基本的; 重要的, 必要的

eg: Fresh air is fundamental to good health.  新鲜空气对健康是不可缺少的。

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