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【整理】BBC 2011-08-10 英国城市骚乱升级

2011-10-12    来源:普特整理    【      美国外教 在线口语培训
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BBC News with Sue Montgomery

There have been further disturbances in parts of Britain after the unprecedented wave of rioting and looting that brought chaos to several cities on Monday night. Several hundred youths are reported to have clashed with riot police in central Manchester, where a large store has been set on fire. A short while ago, the BBC correspondent there, Arif Ansari, gave us details about the clashes.

I'm currently at Piccadilly, which is the main street through Manchester city centre. There are running battles going on now between the police and around two dozen young men and women - youths, teenagers - under the age of 20. The police are running after them. I see one young man who is seriously injured on the floor. There's no ambulance here, but there are just police who are walking past, and he seems to be very hurt.

There have also been a number of incidents in the Birmingham area, where youths broke shop windows and set fire to cars. The police have greatly increased their presence on the streets following Monday night's trouble. The decision came after a high-level security meeting chaired by the Prime Minister David Cameron. Here's our political correspondent Norman Smith.

The option of adopting a more aggressive continental approach with the use of curfews, water cannon and even rubber bullets has for now been rejected. Instead, there will be a massive increase in police numbers with 16,000 officers on the capital's streets. There will also be a much more aggressive approach towards arresting troublemakers and a fast-track judicial process to ensure those arrested appear in court within hours.

[The official] police watchdog has said there's no evidence to suggest that Mark Duggan, the man whose death sparked the riots, fired at armed police before they shot him. It said it appeared a handgun found nearby had not been used. An inquest has opened into Mr Duggan's death. It heard that he'd been killed by a single gunshot to the chest. The BBC has been told that the police marksmen had perceived a threat to life when they tried to arrest Mr Duggan, who was a passenger in a minibus taxi. Police say the officers involved have been taken off firearms duties.

The United States Federal Reserve has announced that it will hold interest rates near their current level of nearly zero for at least two more years in another effort to help the domestic economy and to calm widespread fears on the markets. It's the first time the Fed has pledged to keep rates so low for a specific period. Here's Duncan Bartlett.

The falls in American share prices have been so sustained that the Fed felt it had to do something dramatic to change the pessimistic mood. The bank will be hoping it has more credibility with the market than government and politicians, whose messy compromise over raising America's debt ceiling was one of the main reasons behind the recent market rout. Many economists worry that America and Europe's debt problems combined could lead to another global recession.

World News from the BBC

The Libyan government has accused Nato forces of killing 85 civilians in an attack on a village in western Libya on Monday. Nato said its target was a military facility and could not confirm any civilian casualties at this stage. The BBC's Matthew Price was among the journalists who were taken to the scene by the Libyan government.

Our government minders first took us to a remote collection of buildings south of the town of Zlitan. There has clearly been a series of air strikes. The Libyan information minister told us 85 civilians were killed here, that everything about the place was civilian. Later, we were taken to a morgue, about 30 white body bags lay inside. Those that were opened for us contained mostly the bodies of men of fighting age. We were also shown two dead children. The bodies of two women were also displayed.

Scientists say some European species of mice have developed resistance to the strongest pest control by crossbreeding with an entirely different species. Such interbreeding is usually limited because the offspring are sterile. Here's our science reporter Matt McGrath.

Rodents have been slowly evolving resistance to pesticides since they were first used in the 1950s. But scientists now say that German and Spanish house mice have found a rapid method of overcoming the threat by crossbreeding with desert-dwelling Algerian mice, entirely distinct species. Normally this type of interbreeding produces sterile offspring, but this time some fertile female hybrids survived, and as a result the majority of mice in Spain and a growing number in Germany now have genetic protection against poison.

The United Nations children's organisation Unicef has warned that Pakistan could become one of the world's last outposts of polio with 63 new cases reported this year. It said almost one third of the cases were detected in the southwestern province of Balochistan, where the virus is spreading to areas previously not infected.

BBC News

周一晚上,前所未有的骚乱和抢劫风波为几座城市带来混乱,随后,英国部分地区又发生了进一步的骚动。据报道,几百名年轻人在曼彻斯特中部与防暴警察发生冲突,当地一座大型商场被纵火。不久之前,BBC记者Arif Ansari向我们发送了冲突的详细内容。


伯明翰也发生了几起事故,年轻人打破了商店玻璃,纵火点燃汽车。周一晚上的暴乱之后,在街上巡逻的警察的人数已经增加。该决定是在首相卡梅伦召开了高层安全会议之后做出的。下面是我们的政治通讯员Norman Smith的报道。


警察官方监督机构表示,没有证据表明Mark Duggan在武警将他击毙之前向警方开枪。这场暴动就是由Mark Duggan的死引发的。该监督机构表示,在附近发现的一把手枪并没有使用过。目前已经针对Duggan的死展开调查。据称他是胸部中一枪之后身亡。 BBC被告知,警方射手在试图逮捕乘坐小型出租车的Duggan时意识到存在生命威胁。警方表示,相关警察已经被解除了佩枪执行任务的权利。

美联储宣布,他们将继续保持目前接近零的利率水平至少两年的时间,帮助刺激国内经济增长,平息对市场广泛的担忧。这是美联储首次明确承诺保持低利率特定的时间。Duncan Bartlett报道。



利比亚政府指控北约军队在周一袭击利比亚西部一个村庄时杀害了85名平民。北约表示,他们的袭击目标是军事设施,现阶段还不能确认是否造成平民伤亡。许多记者被利比亚政府带到现场,BBC记者Matthew Price就是其中一人。

政府领路人首先把我们带到利坦东部一些建筑旁。很明显,这里遭遇了一系列空袭。利比亚信息部长告诉我们,这里有85名平民遇难,这里的一切都是民事 化的。随后,我们被带到一个陈尸所,里面大约有30个白色的裹尸袋,打开之后展现在我们面前的大部分是在战斗年龄的男子的尸体。我们还看到两个遇难的儿童 和两名遇难的女性。

科学家表示,欧洲一些品种的老鼠通过与完全不同的品种杂交,对最有力的害虫防治方法产生了抵抗力。这种异种杂交是非常有限的,因为他们的后代是不育的。我们的科学记者Matt McGrath报道。

自上世纪50年代开始使用杀虫剂以来,啮齿类动物逐渐进化,对杀虫剂产生了抵抗力。但是科学家现在表示,德国和西班牙的家鼠找到了克服杀虫剂危害的 快速方法,与完全不同的适应沙漠生活的阿根廷老鼠杂交。通常情况下,这种杂交方式产生的后代是不能繁育的,但是这次,一些雌性杂交品种存活了下来,因此, 西班牙大多数老鼠和德国越来越多的老鼠都已经有了基因保护他们免受毒药危害。




1.disturbance n.打扰, 扰乱

eg:You can work in here without any disturbance.在这儿你可不受任何干扰地工作。

骚乱, 纷乱

eg:There's a violent disturbance in inner city areas.市中心发生了激烈的骚乱。








2.aggressive adj.好争斗的, 挑衅的, 侵略性的

eg:The dogs are trained to be aggressive.这些狗被训练得具有攻击性。

3.watchdog n.监视者

eg:a consumer watchdog for transport运输业消费者权益监督机构

a survey by the government’s water pollution watchdog政府水质污染监察组织进行的调查

4.spark v.导致

eg:This accidental killing sparked major riots in the cities.这次意外的杀人事件导致了不少城市的大骚乱。

5.perceive vt.感觉, 察觉, 理解, 注意到, 意识到

eg:She has perceived the danger.她已觉察到那危险了。

They perceived the faults of their own children.他们知道了他们自己儿女的过失。

6.specific adj.明确的, 确切的, 详尽的

eg:What's the specific time of his arrival?他确切的到达时间是几点钟?

Will you be specific?请讲清楚些, 好吗?

7.pessimistic adj.悲观的; 悲观主义的

eg:There is no reason to be pessimistic about the future.没有理由对未来悲观。

8.sterile adj.不生育的, 不能生殖的

eg:Male workers were made permanently sterile by this pesticide.这种杀虫剂使得男性工人终生不育。

9.outpost n.前哨, 哨兵, 哨站

eg:Some soldiers waited at an outpost deep in the forest.一些士兵在森林深处的一个前哨基地等候。

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