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【整理】BBC 2011-08-20 土耳其承诺帮助索马里难民

2011-10-12    来源:普特整理    【      美国外教 在线口语培训
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BBC News with David Austin

The Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has visited the Somali capital Mogadishu, promising to open an embassy to help distribute aid to the victims of severe drought in the Horn of Africa. Mr Erdogan also announced that Turkey would rebuild the road to Mogadishu airport, restore a hospital, build schools and drill water wells. And he expressed regret that despite the suffering of the people of Somalia, no other country appeared to have a visible presence there.

"We were deeply saddened by the situation of the children in the two camps we visited. We are here to hear your voice more closely. We are here with our ministers, deputies, businessmen, businesswomen, artists and NGOs. We want to let the world know about your situation with this visit. Actually this is not a problem of Turkey; this is a problem of humanity."

Mr Erdogan's visit was the first by a leader from outside Africa in almost 20 years.

The International Organisation for Migration says it's planning an operation to evacuate thousands of foreigners from the Libyan capital Tripoli as fighting gets closer to the city. The rebels say they've launched a new assault on the town of Zlitan, east of Tripoli. Imogen Foulkes reports.

The IOM said it is working on an evacuation plan from Tripoli, but it will be an extremely challenging operation politically as well as logistically. The most likely option is an evacuation by sea, but to get evacuees safely onto ships will almost certainly require the agreement of all those fighting around the city, and that may be difficult.

A Colombian peace campaigner and former senator, Piedad Cordoba, has left the country after receiving death threats. Ms Cordoba has negotiated the release of a number of hostages held by the left-wing rebel group, the Farc, but the Colombian government accused her of helping the rebels. Vanessa Buschschluter reports.

Piedad Cordoba is a controversial figure in Colombia, an outspoken advocate for peace talks with the country's left-wing rebel groups. She has in the past managed to convince the Farc to unilaterally release some of its hostages. But her negotiations with the rebels have also earned her sharp criticism, especially when she conducted some of them without the government's blessing, a move for which she was banned from public office for 18 years. It's not the first time she's been threatened, but her lawyer said this time she received information about an imminent plan to kill her.

The government of Zimbabwe has given foreign companies a 14-day ultimatum to submit plans for the transfer of majority stakes to local owners or risk losing their operating licences. State media said 13 companies - including the mining group Rio Tinto, British American Tobacco and foreign banks, such as Barclays and Standard Chartered - have been told to transfer 51% of their operations to local people.

World News from the BBC

Police in northern Nigeria say suspected members of a radical Islamist group have killed three policemen and a civilian. The men were watching television at the home of one of them when the gunmen burst in and opened fire. Police blame the attack on Boko Haram, a group responsible for killing security officers, local leaders and clerics in northern Nigeria.

Activists in Syria say the security forces have killed at least 20 people as thousands of anti-government protesters took to the streets, despite President Assad's assurance that military operations had stopped. They said most of the deaths were in Deraa province. Jim Muir reports from Beirut.

This was one of several suburbs of the capital Damascus where demonstrations broke out after Friday prayers and were met with gunfire from security forces. At least two people were reported killed in the suburbs, more in Homs - the country's third biggest city. But the majority of the killings, according to activists, were in three towns close to the city of Deraa, in the far south, where the uprising began five long months ago. The government had a different version of events. It said that gunmen opened fire in several places both on worshippers and on security forces, killing at least two policemen.

Egypt has made a formal protest to Israel over the deaths of five Egyptian security personnel on Thursday. They were killed as Israeli forces pursued militants who'd carried out attacks near the Egyptian border leaving eight Israelis dead. Cairo has urged Israel to investigate the deaths. The Egyptian army is leading its own inquiry into the incident, which has sparked anti-Israeli protests in Cairo.

The start of the Spanish football season this weekend will be delayed after negotiations to prevent a strike by players failed. Many players, mostly in the second division, haven't been paid for months as clubs face severe financial difficulties. They are demanding greater protection for their wages.

That's the BBC News.




国际移民组织表示,随着战争不断逼近利比亚首都的黎波里,他们正在计划采取行动疏散这座城市的数千名外国人。叛军表示,他们对的黎波里东部城镇利坦发动了新的进攻。Imogen Foulkes报道。


哥伦比亚一名和平运动分子,前参议员Piedad Cordoba受到死亡威胁之后离开国家。Piedad Cordoba曾经参与释放左翼哥伦比亚武装力量劫持的几名人质的谈判。但是哥伦比亚政府指控她帮助叛军。Vanessa Buschschluter报道。

Piedad Cordoba在哥伦比亚是具有争议的人物。她是与左翼反叛分子进行和平对话的直言不讳的拥护者。她过去曾经成功劝服Farc释放几名人质。但是她与叛军的谈判也使她受到严厉的批评,尤其是她在没有政府同意的情况下采取行动。因为她的举动,她被禁止担任公职18年的时间。这并不是她第一次受到威胁,但是她的律师表示,这次她收到消息,有人计划立即将她杀害。

津巴布韦政府向外国公司下达14天的最后通牒,要求他们递交把大部分股份转给当地人的计划,否则他们将丧失在当地的运营许可证。国家媒体报道称,13家公司,包括采矿公司Rio Tinto集团,英美烟草公司和外国银行,例如巴克莱银行和渣打银行,这些公司已经被告知将51%的股份转给当地人。


尼日利亚北部警方表示,疑似激进伊斯兰组织成员杀害了3名警察和1名平民。受害者正在家中看电视,持枪分子突然闯入开枪。警方指责这次袭击由Boko Haram实施,该组织曾经在尼日利亚北部杀害安全力量,当地领袖和牧师。

叙利亚活动积极分子表示,数千名反政府抗议者走上街头,安全力量杀害了至少20人,尽管阿萨德总统已经保证停止军事行动。他们表示,遇难人数最多的是Deraa。Jim Muir在贝鲁特报道。






1.sadden vt.vi.(使某人)悲哀, 忧愁

例句:The bad news saddened me.

2.humanity n.(总称)人, 人类

例句:Humanity in bathing suits covered the sand.

3.evacuate vt.vi.撤离, 疏散

例句:They all evacuated when the enemy approached the city.

4.controversial adj.有争议的, 引起争议的

例句:The topic of argument is controversial.

5.outspoken adj.直言的;坦率的

例句:She is an outspoken critic of the school system in this city.

6.unilaterally adv.单方面地

例句:In international custom,a nation that unilaterally breaks contracts must make good the damage.
7.imminent adj.(通常指不愉快的事)即将发生的, 逼近的,临近的

例句:The black clounds show that a storm is imminent.

8.ultimatum n.最后通牒

例句:He gave me an ultimatum:either Tom had to leave, or me.
他向我发出了最后通牒:不是汤姆离开, 就是我离开。

9.assurance n.保证, 担保, 确信

例句:She gave repeated assurances of her loyalty.

10.spark v.导致

例句:This accidental killing sparked major riots in the cities.

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