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【整理】BBC 2011-08-21 索马里海盗劫持印度油轮

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BBC News with David Austin

Iranian state television says two young Americans have been sentenced to eight years in prison for espionage and illegally entering the country. The men, Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal, said they'd strayed into Iran by mistake. Their lawyer says he'll submit an appeal. James Reynolds reports.

The verdict has been announced by Iran's state media. Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal have each been sentenced to eight years in prison - three years for illegal entry into Iran and a further five years on the charge of spying for the US government. The two Americans plus their companion Sarah Shourd were detained at the end of July 2009. Their families say that the three were simply hiking on the Iraqi side of the border and if they crossed the unmarked frontier into Iran, they did so entirely by accident.

Libyan rebels are consolidating their control over the town of Zlitan, 150km east of the capital Tripoli. The rebels have already taken Zawiya, west of Tripoli, and Gharyan, to the south. From Zlitan, Orla Guerin.

Having fought their way into the town, the rebels have been quick to assert their control. We found fighters manning checkpoints in the downtown area. There were cheers and victory salutes from families in passing cars. Just 10 days ago, government officials brought journalists from Tripoli to Zlitan on a guided tour, but the regime couldn't hold this strategic town even with heavily-armed elite troops. This is a serious defeat for Colonel Gaddafi and a testament to the rebels' growing momentum.

A rebel television broadcast called on the people of Tripoli to be ready for their arrival. However, a rebel commander said his fighters had retreated in the eastern town of Brega.

Israel has expressed regret over the deaths on Thursday of five Egyptian policemen in a cross-border pursuit by Israeli forces of Palestinian militants. It said the Israeli army would conduct inquiries followed by a joint investigation with the Egyptian army to determine what went wrong. Street protests against Israel have taken place in Cairo and Alexandria. Yolande Knell reports.

In his statement, Israel's Defence Minister Ehud Barak doesn't confirm that Israeli forces killed the five Egyptian police officers, but he says that Israel regrets their deaths. He adds that a joint inquiry will be held with the Egyptian army following an Israeli military investigation. His comments come after Egypt's state television said earlier that the country was recalling its ambassador to Israel until a full apology and explanation was given. Later, the Egyptian cabinet spokesman told the BBC that this decision was not final.

Israel's rescue service says an Israeli man was killed when rockets were fired from Gaza into the desert city of Beersheba. At least eight people were injured. Earlier, the armed wing of Hamas, which controls Gaza, said it had fired several rockets towards Israel.

World News from the BBC

Tens of thousands of Zimbabweans have attended the funeral of one of the country's most senior politicians, General Solomon Mujuru, who died in a mysterious house fire last week. A BBC's southern Africa correspondent says the ceremony in the capital Harare was the biggest state funeral since independence. General Mujuru was said to have been in negotiations with the junior partner in Zimbabwe's government, the Movement for Democratic Change. His widow, Joice Mujuru, who's one of the country's two vice presidents, has been engaged in a bitter succession battle.

About one million young pilgrims have braved a day of ferocious heat to join Pope Benedict at an open-air prayer vigil on the outskirts of the Spanish capital Madrid. At least 900 people required medical treatment as the temperature neared 40C. The Pope is visiting Spain to celebrate World Youth Day, a festival bringing together pilgrims from countries around the world. From Madrid, Sarah Rainsford.

Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims have been flocking there all day, many of them waiting up to 12 hours in the blistering heat just to be at this event. There were fire engines driving through the crowds and spraying them with water to try to keep the temperatures down, but it couldn't keep the excitement down. It's an extremely excited vast crowd and, just now, waiting to hear from the Pope. There's just been a group of young people who asked questions of the Pope and that was expecting the beginning of the vigil, which will lead overnight into the Mass tomorrow morning, the culmination of this entire four-day visit.

An Indian chemical tanker has been hijacked off the coast of Oman. Pirates boarded the vessel, the Fairchem Bogey, early on Saturday. It's now heading towards Somalia. Twenty-one crew members, all of them Indian nationals, are on board.

A member of the Royal Air Force display team, the Red Arrows, has been killed during an airshow in southern England. His plane crashed into the ground as the team prepared to land. An investigation has begun into the cause of the crash.

Those are the latest stories from BBC News.

伊朗国家电视台表示,两名美国年轻人因从事间谍活动和非法入境被判处八年的监禁。Shane Bauer和Josh Fattal表示,他们是误入伊朗境内。他们的律师表示,他将提起上诉。James Reynolds报道。

该判决由伊朗国家媒体宣布。Shane Bauer和Josh Fattal分别被判处八年的监禁,三年是由于非法进入伊朗境内,另外五年是因为被控告为美国政府从事间谍活动。这两名美国人以及他们的同伴Sarah Shourd于2009年7月底被拘留。他们的家人表示,这三人仅仅是在伊拉克边境附近远足,如果他们进入没有明确标记的伊朗境内,这完全是意外。

利比亚叛军巩固了他们对首都的黎波里东部150千米处城镇利坦的控制。叛军已经占领了的黎波里西部的扎维耶,以及南部的Gharyan。Orla Guerin在利坦报道。



周四,以色列安全力量穿越边境追捕巴勒斯坦好战分子时造成5名埃及警察死亡,以色列对此表示遗憾。以色列声称,军队会进行审问,随后与埃及军队联合展开调查,查明事故原因。开罗和亚历山大都发生了反对以色列的街头抗议活动。Yolande Knell报道。

在声明中,以色列国防部长Ehud Barak并没有证实这5名警察是被以色列安全力量杀害。但是他表示,以色列对他们的遇难表示遗憾。他补充说,以色列军方进行调查之后将与埃及军队展开联合调查。此前,埃及国家电视台表示,早些时候他们已经召回驻以色列大使,直到以色列方面给出充分合理的道歉和解释。随后,埃及内阁发言人告诉BBC该决定不是最终的。



数万名津巴布韦人参加了该国最高级政治家之一,Solomon Mujuru将军的葬礼。他于上周在一场不可思议的火灾中遇难。BBC南非记者表示,在首都哈拉雷举行的葬礼是自独立以来最大规模的国葬。据称,Mujuru将军正在与津巴布韦政府的低级合作者民主变革运动谈判。他的遗孀Joice Mujuru是津巴布韦两位副总统之一,正在进行激烈的继承权之争。


教皇访问西班牙来庆祝世界青年日(World Youth Day),该节日将全世界的年轻人集结在一起。马德里,Sarah Rainsford报道。


一艘印度化学油轮在阿曼海岸被劫持。海盗于周六早上登上Fairchem Bogey号邮轮,现在正在向索马里行进。船上共有21名船员,全部是印度人。




1.espionage n.谍报活动; 间谍行为

例句:They were convicted of espionage.

2.stray vi.走失, 离群; 迷路

例句:The child strayed away from home.

3.entirely adv.全部地;完整地;完全地

例句:a screen of trees thick enough to conceal the building entirely

An entirely rigid system is impractical.

4.consolidate vt.vi.(使)巩固; (使)加强

例句:We've made a good start, now it's time to consolidate.
我们有了一个良好的开端, 现在应该加以巩固。

5.assert vt.声称, 断言

例句:He asserted his ideas loudly and clearly.


6.testament n.实际的证明

例句:His success is a testament to his skills.

7.retreat vi.撤退; 退却

例句:Our soldiers force the enemy to retreat.

8.succession n.继承, 继任; 继承权

例句:His succession as headmaster was not in any doubt.

9.brave vt.勇敢面对; 不怕; 不顾

例句:Let us brave the danger!

10.flock vi.群集, 成群结队而行

例句:People flocked to hear the new prophet.

11.culmination n.顶点;高潮的到达

例句:The space race reached its culmination in the first moon walk.


例句:A decision will be taken at the culmination of the initial research.

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