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【整理】BBC 2011-08-24 北美东海岸遭遇地震袭击

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Libyan rebels have taken over Colonel Gaddafi's compound in Tripoli after a day of heavy fighting. In a symbolic gesture, the rebels broke off the head of a statue of Colonel Gaddafi and kicked it along the ground. There were wild celebrations as they streamed in through the gates. The BBC's Paul Danahar was at the compound among the rebels.

I've just climbed over the huge iron gate. I was at the front of the Gaddafi compound, and I'm watching them carrying out possessions on their heads. A man was just walking out with the drawer from a shelf loaded with paintings and ornaments and everything else. I just watched another man carrying out something like crystal jugs. So they are basically going room to room and ripping to shreds any symbol of Gaddafi they can find, and they are taking what they probably think is rightfully theirs and that is the wealth that he's accumulated over the 42 years of his rule.

The whereabouts of the colonel and his family are still unknown. But Mahmoud Shammam, a spokesman for the National Transitional Council, says the rebels' capture of the compound is hugely symbolic.

"Bab al-Aziziya is the last stronghold of al-Gaddafi, and it has a great symbol - this is the place where(when口误) Gaddafi was issuing his criminal orders around the country; this is the symbol of al-Gaddafi. To get over it is a great psychological and emotional victory for our troops."

Libyan rebels also say they've overrun the strategic eastern oil port of Ras Lanuf, and they said they were on their way towards the city of Sirte, birthplace of Colonel Gaddafi which is still a stronghold of his supporters. The rebels said there had been no damage to the oil facilities at Ras Lanuf.

In international reaction, the European Union's foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said the UN should play a lead role in the future of Libya while the State Department in Washington said it would seek to release up to $1.5bn in frozen Libyan assets. The British Foreign Secretary William Hague said the rule of Colonel Gaddafi was in its "death throes", but he warned against complacency.

"It's still a difficult and dangerous situation. There are many, many weapons out there; there are thousands of people who were until very recently being paid by Gaddafi in his army or as mercenaries to support the regime, many of whom may still be at large, so I think still some difficult and dangerous days."

The International Red Cross says the fighting in Tripoli has led to an urgent need for medical supplies and staff. A spokesman for the Red Cross in the city said many civilians were among the injured as many of the clashes had taken place in residential areas. He said many doctors were finding it difficult to get to the hospitals and other facilities because of the continuing battles.

World News from the BBC

A court in New York has dismissed the sexual assault charges against the former head of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Prosecutors said they could not disprove his assertion that the encounter with a hotel chambermaid was consensual. An appeal by the chambermaid's lawyer was quickly rejected, and Mr Strauss-Kahn is now free. Matt Wells reports from New York.

Ever since his arrest at a New York airport on 14 May, Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been facing a prospect of a lengthy jail sentence if this sensational case had gone to trial and he'd been found guilty. But after hastily indicting him, public prosecutors here in Manhattan were compelled to admit that they've lost faith in their star witness, the alleged victim Nafissatou Diallo. She was a serial liar, they said, and today the judge agreed. At first, Mr Strauss-Kahn was told he'd have to wait for a legal appeal before being allowed to leave the country, but that was crossed within hours.

An earthquake has hit the North American east coast, shaking Washington, New York and other towns and cities over a wide area. The US Geological Survey says the tremor measured 5.8 and was centred in the state of Virginia. From Washington, here's Jonny Dymond.

In just a few moments, the streets of Washington were full of workers evacuated from their buildings. At street level, the quake felt like an underground train passing close; but up in the offices of cities from Washington to Boston, the trembling was more pronounced. For around 30 seconds, lights and television monitors hanging from ceilings swayed as the earthquake rumbled around the region. The mobile phone network temporarily crashed. Parts of the Pentagon, the White House and Congress were evacuated.

A strengthened Hurricane Irene is approaching the Turks and Caicos islands and the Bahamas, having caused destruction in other parts of the Caribbean. Irene, still gathering force, brought torrential rain and strong winds to the Dominican Republic, and cut power supplies in Puerto Rico.

BBC News

经过一天的激烈战斗之后,利比亚叛军接管了卡扎菲上校的官邸。在象征性的举动中,叛军击碎了卡扎菲上校雕塑的头部,将其丢在地上。他们进入官邸大门的时候进行了疯狂的庆祝。BBC记者Paul Danahar现在就在叛军中间。


卡扎菲上校和他的家人的下落仍然不明。但是过渡国民委员会发言人Mahmoud Shammam表示,叛军占领这座官邸具有重要的象征意义。

“阿齐齐亚兵营(Bab al-Aziziya)是卡扎菲上校最后一座堡垒,这具有重要的象征意义,就是在这里,卡扎菲上校发布遍及全国的犯罪的命令,这是卡扎菲的象征。对于我们的军队来说,这是重大的心理上和情绪上的胜利。”


我们来看一下国际社会的反应。欧盟外交政策负责人凯瑟琳·阿斯顿(Catherine Ashton)表示,联合国在利比亚的未来方面将会发挥领导作用。华盛顿国务院表示,他们将解冻15亿利比亚资产。英国外交大臣黑格表示,卡扎菲上校的统治已经濒临结束,但是他警告大家警惕自满情绪。




纽约一家法庭放弃了对国际货币基金组织前总裁卡恩的性侵犯指控。检控官表示,他们难以反驳卡恩的说法,他和酒店女服务员在酒店的行为是双方自愿的。酒店女服务员的律师提出的上诉请求很快被驳回。卡恩现在恢复了自由。Matt Wells在纽约报道。

自5月14日在纽约机场被捕以来,卡恩一直面临这样的困境,如果这宗轰动一时的案件进行审判后发现他有罪,他将面临长期监禁。但是对他进行仓促控告之后,曼哈顿检控官不得不承认,他们失去了对所谓的受害者和目击证人Nafissatou Diallo的信任。他们说,这名女服务员经常说谎,今天法官终于赞同了他们的说法。最初,卡恩被告知必须等待合法上诉之后才能离开美国。但是他只等待了几个小时。

北美东海岸遭遇地震袭击,华盛顿,纽约和大范围地区的城镇受到影响。美国地质调查局表示,震级为5.8级,震中位于佛吉尼亚州。华盛顿,Jonny Dymond报道。





1.symbolic adj.象征的;使用象征的;作为象征的;象征性的

例句:The Christian ceremony of baptism is a symbolic act.

2.stream vi.鱼贯而行

3.possession n.占有, 持有, 拥有

例句:The Egyptians strove with the Romans for the possession of the Nile Valley.

个人财产, 私人财物

例句:She forsook her worldly possessions to devote herself to the church.

4.rightfully adv.正直地;正当地;按理地;有理由地

例句:the purposes for which power can be rightfully exercised

5.psychological adj.心理的; 心灵的;精神上的

例句:Our psychological defence is far from impenetrable.

6.complacency n.自满;自得;自鸣得意

例句:a warning against complacency

7.dismiss v.自心中摒除, 不再考虑或谈论

例句:He dismissed the story as a rumour.

8.disprove vt.证明(理论等)错误,反驳

例句:I defy anyone to disprove the defendant’s statements.

9.sensational adj.轰动性的;引起哗然的

例句:The arrival of a taxi was unusual enough; an unknown woman getting out of it was sensational.

10.pronounced adj.明显的;显著的

例句:She speaks with a pronounced French accent.

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