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【整理】BBC 2011-08-28 基地组织二号头目被击毙

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BBC News with Marion Marshall

Rebel leaders in Libya say they believe Colonel Gaddafi may still be hiding somewhere near the capital Tripoli. It's the first indication from the opposition of where they think the ousted leader may be. Jon Leyne reports from Benghazi.

Shamsuddin Ben Ali, director of communications for the opposition National Transitional Council, said they believed that Colonel Gaddafi was most likely still in the Tripoli area. The spokesman said that if Colonel Gaddafi had escaped the capital, he could have fled to the Algerian border. Algeria is the last of the neighbouring countries that might give him sanctuary. Already, said the spokesman, it's possible that Colonel Gaddafi's wife and daughter may have fled there, though earlier reports of a heavily armoured convoy of six cars making its way across the border have been denied on all sides. The opposition do not think Colonel Gaddafi himself has left the country, nor do they think he's in his hometown of Sirte, where his supporters are putting up a tough stand against opposition fighters.

More evidence is emerging of atrocities during the battle for Tripoli. The French news agency AFP is reporting more than 50 charred skeletons at a makeshift prison in the south of the city.

President Obama has warned Americans they are facing a tough slog to cope with a hurricane that's raging its way up the east coast of the United States. The president was speaking to emergency officials responding to Hurricane Irene, which has already caused floods and brought down power lines in North Carolina.

"It's going to be a long 72 hours, and obviously a lot of families are going to be affected. The biggest concern I'm having right now has to do with flooding and power. It sounds like that's going to be an enormous strain."

The storm is expected to hit New York City on Sunday. From Manhattan, Steve Kingstone reports.

Here in New York, 300,000 people have been told to leave their homes. It's part of an unprecedented evacuation order, which takes in this area - Battery Park City at the very southern tip of Manhattan; Wall Street is just a few blocks away. I'm seeing boats in the marina being tethered up. And the working assumption of the city authorities is that when Irene really hits New York on Sunday morning, these low-lying areas could flood.

A senior United States official has said the second-in-command of al-Qaeda has been killed in Pakistan. The official was speaking anonymously to reporters. Last month, the US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta said America was within reach of defeating al-Qaeda by targeting its leaders. Marcus George reports from Washington.

The unnamed official said that Atiyah Abd al-Rahman was killed five days ago in the Pakistani tribal region of Waziristan. There's no word on how he died, but it's likely to have been the result of a strike from an unmanned drone. The official described the Libyan national as a key figure in directing al-Qaeda's operations, saying he'd become the organisation's second-in-command. It was a tremendous loss, he said, coming so soon after the death of Osama Bin Laden.

World News from the BBC

The Indian parliament has adopted a non-binding resolution supporting demands for stronger anti-corruption laws by the campaigner Anna Hazare. Mr Hazare, who's been on hunger strike for nearly two weeks, has said he'll formally end his fast on Sunday. Sanjoy Majumder reports from Delhi.

As news of the resolution filtered through, cheers broke out among the thousands of people who'd gathered at a public park in the capital where Mr Hazare has been fasting for the past 12 days. It's a massive victory for the man, whom many are comparing to India's independence leader Mahatma Gandhi. With public opinion squarely behind him, India's elected politicians had little choice but to fall in line, despite misgiving that Mr Hazare's actions were undermining the country's parliamentary democracy.

The head of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, has again warned of the risk of the global economy falling back into recession. Speaking at a gathering of international policymakers in the United States, Mrs Lagarde called for coordinated action with long-term plans to bring debt under control.

Football fans in Italy have been angered by a strike that's delayed the start of the new season by at least two weeks. Players in the first division are protesting at being asked to pay a new super tax on high earners imposed by the Italian government as part of its latest austerity package. But as Mark Duff reports from Milan, the Italian public doesn't have much sympathy.

"Own Goal," reads the headline on Italy's best-selling sports newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport. The players have shown, it says, a total disregard for millions of loyal football fans. It's a sentiment echoed in the Internet chat rooms. The players, says a contributor on one site, should be ashamed of themselves. Politicians, too, have been joining in. One senior government minister from the regionalist Northern League says the players represent the very worst of the spoiled cast of celebrity millionaires.

Mark Duff reporting

BBC News

利比亚叛军领袖表示,他们相信卡扎菲上校可能仍然藏身在首都的黎波里附近的某个地方。这是反对派首次暗示他们认为这位被推翻的领袖的藏身之处。Jon Leyne在班加西报道。

利比亚反对派过渡国民委员会信息主任Shamsuddin Ben Ali表示,他们相信卡扎菲上校很有可能仍在的黎波里范围内。这位发言人表示,如果卡扎菲上校已经逃离首都的话,他可能已经逃到阿尔及利亚边境。阿尔及利 亚是最后一个可以为卡扎菲提供避难所的邻国。这位发言人表示,





这次飓风预期将于周日袭击纽约市。曼哈顿,Steve Kingstone报道。



美国一名高级官员表示,基地组织“二号头目”已经在巴基斯坦被击毙。这名官员匿名向记者发表了讲话。上月,美国国防部长帕内特表示,美国通过捉拿基地组织头目来摧毁基地组织已经触手可及。Marcus George在华盛顿报道。

这位未透露姓名的官员表示拉赫曼(Atiyah Abd al-Rahman)五天前在巴基斯坦瓦齐斯坦被击毙。他并没有说明拉赫曼的死因,但是可能与无人机的袭击有关。这位官员称这个利比亚人是指导基地组织运 作的关键人物。他说,拉赫曼已经成为基地组织的二号头目。他说,本·拉登死后不久拉赫曼就被击毙,这对基地组织来说是一个重大的损失。


印度议会通过了无法律约束力的方案,支持活动积极分子安纳·哈扎尔(Anna Hazare)增强反腐法律的要求。已经进行绝食抗议接近两周时间的安纳·哈扎尔(Anna Hazare)表示,他已经于周日正式结束了绝食。Sanjoy Majumder在德里报道。

关于解决方案的消息传出之后,首都公园聚集的数千名支持者爆发出欢呼声。过去12天,哈扎尔一直在这里进行绝食抗议。哈扎尔一直被比作印度独立领袖甘地, 该解决方案对他来说是一个重大的胜利。由于民意明确表达对哈扎尔的支持,印度当选政治家别无选择只能屈服,尽管他们担忧哈扎尔的行为会危害国家的议会民主 制度。


意大利足球俱乐部罢工,造成新的赛季被推迟至少两周时间,导致球迷非常愤怒。第一赛区的足球队员抗议政府最新的紧缩措施中向高收入人群征税的计划。但是根据Mark Duff在米兰的报道,意大利公众并不同情足球队员。

意大利最畅销的体育报纸《米兰体育报》的头条新闻标题为“Own Goal”。该文章称,这些球员完全漠视了数百万忠实的球迷的感受。网络聊天室也表达了同样的看法。一名网友表示,球员应该为他们自己感到羞耻。政客也加 入了他们的行列。地方主义北方联盟党(Northern League)一名高级政府部长表示,这些球员代表了明星百万富翁被宠坏的最糟糕的形象。

Mark Duff报道。




1.indication n.象征;暗示;迹象

2.sanctuary n.庇护所

例句:The fleeing rebels found a sanctuary in the nearby church.

3.makeshift n.权宜之计, 临时代用的物品

例句:The accommodation for the press was makeshift at best.

4.enormous adj.巨大的, 极大的, 庞大的


5.unprecedented adj.前所未有的;空前的;没有先例的

例句:The air crash caused an unprecedented number of deaths.

6.tether vt.用绳子拴住(牲畜)

例句:He tethered his horse to the fence.

7.anonymously adv.不具名地;化名地

例句:The manuscripts were submitted anonymously.

8.adopt v.采用, 采纳, 采取

例句:The factories have adopted the newest modern technology.

9.squarely adv.直截了当地;干脆地

例句:I laid the matter squarely before him.

They placed the blame squarely on the doctor.

10.misgive vt.使(某人的情绪、精神等)疑虑;担忧;害怕

例句:Her mind misgave her about her friend.

11.disregard n.漠视, 忽视, 蔑视

例句:He did it in disregard of any advice.


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