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【整理】BBC 2011-08-29 日本民主党选举新首相

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BBC News with Gaenor Howells


Libyan rebel leaders say they fear for the safety of up to 50,000 people taken prisoner by Colonel Gaddafi's forces. They say that if the captives aren't already dead, they might be trapped in hidden underground bunkers. From Benghazi, Jon Leyne reports.

The opposition say they have kept accurate records of the many opposition supporters snatched by Colonel Gaddafi's forces during months of demonstrations and fighting across the country. Nearly 50,000 are still missing. The fear is that their bodies may be unearthed in mass graves close to prisons, such as the notorious Abu Salim in Tripoli; or almost as bad, the prisoners could be trapped in a series of secret prison bunkers hidden under military bases, under farms or almost anywhere. An urgent search is being conducted, and the opposition have appealed to former security officials to come forward with any information that could help.

The rebel authorities in Libya say they are trying to identify about 50 charred bodies found in a burned-out warehouse at a military base outside the capital Tripoli. The remains were discovered at a site used by a brigade commanded by one of Colonel Gaddafi's sons. The BBC's Orla Guerin has been there.

Inside the warehouse, under a still smoldering roof, we saw the charred remains of dozens of bodies. Some were little more than skeletons. They were killed on Tuesday, in the dying days of the regime. There were more bodies on the ground outside. A rope [was] still attached to one man's feet. An old man, Fathallah Abdullah, wept in the doorway. He told us he managed to escape from the warehouse, but without his three sons.

The Bahraini authorities say they'll dismiss charges against some of the demonstrators detained during months of anti-government protests by members of the Shia majority. The country's Sunni monarch King Hamad made the announcement in a national broadcast. Hundreds of people have been arrested since the protests began in February.

More than 300,000 people have been allowed back home in New York after they were ordered to evacuate the city's low-lying areas in the path of a powerful storm. Hurricane Irene, now downgraded, caused extensive damage along the eastern US seaboard but had weakened by the time it reached New York City. Fears of extensive flooding have receded, and the New York Stock Exchange is opening as normal on Monday, but public transport and flights from the city's main airports remain suspended while officials assess damage. Chris Ward is executive director of New York's Port Authority.

"I need to caution travellers that service will not be resuming today, and if anything you should pay attention for, potential beginnings of service late tomorrow afternoon at best, and we are hopeful for aviation traffic to begin to resume on Tuesday."

World News from the BBC

Members of parliament from Japan's governing Democratic Party are meeting in a few hours to vote for the country's sixth new prime minister in just five years. Japan's Trade Minister Banri Kaieda is considered the front-runner to succeed Naoto Kan, who announced his resignation on Friday. However, none of the candidates is thought likely to secure enough support on the first ballot, and a run-off vote is expected.

There's been a shock at the World Athletics Championships in South Korea with the world record holder Usain Bolt disqualified from the final of the 100m after a false start. Alex Capstick watched it happen.

Usain Bolt has made few errors in his brilliant career, but this will go down as a major blemish on his record. Victory appeared to be virtually guaranteed, but this time, Usain Bolt messed up on the big stage. He knew immediately he'd left his starting blocks before the gun had fired. There's no second chance nowadays. For once, the great entertainer was visibly angry. His shirt had already been flung to the ground before he left the track, banging his head with his hands in frustration. His Jamaican compatriot Yohan Blake eventually took the gold medal, but this world championship final will be remembered for the man who didn't start.

In football, the English Premier League has seen one of its most surprising scorelines for years with the champions Manchester United beating Arsenal by eight goals to two at Old Trafford. The scale of the victory surprised even United's manager Alex Ferguson.

"When you play Arsenal, you don't expect to have scored so many goals. But when you see Arsenal's team is so weakened that we had expected to score, and I expected us to win because it was a very, very weakened team. And Arsenal may be missing eight players today. You know, it's so unfortunate for them."

It's the first time since 1896 that Arsenal have conceded eight goals in a league match.

BBC News


利比亚叛军领袖表示,他们担心被卡扎菲上校的力量关押的50,000人的安全。他们说,如果俘虏还没有遇难,他们可能被困在隐藏的地下沙坑中。班加西,Jon Leyne报道。

反对派表示,他们准确记录了过去几个月席卷全国的示威活动和战争中被卡扎菲上校的力量逮捕的反对派支持者。接近50,000人仍然失踪。他们担心,被捕者 的尸体可能被埋在监狱附近的大型地下集体墓穴中,例如的黎波里臭名昭著的阿布萨利姆;同样糟糕的是,囚犯可能被困在军事基地,农田或任何地方地下的秘密沙 坑监狱中。现在叛军正在进行紧急搜查,反对派已经呼吁前安全官员尽量提供相关信息。

利比亚叛军当局在首都的黎波里外一个军事基地烧毁的仓库中发现了大约50具烧焦的尸体,他们说正在试图鉴别死者身份。这些遗骨在卡扎菲上校的儿子们指挥的军队曾经使用的一个地方发现。BBC记者Orla Guerin报道。

这座仓库的屋顶仍然在阴燃,我们在里面看到了几十具烧焦的遗骨,有一些几乎已经成了骷髅。他们在周二被杀害,也就是卡扎菲政权垮台的那一天。外面的地面上 还有更多尸体,一名男子脚上仍然绑着绳子。一位老人Fathallah Abdullah在门口哭泣。他告诉我们他成功地从这个仓库逃脱,但是三个儿子全部遇难。


纽约强力飓风途径的低洼之处被疏散的300,000名居民现在获准返回。现在威力已经降低的飓风艾琳造成美国东海岸遭遇严重损害,但是在抵达纽约市时已经 减弱。造成严重洪水的担忧已经解除,纽约证券交易所于周一恢复正常。但是公共交通和该市主要机场的航班仍然暂停,官员们仍在评估损失。纽约港务局执行官 Chris Ward表示:



日本执政党民主党议会成员几个小时后将召开会议,投票选举出五年内第六位首相。日本经济大臣海江田万里(Banri Kaieda)被认为领先于其他候选人,有望成为菅直人的接班人。菅直人已经于周五宣布辞职。然而,任何一位候选人都不可能在第一轮投票中获得足够的支 持,因此可能要进行第二轮角逐。

在韩国举行的国际田径大奖赛出现令人震惊的消息。世界纪录保持者博尔特在100米决赛中因抢跑被罚出局。Alex Capstick报道。

博尔特在辉煌的职业生涯中几乎没有什么错误,但是这次的错误将导致他的记录增加重大的瑕疵。胜利似乎已经触手可及,但是这次他犯了重大的错误。枪响之后他 立即意识到自己抢跑。但是已经没有第二次机会。这位刀锋战士曾经一度明显的非常生气。在离开赛道之前他已经将T恤扔到地上,沮丧地捶胸顿足。他的牙买加同 胞Yohan Blake最终赢得了金牌,但是这届世界田径大奖赛将纪念这位并没有起跑的选手。

在足球方面,英超联赛出现了几年来罕见的进球数量。冠军曼联在老特拉福德以8:2击败阿森纳。这样的胜利甚至让曼联主帅Alex Ferguson都感到惊讶。




1.accurate adj.精确的, 准确的

例句:He has made an accurate measurement of my garden.


2.snatch vt.vi.一把抓起;一下夺过

例句:It is rude to snatch.

3.notorious adj.臭名昭著的, 声名狼藉的

例句:He is a notorious rake.

4.smolder vi.用文火焖烧, 熏烧, 慢燃

例句:The mat was smoldering where the burning log had fallen.

5.downgrade vt.使降低, 使降级

例句:She was downgraded to assistant manager.

6.resume vt.vi.重新开始; 重新获得;重新占用;恢复,重返

例句:We'll stop now and resume at two o'clock.
我们现在停下来, 到两点再干。

7.blemish n.瑕疵, 污点

例句:He was pilloried, but she escaped without blemish.

8.virtually adv.实际上; 事实上

例句:He was virtually a prisoner.

The job was virtually completed by the end of the week.

9.concede v.承认比赛、选举等失败

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