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【整理】BBC 2011-10-01 也门基地组织首脑奥基拉被杀

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BBC News with Marion Marshall

President Barack Obama has confirmed that one of al-Qaeda's most influential figures, the American-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, has been killed in Yemen. He said Mr Awlaki had taken a leading role in planning and directing efforts to murder innocent Americans and the US would remain vigilant against terrorist threats.

"Make no mistake, this is further proof that al-Qaeda and its affiliates will find no safe haven anywhere in the world. Working with Yemen and our other allies and partners, we will be determined, we will be deliberate, we will be relentless, we will be resolute in our commitment to destroy terrorist networks that aim to kill Americans."

US and Yemeni officials earlier said Mr Awlaki's convoy was attacked by an American drone. The latest operation is also reported to have killed three other militants. Frank Gardner reports.

It was the briefest of statements by the Yemeni government this morning that announced the biggest blow to al-Qaeda since the killing of Osama Bin Laden in May. Possibly the organisation's most inspirational cleric and ideologue in the Middle East, Anwar al-Awlaki, has been killed in an air strike in a joint US-Yemeni operation. It follows a controversial executive order signed by President Obama last year to hunt down and kill al-Awlaki, who was a US citizen. Using the Internet, al-Awlaki encouraged his followers to attack Western targets. He's been blamed for inspiring US army major Nidal Hasan to kill his fellow soldiers in Texas.

The Afghan President Hamid Karzai says he's suspending efforts to talk to the Afghan Taliban and will focus instead on dialogue with Pakistan in efforts to bring security to the country. Jill McGivering reports.

President Karzai told religious leaders in Kabul that if Afghanistan wanted to pursue peace talks, its only dialogue partner was Pakistan. He couldn't talk to the Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar, he said, because he couldn't be found and neither could the Taliban Council. "Therefore," he added, "we cannot talk to anyone but to Pakistan." It's the clearest statement yet that the Afghan government may abandon its attempts at political dialogue with the Taliban. The recent murder of Afghanistan's main negotiator Burhanuddin Rabbani threw its policy into chaos.

The United Nations war crimes tribunal for Rwanda has convicted two former ministers for complicity in the 1994 genocide, but has freed two others. The two jailed ministers were each sentenced to 30 years in prison. Will Ross reports.

There were extraordinary scenes in court as two former Rwandan ministers were sent to prison for 30 years whilst their cabinet colleagues celebrated being set free. The health minister in 1994 Casimir Bizimungu and the foreign minister Jerome-Clement Bicamumpaka are amongst the most senior officials to be acquitted of genocide. The judges ruled that Justin Mugenzi and Prosper Mugiraneza had been part of the government decision to remove the prefect of the city of Butare, who had been opposed to the ethnically driven killings.

BBC News

The oil giant Exxon Mobil says gunmen have attacked a ship supplying an oil platform off the coast of Nigeria and abducted one of its workers. In 2006, militants campaigning for a greater share of oil wealth began a wave of attacks against foreign oil companies, kidnapping workers and targeting pipelines.

London's leading shares index, the FTSE, has registered its worst quarterly trading figures for nine years. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been wiped off shares in the past three months. Stocks in France and Germany have also fallen in value by more than 25% since the end of June.

Paris is launching an electric car rental scheme similar to its pioneering self-service bike-hire fleet. Two hundred and fifty vehicles will be available at stands around the city. Christian Fraser has been sampling one.

It's electric, it's silent and it's available from December across Paris - Autolib, a fleet of help-yourself petrol-free cars designed to introduce commuters to a new greener technology. It's a public private initiative costing Paris 250 million euros. The mayor hopes it will help cut 22,000 cars by 2010 from the already congested streets. Visitors who want a daily subscription will need a credit card, a driving licence and a good deal of courage to negotiate the notorious Paris traffic.

The American hip-hop pioneer Sylvia Robinson has died aged 75. She set up the influential Sugar Hill Records in 1979 and produced hip-hop's first commercially successful single Rapper's Delight with the group, the Sugar Hill Gang. Robinson also co-wrote Grandmaster and Melle Mel's anti-drugs anthem White Lines. She died of heart failure in New Jersey.

BBC News


BBC新闻Marion Marshal为您带来的报道。



早些时候,美国和也门官方表示,奥拉基的车辆被一架美国无人驾驶机击中。根据最新的报道,还有另外三名武装人员被杀。Frank Gardner报道。

也门政府发表简短声明,声称这是自今年五月击毙本拉登以来对基地组织的最大打击。阿拉基可以说上是中东地区该组织最励志的传教士。他已在美国-也门 军队联合作战的空中打击中被击毙。之前在去年,奥巴马总统签署了一份具争议性的行政命令,即击毙作为美国公民的奥拉基。奥拉基借助网络,鼓励其追随者攻击 西方目标。美国军队Nidal Hassan少校在德克萨斯州杀死属下士兵一案就与奥拉基的鼓舞有关。

阿富汗总统哈米德·卡尔扎伊表示,他将暂停与阿富汗塔利班对话的努力,将重点放到与巴基斯坦的对话上来,为本国安全而努力。Jill McGiving报道。

卡尔扎伊总统告诉喀布尔的宗教领袖,如果阿富汗要寻求和平谈判,它唯一的对话对象就是巴基斯坦。他说,他不会与塔利班领导人毛拉穆罕默德奥马尔对话 的,因为根本就找不到此人,也找不到塔利班委员会。因此,他说,“我们只能与巴基斯坦对话,除此别无他人。”这是阿富汗做出的最清晰的声明,然而,阿富汗 政府或许已经放弃与塔利班进行政治对话的努力。最近,阿富汗主要协调者拉巴尼遇害,这使该国政治陷入混乱。

联合国卢旺达战争罪法庭裁决两名前部长在1999年的大屠杀中犯有共谋罪,同时释放另外两名部长。两名被监禁的部长被判处30年徒刑。Will Ross报道。

法庭上这一场景很不寻常,两名卢旺达前部长被判入狱30年,而他们的内阁同僚却在庆祝自己获释。1994年的卫生部长Casimir Bizimungu和外

长Jerome-Clement Bicamumpaka是大屠杀案无罪释放的最高官员。法官判定Justin Mugenzi和Prosper Mugiraneza参与政府清除一名地方长官的决定,该长官反对这起种族屠杀。



巴黎发起一项电动汽车租赁计划,这与此前发起的自行车自助车队服务相似。全市将有250辆电动车可供租赁,Christian Frazor正在体验一辆。

这是电动的,很安静。自十二月起,整个巴黎都可租赁到。Autolib是一家自助无汽油车队,旨在为通勤者提供全新绿色科技。巴黎的这项公私合营项 目花费2.14亿欧元。市长希望这能为已经拥挤的街道将汽车控制在22000辆。希望得到每日预订的旅游者需要有信用卡和驾照,以及足够的勇气来与臭名昭 著的巴黎交通打交道。

美国嘻哈音乐教母西尔维娅·罗宾逊去世,年终75岁。1979年,她创立了Sugar Hill唱片公司,并与乐队Sugarhill gang成功制作出说唱界第一首商业热门歌曲Rapper's Delight。

Robinson参与创作了Grandmaster,以及Melle Mel的禁毒专辑White Lines。她因心脏病死于新泽西。


1. influential adj. 有影响的;有势力的

eg: These positions can be a chance to learn about the government and the business and the chance to meet influential people.    这些职位能够提供给大家学习关于政府、商业知识的机会,并且有认识有影响力人物的机会。

2. affiliate   n. 联号;隶属的机构等   vt. 使附属;接纳;使紧密联系   vi. 参加,加入;发生联系

eg: It later set a target of reducing its shareholdings in each affiliate to 35 per cent or less by 2010.    不久之后,中科院便定下了在2010年前将各院办企业的持股比例降至35%以下的目标。

3. ideologue   n. 思想家,理论家,空想家

eg: At heart he seems a pragmatist, not ideologue.   平心而论他看上去象一个实用主义者而不是理想家。

4. abduct   vt. 绑架;诱拐;使外展

eg: The news that we see those use network abduct children sometimes filled with apprehension.   我们有时看到那些利用网络诱拐儿童的新闻都心惊肉跳。

5. cleric    n. 教会圣职人员

eg: A cleric who damned gambling and strong drink.   谴责赌博和酗酒行为的牧师

6. adj. 警惕的;警醒的;注意的;警戒的

eg: People are vigilant on issues that interest them.  人们在其感兴趣的事情上是警惕的。

7. airstrike 空袭; 空中打击

eg: It's the first major airstrike in the country's Christian heartland.   这是对黎巴嫩基督教徒聚居中心地带进行的第一次大规模的空袭。

8. tribunal  n.法庭,裁判所

eg: He took his case of unfair dismissal to the industrial relations tribunal.   他将其遭不公正解雇一事上诉劳工关系法庭。

9. complicity    n.共谋;串通关系

eg: He was suspected of complicity in her murder.   他涉嫌合谋将她杀害.

10. acquit  vt.宣判无罪

eg: That fact decided the judge to acquit him.   那个事实使法官判他无罪。

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