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【整理】BBC 2011-10-18 利比亚部分地区升起新国旗

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BBC News with Marion Marshall

Forces of Libya's interim authority, the NTC, say they've raised the country's new flag over Bani Walid after securing control over almost all of the town from Gaddafi loyalists. The NTC's military spokesman Ahmed Bani told reporters in Tripoli that 90% of Bani Walid had been liberated. NTC forces are struggling to overcome loyalists still holed up in Sirte. From Tripoli, Caroline Hawley reports.

It's taken several weeks, but fighters loyal to the new Libyan authorities have now pushed their way into the centre of Bani Walid, firing their guns in the air in celebration. It's not clear what's happened to the pro-Gaddafi forces, who'd resisted their advance for so long. Reports said they deserted their posts and abandoned their uniforms, but they could still pose a threat. Bani Walid has been one of the last strongholds of support for Muammar Gaddafi, but it's his hometown Sirte that is the real prize for the new authorities.

The Somali Islamist insurgent group al-Shabab has called on Kenya to withdraw its troops from Somalia immediately in order to avoid what it called bloody battles. Kenyan trucks, tanks and hundreds of troops are now reported to be about 80km inside Somalia after moving in at the weekend. Will Ross reports from Nairobi.

In a statement, al-Shabab warned Kenyans not to let what it called the flames of war spill over into their country. Al-Shabab called on the Kenyan public to urge their government to immediately withdraw troops from Somalia. The Islamist insurgent group denied that it was behind the recent spate of kidnappings in Kenya. It said the Kenyan government's allegation that al-Shabab posed a significant threat to the Kenyan population was simply a flimsy pretext for the military incursion into Somalia.

A senior official at the Egyptian justice ministry says the two sons of the former President Hosni Mubarak have an estimated $340m in frozen Swiss bank accounts. Assem al-Gohari said most of the money was held by the eldest son Alaa and the Swiss authorities were now investigating whether he was involved in money laundering.

Israel's Supreme Court has heard petitions against a deal with the militant group Hamas that would see more than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners freed in exchange for the captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. Judges are expected to rule today on a request to delay or block the prisoners' release. However, as Kevin Connolly reports from Gaza, Palestinians are already preparing for their release.

It is a little premature, and somewhere i's are still being dotted and t's crossed. But the sound of celebration already fills the air in Gaza City. This was a wedding party making its way towards the main square, where in less than 24 hours huge crowds are expected to gather to welcome home their returned prisoners. To the Israelis and to many in the wider world, they are men and women of violence, but Gaza is preparing to acclaim them as heroes.

BBC News

Germany is lowering expectations that a lasting solution for the eurozone debt crisis will be agreed at a European Union summit on Sunday. The German finance minister said it was wrong to expect a definitive solution from the summit. Here's our economics correspondent Andrew Walker.

Mr Schaeuble said European leaders will adopt a new plan, but he warned that it won't be a complete resolution of the crisis. Ahead of the summit in six days, European officials are working on a package which includes strengthening eurozone banks and further action on Greece. Financial markets have welcomed this as evidence that governments are preparing decisive action, but some observers think the optimism may be overdone. Mr Schaeuble seems to be encouraging more modest expectations.

Britain has set an Olympic record nine months before the games begin in London next July. For the first time ever, all 193 members of the United Nations have signed the traditional Olympic truce, a throwback to the ancient games. Iran and Syria were the last to sign. The chairman of the London Olympics, Sebastian Coe, said it showed the power sport has to inspire unity.

Football's world governing body Fifa is to offer players and officials rewards and amnesties to persuade them to expose match-fixing. Fifa's head of security Chris Eaton said the incentives to whistle-blowers would be introduced next year. Alex Capstick reports.

Chris Eaton has been working with Fifa for the past 12 months. He accused governing bodies in sport of having been naive in assessing the scale of match-fixing. He talked of teenagers at the start of their careers coming under the influence of criminal gangs. "They are then pressurised and intimidated into complying with their illegal demands," he described the problem, which has become more and more widespread. His solution is to offer incentives to whistle-blowers. For a one-month period, next January, Fifa will reward players, officials and administrators who come forward with useful information.

Alex Capstick

BBC News

利比亚临时政府全国过渡委员会(NTC)宣称,已从卡扎菲效忠者手中几占领拜尼沃利德镇绝大部分地区,并在此地升起利比亚新国旗。NTC军方发言人奥马尔·贝尼告诉的黎波里的记者,拜尼沃利德镇90%的地方已经解放。NTC部队与躲藏在苏尔特的效忠者仍在战斗中。Caroline Hawley在的黎波里报道。




埃及司法部一名高级官员表示,前总统侯赛因·穆巴拉克的两个儿子在瑞士银行有约3.4亿美元被冻结的存款。Assem al-Gohari说,大部分钱都为长子Alaa所有,瑞士银行正调查他是否涉嫌洗钱。

以色列最高法院听审了一起诉状,涉及一起与哈马斯军事组织的交易,即释放1000多名在押巴基斯坦人,换回被哈马斯抓获的以色列士兵沙利特。法官今天将就是否推迟或阻止囚徒释放一事进行判决,然而,根据Kevin Connolly从加沙发回的报道,巴基斯坦人已经为释放做好了准备。  





世界足球官方组织Fifa鼓励球员和官员揭发比赛贿赂,并提供奖励和赦免。Fifa安全部主管克里斯·伊顿表示,明年将引入对揭发者的激励机制。Alex Capstick报道。



1. insurgent   n. 起事者;暴动者;叛乱者

eg: The insurgent mob assembled at the gate of the city park.   叛变的暴徒聚在市立公园的门口。

2. spate  n.大批,大量

eg: Refugees crossed the border in full spate.   难民大量地越过了边境。

3. flimsy    a. (借口、辩解等)浅薄的,不周密的

eg: He made a flimsy excuse.    他说了一个站不住脚的借口。

4. pretext  n.借口,托词

eg: He used his sore throat as a pretext for not going to shool.   他假托喉痛不到校上课。

5. incursion  n.侵犯,入侵

eg: They were outraged by our incursion into Cambodia.   他们对我们入侵柬埔寨感到愤慨。

6. money laundering ph. 洗钱

eg: The money anti-laundering work is a long-term,systematic and integrated project,and any enterprise is

unable to oppose to the money laundering crime independently.   反洗钱工作是一个系统化、综合化的工程,任何一个单位都无法独立对洗钱犯罪实现长期有效地打击、整治。

7. throwback    n. 返回;大倒退;【生】返祖现象

eg: His sentiments were a throwback to the old colonial days.    他的观点还是从前殖民时代的那种观点。

8. match-fixing  比赛贿赂

9. whistle-blower     n. 【口】告密者

eg: The manager was angry about a whistle-blower among the workers.    经理对工人之中有打小报告的人感到生气。

10. pressurise    【英】=pressurize 强使

eg: pressurize to canvass or not to canvass   迫使他人进行或不进行拉票活动

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