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【整理】BBC 2011-10-25 英首相在欧盟问题上遭本党议员反对

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Tunisia's moderate Islamist party Ennahda has claimed victory in the country's first democratic elections and pledged to create a multi-party secular democracy. Early indications are that Ennahda has won most votes in the poll but not an overall majority. Allan Little reports on the Islamist party's appeal.

Ennahda has its roots in the radical Islamist movements that flourished in the Arab world from the 1980s onwards that sought to overthrow and were banned by the region's dictatorships. But the party's current leaders say they want to play their part in a modern multi-party secular democracy, that they don't want an Islamic state, that they have no intention of imposing Islamic law on a free and secular people. Supporters of secular parties are wary though. One activist told me the Islamists have one message for the foreign media: democracy and tolerance while preaching hard-line Islamic conservatism to their own support base.

There's been another grenade attack in the Kenyan capital Nairobi. Police say one person was killed in the blast at a bus-stop in the centre of the city and several others injured. Will Ross in Nairobi has the details.

The second explosion in less than 24 hours was also in the centre of Nairobi, and the police say it was a grenade attack. The area was fairly crowded, being a place where commuters were waiting for transport home. The American and British embassies issued warnings over the weekend of a possible terrorist attack. Many Kenyans then assumed the first explosion in a bar was done by the Somali Islamist group al-Shabab in retaliation for the Kenyan army's military operations in Somalia against the al-Qaeda-linked group. However, the police said al-Shabab was not behind that attack.

The United States has pulled its ambassador out of Syria because of concerns for his safety. The State Department said that Robert Ford had become the subject of an incitement campaign by the Syrian regime. In response, the Syrian ambassador to Washington has been called back to Damascus for consultations. Here's Kim Ghattas in Washington.

The State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland insisted Mr Ford was not being withdrawn or recalled. She said he would be holding consultations in Washington about the situation in Syria and would return to Damascus. She said the Syrian authorities would then be responsible for his protection, and she called for an end to a campaign of incitement against Mr Ford in Syrian state media. The Syrian ambassador to the US, Imad Moustapha, has now also left Washington. The Syrian embassy said he was going home temporarily for consultations.

In response to international concern, the head of Libya's National Transitional Council, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, has announced an inquiry into the death of Muammar Gaddafi, who was apparently shot after his capture four days ago. Mr Jalil said Libya would remain a moderate Islamist country and most Libyans had wanted to put Colonel Gaddafi on trial; only his former supporters wanted his speedy death. Libyan officials also say there will be no more public viewings of Colonel Gaddafi's body.

World News from the BBC

Emergency teams in eastern Turkey are working by floodlight to find more survivors of Sunday's earthquake as temperatures plummet to below zero. At least 260 people were killed in the quake; more than 1,000 were injured, and hundreds of others are missing. A BBC correspondent in the town of Ercis says there are about 80 sites where apartment blocks collapsed, each block being home to about 100 people. Earlier, five people were pulled alive from the rubble.

Egypt and Israel have reached an agreement under which 25 Egyptian prisoners held in Israel will be released in exchange for an Israeli American held in Egypt. Egyptian television named the man as Ilan Grapel, who was suspected of spying for Israel and had been detained since June. The deal is yet to be approved by the Israeli cabinet. The agreement follows the Egyptian-brokered swap between Israel and Hamas in which an Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, was freed in exchange for more than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners.

The British Prime Minister David Cameron has warned MPs that it would be a mistake to vote for a referendum on membership of the European Union in parliament shortly. Mr Cameron was heckled as he said the timing for such a vote was wrong with the EU facing an economic crisis. Dozens of MPs from Mr Cameron's Conservative Party have threatened to ignore an order to vote against a referendum, and he faces the prospect of the biggest rebellion of his leadership. Our political correspondent Rob Watson reports.

Like other Conservative prime ministers before him, David Cameron is facing a major revolt from his own MPs over Europe. Many Conservative MPs strongly believe the voters deserve a say in whether or not Britain stays in the EU, or at least re-negotiates the terms of its membership. Attempting to blunt the rebellion, the prime minister told MPs he shared many of their concerns over the EU and wanted to reform it, but that now was not the time for a referendum.

BBC News

突尼斯温和的穆斯林政党复兴党宣称在本国首次民主选举中获胜,许诺将创立世俗化多党派民主制。早些时候的迹象表明,复兴党获得最多选票,但不是绝对多数票。Allan Little为您报道该穆斯林党派的号召。

复兴党起源于20世纪80年代阿拉伯世界的极端伊斯兰教运动,该运动旨在推翻该地区的独裁统治,后被独裁当局禁止。而该党现任领导人说,他们想在现 代多党制世俗民主中发挥作用,他们不是要建立伊斯兰国家,无意于将伊斯兰法律强加于自由的世俗人民。世俗党派的支持者对此表示警惕,一名活动分子告诉我, 这些穆斯林对外国媒体传达的信息是:在支持自己、宣扬强硬的伊斯兰保守主义的同时,实行民主和容忍。


 24小时内发生的第二次爆炸也在内罗毕市中心,警方称是场手榴弹袭击。发生地人群密集,是通勤者等车回家的地方。英美大使馆都警告周末可能还会发 生恐怖袭击,许多肯尼亚人认为发生在酒吧的首次爆炸,是索马里穆斯里阿尔沙巴布组织干的,是因肯尼亚部队打击这一与基地组织有关联的组织而报复的。 然而警方说,阿尔沙巴布不是袭击的主事者。  

出于安全考虑,美国已将驻叙利亚大使撤回。国务院称,罗伯特·福特已成为叙利亚政权煽动行为反对的对象。对此,叙利亚驻华盛顿大使也被召回大马士革进行商议。Kim Ghattas在华盛顿报道。

国务院发言人Victoria Nuland强调,福特并不是被撤职,也不是罢免。她说,他将在华盛顿商讨有关叙利亚的情况,还会返回大马士革的。她说,叙利亚当局有责任保护福特,她要 求叙利亚国家媒体停止煽动反对福特。叙利亚驻美国大使Imad Moustapha也已离开华盛顿,叙利亚使馆称他暂时回国商议事宜。

应国际社会的关心,利比亚全国过渡委员会领导人穆斯塔法·阿卜杜勒·贾利勒宣布将对穆阿迈尔·卡扎菲的死因进行调查,四天前,卡扎菲显然是被捕后中 弹身亡。贾利勒说,利比亚仍是个温和的穆斯林国家,大多利比亚人希望卡扎菲上校接受审判,只有他曾经的支持者希望他赶快死亡。利比亚官方还声称,不再允许 公众参观卡扎菲上校的尸体。


埃及、以色列达成一项协议,根据协议,25名被以色列拘留的埃及囚犯被释放,交换释放一名被埃及拘留的以色列裔美国人。埃及电视台称此人名为伊兰· 格雷佩尔,被怀疑为以色列从事间谍活动,自六月份被拘留。这项协议还未经过以色列内阁的批准,此前,经由埃及做中间人,以色列和哈马斯进行一项交换,以释 放1000多名巴基斯坦囚犯作为交换,以色列士兵吉拉德·沙利特获释。

英国首相戴维德·卡梅隆警告国会议员,马上就对欧盟成员国资格进行公投是错误的。当卡梅隆说在欧盟遭遇经济危机时投票是不对的时,他遭到议员们的诘 问。卡梅隆所属的数十名保守党议员威胁要忽视这一反对公投的命令,他的领导权将面临最大挑战。我们的政治记者Rob Watson报道。

像他之前的保守党首相那样,在欧洲问题上,戴维德·卡梅隆正面临来自本党议员的重大反对。许多保守党议员强烈认为,就英国是否继续留在欧盟,还是至 少就成员国身份再次协商问题上,投票者对此有发言权。为减少反对的声音,首相告诉议员们,他和他们一样很关心欧盟问题,希望能做出改革,但现在还不是进行 公投的时候。




1. secular  a.世俗的

The choir sings both sacred and secular music.

2. overall majority  ph. 压倒多数,绝对多数

Party won a convincing victory at the polls with an overall majority of ninety-seven seats.

3. preach  vt.宣教,布道;鼓吹

He devoted his life to preach Buddhism.

4. grenade     n. 手榴弹

The hand-grenade exploded right over the enemy.

5. plummet  v.垂直或突然地堕下

The action caused the value of our stock to plummet, and it is still out of favour with investors.

6. swap  n.交换

Let's do a swap.

7. heckle  v.诘问,困扰

Europe has continued to haunt and heckle the American imagination.



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