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【整理】 BBC 2011-11-26 标普下调比利时信用评级

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BBC News with Fiona MacDonald

The man selected by Egypt's ruling military council to serve as a civilian prime minister, Kamal Ganzouri, has said that he'll form an all-inclusive cabinet to serve the Egyptian people. As Mr Ganzouri addressed the nation, huge crowds again occupied Cairo's Tahrir Square, calling for an end to military rule. Wyre Davies is in Tahrir Square.

The speech itself won't have much of an impact because people had made clear their opinions of him before. When we knew he's been appointed, those who support him say that he's a prominent politician, he was a relatively popular prime minister under Mubarak - although he's in his 70s now - and that he is just the kind of person that is needed to guide this country through a difficult electoral process. Others say of course that he is an acolyte of the old regime, he's exactly what is wrong with Egypt now. Even though Hosni Mubarak left the scene nine months ago, it is people like him, many of his old officials and acolytes who are still in power.

(Some) Elsewhere in Cairo, tens of thousands of people have been staging a counter-rally in support of the governing military council.

Syria has defied the threat by the Arab League of new economic sanctions by failing to meet a deadline to agree to the league's demand for observers to be allowed into the country. The Arab League is due to meet this weekend to decide on the sanctions. A BBC Middle East correspondent says all the signs from Syria indicate that the government is unlikely to back down.

Proposals put forward at the United Nations for a new international agreement regulating the use of cluster bombs have been rejected in a vote in Geneva, from where Imogen Foulkes reports.

Two long weeks of negotiations, but no deal. The United States had argued that its proposal to eliminate all cluster munitions produced before 1980 was the last chance to get the world's biggest producers and users - the US, China and Russia - to introduce at least some controls. But 111 UN member states have already signed up to the Oslo convention banning cluster bombs, and many of them regarded the US proposal as a step backwards.

Human rights activists in Mexico have asked the International Criminal Court to investigate President Felipe Calderon and other top officials over the alleged torture and killing of civilians during the fight against drugs gangs. James Read reports.

More than 18,000 people have signed the petition asking the ICC's chief prosecutor to investigate alleged crimes against humanity by both sides in Mexico's drugs war, but the Mexican government has categorically rejected the move. It says its security policy is subject to the rule of law and cannot constitute an international crime. An investigation by the ICC is theoretically possible, but prosecutors would have to decide that crimes against humanity had taken place and that there was no prospect of a proper investigation in Mexico. Those decisions could take months or even years.

World News from the BBC

Yahya Jammeh has been declared the winner of Gambia's presidential election. The president, who won 72% of the vote, now begins his fourth term in office. This report from Thomas Fessy.

Yahya Jammeh said after the election on Thursday he couldn't be defeated unless Gambians had gone mad. It's no surprise that he won a landslide victory after 17 years in power. In fact, in a rare decision, the main regional body Ecowas condemns what it described as an atmosphere of intimidation and repression against his opponents, prompting Ecowas to cancel its observation mission.

Polls have closed in Morocco's parliamentary election - the first vote since King Mohammed introduced constitutional reforms in response to pro-democracy uprisings throughout the Arab world. The new constitution gives more powers to the parliament and prime minister, who must now be appointed from the party with the most seats. Correspondents say attention will be focused on the turnout after some pro-reform campaigners urged a boycott.

Iceland has rejected a bid by one of China's wealthiest entrepreneurs, Huang Nubo, to buy a 300-sq km block of land on the northern shores of the island. Officials said there was no precedent for such a large land sale to a foreign buyer. Mr Huang wanted the land to create a tourist nature reserve, but some critics feared the purchase would have given China a strategic foothold in the Arctic, where there's a growing international interest in exploiting the region's natural resources.

Belgium faces having to pay more to service its debts after one of the leading rating agencies downgraded its credit score. Standard & Poor's said its move was prompted in part by the latest failure of Belgium's political parties to form a government. But the Finance Minister Didier Reynders responded by saying Belgium's credit rating remained one of the best in Europe.

BBC News



由埃及执政军事委员会推选出的民选总理卡迈勒·詹祖里(Kamal Ganzouri)宣称:他将组建一个为埃及人民大众服务的“包罗万象”的内阁。在詹祖里进行全国演讲的同时,大批群众再次聚集在开罗解放广场,要求军方释权。Wyre Davies,解放广场。




在日内瓦,联合国发起的对集束炸弹的使用进行管制的国际协议遭到了否决。日内瓦,Imogen Foulkes报道。


墨西哥人权积极分子要求国际刑事法庭(ICC)对总统费利佩·卡尔德龙 (Felipe Calderon) 和其他高级官员进行调查,人权分子控诉他们在与贩毒团伙的对战中折磨、杀戮无辜市民。





叶海亚·贾梅(Yahya Jammeh)赢得冈比亚总统选举。获得72%赞成票的叶海亚·贾梅现在开始了他的第四个任期。Thomas Fessy报道。









由于一家颇有地位的机构下调其信用评级,比利时面对一个很严峻的问题——必须为偿还债务付出更多。标准普尔称,此次下调信用评级部分是比利时政党未能组建政府造成的。然而,财政部长Didier Reynders回应称比利时的信用评级在欧洲仍是最高的。


civilian[si'viljən]: n.平民,百姓
eg: He resigned his commission to take up a civilian job. 

all-inclusive    adj. 包括一切的

prominent  ['prɔminənt]   a.突出的,杰出的;突起的,凸出的
eg: He became a prominent attorney.

regime  [rei'ʒi:m, ri-, ri'dʒi:m]   n.政体, 政权, 制度    n.养生法(=regimen)
eg: The regime had been propped up by foreign aid. 

acolyte ['ækəulait]   n.(教士的)助手,侍僧

counter   ['kauntə] n.柜台;筹码;计数器 vt.对抗 ad.对立地
eg: He acted counter to old conventions.

defy  [di'fai, 'di:-] vt.藐视, 挑衅, 反抗
eg: He defied the order of the court.

deadline   ['dedlain]n.最后期限, (鉴于边上的)警戒线,截止时间
eg: The deadline is drawing near; we can't delay any more. 

cluster ['klʌstə]bomb   集束炸弹

munition [mju:'niʃən]  n.军火;军需品
eg: He was hired by a munitions factory. 

convention   [kən'venʃən] n.习俗,惯例;公约,协议;会议,大会
eg: The two countries are reported to have concluded a military convention.

petition  [pi'tiʃən] n.请愿书,申请书,诉状 v.请愿,正式请求
eg: They signed a petition in support of the workers' demands. 

categorically  [,kæti'gɔrikli]   adv.断然地, 明确地
eg: The man categorically denied that he was guilty.

constitute ['kɔnstitju:t]  vt.组成,构成,形成;设立,建立,任命
eg: This move constitutes an act of aggression.

theoretically  [θiə'retikəli]   adv. 理论上
eg: Frankly speaking, Andy is more of an angler theoretically than practically. 

landslide['lændslaid]   n.山崩, 滑坡, 占绝对优势的选举
eg: The business people finally jumped on the bandwagon, too, and the candidate won by a landslide. 

intimidation  [in,timi'deiʃən]   n.恫吓,恐吓;胁迫
eg: He will be by no means surrender to intimidation.
repression  [ri'preʃən] n.压抑,压制,镇压
eg: The government's repression of the strike failed. 

uprising   ['ʌp,raiziŋ] n.起义,暴动
eg: The Nanchang Uprising marked a new stage for the revolution. 

boycott   ['bɔikɔt] vt./ n.(联合)抵制,拒绝参与
eg: We put the production under a boycott.

entrepreneur   [,ɔntrəprə'nə:] n.企业家, 承包商,主办者
eg: Still, I'm an entrepreneur at heart.

precedent  [pri'si:dənt, 'presi-] n.先例, 惯例    adj.先前的, 在先的
eg: If he is allowed to do this, it will be a precedent for others.

foothold ['fut,həuld]   n.立足处, 据点, 根据地
eg: It may be many years before the new company can gain a secure foothold in the market. 

exploit   ['eksplɔit, ik's-] vt.剥削;利用,开发(采) n.[ pl.]业绩,功勋
eg: People should read the related regulations before they exploit natural resources. 

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