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【整理】BBC 2011-12-25 金正恩将继任金正日

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BBC News with Gaenor Howells

The former Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin says this month's parliamentary elections were flawed and should be rerun with new electoral laws. Mr Kudrin, who is a close friend of the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, was greeted with whistles and catcalls by tens of thousands of demonstrators in central Moscow. They are part of a day of protests across Russia against the official election result - a win for Mr Putin's party. Steve Rosenberg reports.

Prospect Sakharov is packed with protesters - tens of thousands of people who've taken to the streets to demand fresh parliamentary elections, and much of their anger is directed at Vladimir Putin. Up on stage, politicians, rock stars and writers have been calling for Mr Putin to resign. One speaker said the civil society which had suddenly appeared couldn't be stamped out by the Russian authorities. Many in the crowd have been blowing red whistles - their attempt to blow the whistle on Mr Putin's decade in power.


Fighting in the northern Nigeria between government forces and Islamist militants is reported to have left about 50 people dead. The fighting broke out two days ago in the cities of Damaturu and Maiduguri. Here's our Africa editor Martin Plaut.

Intense fighting erupted in two northern Nigerian cities on Thursday and Friday. The police and army fought running battles with suspected members of the Islamist sect Boko Haram. The army chief of staff Lieutenant General Ihejirika said he lost three soldiers with a further seven wounded, but that his men killed more than 50 militants. Boko Haram, which calls for a strict Muslim state, was founded in 2002. Since then, it's attacked government buildings and the United Nations headquarters in Nigeria.

The Duke of Edinburgh, the husband of Queen Elizabeth, is recovering in hospital in eastern England after being treated for a blocked coronary artery. The Queen and her sons and daughters have visited Prince Philip, who's said to be in good spirits. Peter Hunt reports.

Doctors are continuing to monitor the progress of the 90-year-old prince, who Buckingham Palace say had a good night. The Queen's husband is recovering after what's known as a stent was inserted into a blocked coronary artery which had been causing the prince to suffer pains in his chest. Officials have called it a "minimally invasive" procedure, and Prince Philip would have been conscious throughout. It's not yet known how long he'll be staying in hospital, or whether or not he'll miss the traditional Christmas gathering of royals at Sandringham.

The Africa[n] Union force that's fighting Islamist militants in Somalia has been strengthened with the arrival of 100 soldiers from Djibouti. They've joined Ugandan and Burundian soldiers already in the Somali capital Mogadishu. China is giving more than $4m to the African Union force to buy equipment.

You're listening to the World News from the BBC.

Kim Jong-un, the son of the late North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, has been hailed as "supreme commander" of the communist state's powerful armed forces. The ruling party newspaper called on Kim Jong-un to lead North Korea to "eternal victory". It's the first time state media has referred to him a supreme commander, having previously called him the "great successor" after the death of his father.

A suicide bomb attack has killed six soldiers and wounded at least 12 in northwest Pakistan. The bomber drove a vehicle packed with explosives into the office of the paramilitary Frontier Corps in the city of Bannu. The Pakistani Taliban say they carried out the attack. These two local men were present at the time.

"It was six o'clock in the morning. I was listening to songs on my mobile phone when all of a sudden a blast occurred, and there was darkness. My face was covered with dust."

"A powerful explosion took place. When we came out, plumes of smoke were rising. There was darkness. The electricity was cut off. We couldn't see anything. My hotel is badly damaged. It's the same with my house, which is in front of my hotel."

Brazil's environmental agency has fined the American oil company Chevron more than $5m for breach of its environmental licence when it tackled an oil spill in November. The agency Ibama said Chevron lacked the necessary equipment and was slow to respond to the leak. The agency had already fined Chevron $28m for causing the spill.

Part of a Russian satellite that failed to reach orbit has crashed onto a street named in honour of Russian space explorers. A fragment of the satellite went through the roof of a house in Cosmonaut Street in the Siberian village of Vagaytsevo. No one was hurt. The failure is the latest in a series of setbacks for the Russian space programme.

BBC News

俄罗斯前财政部长库德林说,本月的议会选举是有缺陷的,应当采取新的选举法重新进行。库德林,俄罗斯总理普京的密友,之前遭到莫斯科市中心成千上万名示威者的反对。他们是当天俄罗斯各地抗议的一部分,他们反对官方公布的选举结果——普京政党的胜利。Steve Rosenberg报道。






在尼日利亚北部,政府军与伊斯兰武装分子之间的战斗中,已有约50人死亡。这场战斗于两天前在达马图鲁和迈杜古里爆发。现在是我们的非洲编辑Martin Plaut的报道。


上周四、周五在尼日利亚北部的两个城市爆发了激烈的战斗。警方和军队与疑似伊斯兰教派“博科圣地”成员互相追击。陆军参谋长中将 Ihejirika说,他失去了三名士兵,还有七人受伤,但他手下已杀死50多名武装分子。“博科圣地”成立于2002年,他们要求建立一个严格的穆斯林国家。建立之后,该组织攻击了政府大楼和设在尼日利亚的联合国总部。

伊丽莎白女王的丈夫爱丁堡公爵在冠状动脉闭塞治疗后,于英格兰东部的一家医院休养身体。女王和她的儿女们探望了菲利普亲王,得知他精神状态良好。Peter Hunt报道。























flawed a.有缺点的,有缺陷的,错误的
eg: The story is flawed by a weak ending. 这个故事因结尾写得马虎而显得逊色了。

catcall n.不满之声,嘘声,喝倒彩

take to the streets 走上街头,示威
eg: That is not really the problem -- a few students who take to the streets cannot affect the overall situation. 问题不在这里,几个学生上街影响不了大局。

civil society公民社会,民间团体
eg: Civil society cultivates constitutional culture, accumulates the spirit of rule by law,engenders civil power,and decreases state mightiness. 公民社会孕育了宪政文化,培养了法治精神,形成了社会权力,减小了国家权力。

stamp out踩灭,消灭
eg: The doctors are trying to stamp out the disease. 医生正在尽力消灭这种疾

blow the whistle on告发,艰巨,揭发;使……停下来
eg: If your father finds out about this, he'll soon blow the whistle on what you're doing. 要是你父亲知道了这事,他一定会马上阻止你做下去的。

militant ['militənt] n.激进分子

erupt [i'rʌpt]vt.(火山等) 喷发,喷出;(战争等)爆发
eg: No one knows when the social volcano below modern society will erupt. 谁也不知道埋在现代社会下的社会火山何时爆发。

running battle持久战,追击战
eg: He has a running battle with his wife. 他与妻子争吵不休。

in good spirits精神好,高兴

insert [in'sə:t, 'insə:t] vt.插入,嵌入
eg: The book would be improved by inserting another chapter. 这本书如果再插入一个章节就更好了。

hail  [heil] vt.向...欢呼,为...喝彩
eg: The people lined the street to hail the invincible general. 人们排列在街的两旁向常胜将军欢呼。

explosive n.爆炸物,炸药

eg The group claims to have provided him with the explosive device he allegedly attempted to detonate as the jet was about to land in Detroit.

fine vt.处…以罚金

breach [bri:tʃ]  n.破坏,违反
eg: Police arrested the demonstrators for committing a breach of the peace. 警察以破坏和平罪逮捕了示威者。

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