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【整理】BBC 2011-12-26 女王圣诞节致辞

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BBC News with Neil Nunes

There's been widespread international condemnation of the Christmas Day bomb attacks in Nigeria that have killed almost 40 people. Thirty-five people were killed in the first bomb blast at a Roman Catholic church near Abuja; four others died in attacks elsewhere in the country. Brenda Marshall has this report.

Describing the attacks as "senseless violence", the White House offered condolences to those who had lost loved ones and help for Nigeria to bring those responsible to justice. Political leaders in Britain, France, Germany and Italy decried the attacks as "cowardly". The Vatican called the bombings absurd "terrorist violence" that inflamed hatred. The president of the Christian Association of Nigeria condemned them as "barbaric". The militant Islamist group Boko Haram, which is locked in a violent struggle with the Nigerian authorities, said it carried out the attacks.

The American Vice-President Joe Biden has called the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to discuss recent violence and political turmoil. Tensions have increased in Iraq since an arrest warrant was issued against the Sunni Vice-President Tariq al-Hashimi over allegations he had run hit squads - charges he strongly denies. Shahzeb Jillani reports.

Mr Biden's phone call to the Iraqi prime minister on Christmas Day followed an earlier conversation he had with the Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani. Washington is keen to ensure Iraq's national unity government survives recent tensions. Along with a spate of attacks in the capital Baghdad, in which 60 people were killed last week, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's dispute with his Sunni coalition partners has created a major crisis. There are growing fears that with last American soldier gone from Iraq, the country could descend into an all-out sectarian conflict.

Sudan says fighting is continuing in a region near north Darfur where government forces have killed a key rebel leader, Khalil Ibrahim, and 30 of his fighters. A spokesman for the rebel group, the Justice and Equality Movement, admitted their leader was killed in an air strike on Friday. A spokesman for the Sudanese army, Lieutenant al-Sawarmi Khaled, said Mr Ibrahim had died from his wounds.

"The battle was fought on Thursday, and the armed forces were able to destroy this group. Some managed to escape whilst others were injured. Amongst those injured seriously was the leader of the renegade movement. He was fatally wounded during the battle, but he did not die at the time."

Thousands of people have again taken to the streets of the Yemeni capital Sanaa. The protest was against the killing of at least nine people on Saturday alleged to have been shot by security forces who fired on demonstrators demanding that the immunity from prosecution granted to the outgoing President Ali Abdullah Saleh be revoked.

World News from the BBC

At least 12 people have been killed after a boat capsized in a lake in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Reports said the boat was carrying 25 people on a scenic tour of the lake near the state capital Chennai.

The former Pakistani cricketer and opposition politician Imran Khan has addressed tens of thousands of his supporters in Pakistan's biggest city Karachi. Mr Khan demanded strong measures to tackle corruption and called for a change in Pakistan's political culture. Our correspondent Aleem Maqbool was at the rally. He told us about Mr Khan's chances of success.

The question keeps coming up as to whether he has the practical solutions to back up all of this rhetoric. And I still think for a lot of Pakistanis, he hasn't answered a lot of those questions. But for the crowds here today, who are frankly euphoric, I mean they really see that this is suddenly a man who could be a future leader.

Police in the northern Afghan city of Taloqan say at least 19 people have been killed in a bomb explosion. Many more people are said to have been injured. The bombing was carried out during a funeral. A senior police official said a suicide attacker targeted a member of parliament, Mutalib Beg, who was killed in the blast.

Queen Elizabeth has focused on the importance of families and friendship in her Christmas message, which was broadcast as her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, recovered in hospital from a heart operation. She said it was in hardship that people found strength from their families and in adversity that new friendships were formed.

A choir of wives of British soldiers serving in Afghanistan has topped the British singles chart to take the Christmas No. 1 spot. The song Wherever You Are was written using excerpts from letters sent between military couples.

BBC News

圣诞节之际发生在尼日利亚的爆炸事件已致接近40人死亡,受到了来自国际社会的广泛谴责。最初的一次爆炸发生在阿布贾附近一罗马天主教教堂,共35人丧生;在国内其他地方发生的爆炸事件中共有4人丧生。Brenda Marshall带来的报道。


美国副总统乔·拜登(Joe Biden)呼吁伊拉克总理马利基(Nouri al-Maliki)就近期的暴力事件及政治混乱局面进行谈话。自通过对逊尼派人士——副总统哈希米(Tariq al-Hashimi)的逮捕令之后,国内局势日益紧张。哈希米被指控组织恐怖分子小组,当然,哈希米本人对此极力否认。Shahzeb Jillani报道。

早期与库尔德地方政府的领袖巴尔扎尼(Massoud Barzani)进行一次对话后,圣诞当日,拜登向伊拉克总理致电。华盛顿方面此刻最想确认的是伊拉克的民族团结政府是否挺过了近期的紧张局势。一方面,首都巴格达接二连三的受到袭击,上周共有60人丧生;再者,总理马利基与其逊尼派联盟伙伴发生争端,无形之中形成了很大的危机。如此一来,人们越来越担心,在最后一批美国士兵撤出伊拉克之后,伊拉克会沦为一个充满教派冲突的国家。

苏丹政府称:在达尔富尔(Darfur)北部地区的战斗仍在持续。政府军已击毙反政府武装一重要领导人——哈利勒·易卜拉欣(Khalil Ibrahim)及他的30名手下。反政府武装“公正与平等运动”一发言人承认他们的领导人在周五的空袭中毙命。苏丹军方发言人Lieutenant al-Sawarmi Khaled称,易卜拉欣是死于战斗中所受的重伤。





前巴基斯坦队半球运动员、反对派政治家Imran Khan在巴基斯坦最大的城市卡拉奇向成千上万的支持者做了一个演讲。讲话中,Khan强烈要求对贪污腐败行为采取高压手段,呼吁改变巴基斯坦的政治文化。我台驻地记者Aleem Maqbool参加了此次集会。他向我们讲述了Mr Khan的成功几率。


阿富汗北部城市塔洛坎(Taloqan)警方称至少有19人于发生在一葬礼途中的爆炸事件中丧生,另有多人受伤。某高级警官称自杀式袭击者的目标是议会成员——Mutalib Beg,该议员在此次事件中不幸丧生。


由在阿富汗服役的士兵们的妻子们合唱的一首歌曲登上了今年英国圣诞单曲排行榜榜首。该曲“Wherever You Are”是从军人夫妇们往来的信件中摘录而来。




senseless   ['senslis] adj.无感觉的, 无意义的, 无意识的, 不省人事的
eg: I condemn this senseless violence.

inflame  [in'fleim]   v.激怒, 加剧, 发炎
eg: He was inflamed with anger. 

hatred ['heitrid]  n.仇恨, 憎恨, 敌意, 怨恨
eg: His words stirred up my hatred. 

barbaric   [bɑ:'bærik] adj.极其粗野、残忍或残暴的
eg: The group of barbaric soldiers killed many people. 

turmoil  ['tə:mɔil]  n.骚动,混乱,动乱
eg: In the turmoil resulting from the collision, the arrested man broke loose and ran off. 

warrant  ['wɔrənt, 'wɔ:-]   n.委任状, 凭证, 根据, 正当理由   vt.担保, 保证, 辩解, 授权
eg: The law warrants this procedure. 

squad [skwɔd]   n.(军队的)班,小队,小组
eg: After a long drill he told the squad to fall out. 

sectarian   [sek'tεəriən] adj.宗派的, 党派心强的,偏狭的    n.属于宗派的人,宗派心强的人

air strike   空袭, 空中的攻击, 来自空中的袭击

renegade  ['reniɡeid]   n.叛徒, 变节者,判党者   adj.背弃的, 叛徒的    vi.背叛,背弃
eg: His conversation with the renegade seemed to have taken all the heart out of him.

immunity [i'mju:nəti] from   豁免;免疫
eg: No wrongdoer on the White House staff would be granted immunity from prosecution.

capsize   [kæp'saiz] v.倾覆, 翻转
eg: The boat capsized in heavy seas. 

strong measure   强硬措施, 高压手段

rhetoric ['retərik]   n.雄辩言辞,虚夸的言辞;修辞学
eg: I am tired of the empty rhetoric of politicians. 

euphoric  [ju:'fɔrik] adj.欣快的, 心满意足的
eg: They grow euphoric in authority and panicky at the thought of losing it.

suicide  ['sjuisaid]  n.自杀, 自杀者, 自取灭亡的行为   adj.自杀性的
eg: The police suspect foul play rather than suicide. 

adversity  [əd'və:səti]   n.不幸, 灾难, 逆境
eg: Adversity makes a man wise, not rich. 

choir  ['kwaiə] n.唱诗班, 合唱队, 唱诗班的席位
eg: The choir was (singing) distinctly out of tune in places. 

excerpt  [ek'sə:pt, 'eksə:pt] n.摘录,选录,节录
eg: The following excerpt is from a paper by M.W.A.Provis.

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