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【整理】BBC 2011-12-27 金正恩会面两杰出韩国女性

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BBC News with Jonathan Wheatley

The main contingent of an Arab League observer mission has arrived in Syria to monitor an initiative to end the continued violence. It has left thousands dead since anti-government protests began earlier this year. At least 18 people are reported to have been killed in the latest shelling of the city of Homs. The Arab League initiative agreed with the Syrian government requires all armed forces to withdraw from the areas of conflict. The BBC's Jim Muir in Beirut says it's not clear whether the observers' movements will be restricted.

Syrian officials are saying they are committed to the protocol they signed with the Arab League that the observers will have complete freedom of movement, but of course they do have to coordinate with the Syrian authorities because they need to have security; they can't just jump in cars and drive off to a place like Homs. So that in a sense makes them sort of dependent on the regime.

Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jews have clashed with police near Jerusalem as tensions mount over their campaign of segregation between men and women. A police officer was wounded in the town of Beit Shemesh as police were called to remove a sign on a main road ordering segregation between the sexes. Here's Aidan Lewis.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews pelted police and journalists with rocks and eggs, and set fire to rubbish bins. They also re-installed a number of placards ordering segregation that had earlier been removed. Beit Shemesh has become a focus of friction between ultra-Orthodox and more secular-minded Jews. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says police will continue to arrest ultra-Orthodox offenders and insists that there's no place in Israel for discrimination.

The authorities in Mexico say they've arrested the chief bodyguard of the country's most wanted drugs baron, the fugitive Sinaloa cartel boss Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman. The bodyguard, Felipe Cabrera Sarabia, was detained by army special forces. Colonel Ricardo Trevilla of the Mexican army said Cabrera had risen through the ranks of the cartel.

"Cabrera used violence to keep control of the group's criminal activities. This allowed him to gain stature in the group. It allowed him to become a key player in drug smuggling and trafficking. It helped him become a security provider for the head of the cartel in his area of operations."

The head of the army in Guinea-Bissau, General Antonio Indjai, has said an attack on the general staff headquarters and other military bases in the capital has been foiled. He said the army and the government remained in control of the country following an attempt to seize weapons from military armouries.

Hundreds of people have attended a memorial service in Nigeria at the Roman Catholic church where more than 30 people were killed in a bomb attack on Sunday. The blast on the outskirts of the capital Abuja was the first in a series of attacks on Christmas Day.

You're listening to the World News from the BBC.

The Office of the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner has expressed alarm following the 10-year jail sentence imposed in China on a veteran activist, Chen Xi. Mr Chen, who posted essays online proposing political reform and improving human rights, is the third activist to be jailed in China in the last 10 days.

Japan's Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba has urged the nominally civilian Burmese government to continue its reforms, saying Japan would do what it could to help Burma's reconciliation process and improve its economy. Mr Gemba spoke after meeting President Thein Sein and the pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi. For her part, Ms Suu Kyi said Japan's ongoing support was crucial.

"Our country is bound and determined to march towards the democratic goal. In doing so, I expect Japan to be at the forefront of friendly nations who will help us."

Two prominent South Korean women have met the man chosen as the next leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un. South Korean officials said the country's former first lady and the chairman of Hyundai talked (about口误) with the leader for about 10 minutes after arriving in Pyongyang to pay their respects to his father Kim Jong-il.

Police here in London say [they] are investigating two stabbings on Oxford Street, one of the busiest shopping streets in Europe. In the first incident, an 18-year-old died when (where口误) he was attacked. The second stabbing was in another area of Oxford Street, and the victim is being treated in hospital.

A newspaper in Chile has been ordered to compensate 13 readers who suffered injuries when they followed a recipe it published. The recipe for churros - a sweet fried pastry snack - caused explosions that showered the cooks with hot oil, causing burns. Chile's Supreme Court ordered La Tercera newspaper to pay more than $160,000 to the victims. The court found that injury had been inevitable for anyone who followed the printed recipe correctly.

BBC News

BBC电台,Jonathan Wheatley为您报道。

阿盟观察员代表团的主要成员已达到叙利亚,监督其主动结束持续不断的暴力事件。今年初,自反政府抗议爆发以来,已造成数千人丧生。报道称在最近的霍姆斯枪击事件中,至少有18人死亡。叙利亚已同意的阿盟倡议中要求全部武装部队撤出爆发冲突的地方。BBC电台的Jim Muir在贝鲁特说,观察员的行动是否受到限制还无从得知。


数百名极端正统派犹太教徒在耶路撒冷附近与警察发生冲突,这是由性别隔离运动导致局势紧张而引发的。一名警察在西蒙斯镇被打伤,因为警方接到命令将撤除主干道上标明性别隔离的标志。Aidan Lewis报道。


墨西哥当局说,他们已逮捕了该国的头号通缉毒枭,在逃的卡特尔老板古斯曼。他的保镖,费利佩·卡布雷拉·萨拉比亚被陆军特种部队拘留。墨西哥陆军上校Ricardo Trevilla说,卡布雷拉在卡特尔行伍出生。


几内亚比绍军队首领,上将Antonio Indjai说,攻击首都总参谋部和其他军事基地的行动被挫败。他说,在试着从军械库夺取军权之后,军队和政府仍由国家控制。








智利一家报纸被责令赔偿13名因按照其报纸上的食谱做菜而受伤的人。西班牙油条---一道油酥点心甜品的食谱引发了爆炸,滚烫的油淋在掌厨人身上,造成了烧伤。智利最高法院要求《La Tercera》向被害者赔偿16万美元以上。法院发现任何人按该报上的食谱做菜,造成烧伤都是无法避免的。



contingent [kən'tindʒənt] n.一组,代表团;分遣队
eg: Have the Scottish contingent arrived at the meeting yet? 苏格兰代表团抵达会场了吗?

shell [ʃel] vt. & n.剥壳;炮击
eg: Keep down or you'll be hit by shell fragments. 趴下, 否则你会被弹片击中的。

withdraw [wið'drɔ:, wiθ-] vt.收回,撤消,撤退
eg: After a fierce battle,the enemy was forced to withdraw. 经过一场激烈的战斗,敌人被迫撤退了。

clash with与(某物)不相配;与(某人或某事)抵触, 冲突
eg: The demonstration ended in a violent clash with the police. 游行示威以与警察的激烈冲突而告终。

mount [maunt] vi. 增加; 上升; 逐步增加
eg: Social problems in modern society are mounting. 现代社会问题日益增加。

pelt [pelt] vt.(连续地)投掷,连续抨击,攻击
eg: We pelted our friends with snowballs. 我们朝朋友扔雪球。

placard ['plækɑ:d, -əd]  n.招贴,布告

bodyguard ['bɔdiɡɑ:d] n.保镖

most wanted 头号通缉犯

fugitive ['fju:dʒitiv] n.逃亡者,亡命者

rise through the ranks行伍出生,由士兵升为军官

smuggle smuggle vt.走私,偷运
eg: We are occasionally able to smuggle a razor blade into a prisoner's cell. 我们有时会把一片剃须刀片偷偷地送到牢房里去。

foil  [fɔil] vt.挫败,使受挫折,阻止

eg: We foiled his attempt to escape. 我们挫败了他逃跑的企图。

armoury ['ɑ:məri] n.军械库, 武器厂

veteran ['vetərən] a.经验丰富的,老兵的

ongoing ['ɔn,ɡəuiŋ, 'ɔ:n-] a.不间断的,持续的
eg: This activity is ongoing all the time. 这个工作我们一直进行着。

forefront ['fɔ:frʌnt] n.前线,前部
eg: A new group of singers are coming to the forefront. 一群新歌手正崭露头角。

stab [stæb] vt.刺,戳

eg: "I will stab him," she said aloud. “我要捅死他,”她大声地说。

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