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Hello, I'm Jonathon Izard with the BBC news.

The United Nations general assembly has voted in favor of a motion which allows the Palestinian flag to be raised in front of UN buildings. Under the resolution, the flags of two nonmembers with observer status, Palestine and Holly See, would be able to fly alongside member states. The Palestinian representative at the UN said it was another step towards solidifying his country's status. But Israel’s UN ambassador Ron Prosor said the decision was an attempt to manipulate the United Nations. "The Palestinian managed to take cynicism to a whole new level, make no mistake; the goal of this resolution is photo op. The Palestinians want to bring together world dignitaries and the media together around, and watch Mahmoud Abbas raises flag. They plan to use the procedure of the UN as a backdrop for this shrive.”

The UN Security Council has authorized a new investigative panel aimed at tracking down those responsible for chemical weapons attacks in Syria. The team has been given the freedom to travel anywhere within Syria to carry out their inquiries. The BBC has seen evidence that more than 60 chemical attacks have been carried out in Syria over the past two years. Sebastian Usher reports.

"The continued use of chemical weapons in Syria is another failure for the international community. Two years ago, all present Assad’s capability for making the weapons were supposed to have been destroyed. The issue brought the US to the brink of launching an all-out air campaign against the Syrian president. There have been many credible reports since the use of chlorine gas by Syrian forces. The trouble is that chlorine isn’t banned. And it is easily available. The latest report for the IS has used mustard gas are equally disturbing. The militants may have attained it from the Iraqi or Syrian facilities they captured or they may even be producing that themselves.”

President Obama has instructed officials to increase the number of Syrian refugees, admitted the United States. Preparations have been made taking up to 10,000 people. Aleem Maqbool reports. "In the four years since the beginning of Syria’s conflict, America is estimated to have accepted only around 1500 refugees out of the four million also people who fled the country. There hasn’t been the same public or political clamor for change here as there has been in Europe of late. And until now, the Obama administration insisted that it was still at the forefront of dealing with the crisis through its provision of billions of dollars of funds to Syria’s neighbors. A poisonous immigration debate fears about security and a limit to funds congress has set aside for resettling refugees here have all been seen as obstacles to the US doing more.”

Footage has emerged of disturbing scenes that the Wresk migrants camp in Hungry at the border of Syria. The video shows police throwing food, pushing crowd of refugees gathered in a warehouse house building. The footage was shot by activists who told the BBC that they were not allowed contact with the refugees. World news from the BBC.

United Nations says there will be another round of peace negotiations next week between the warring parties in Yemen. All attempts to end five months of fighting have so far proved fruitless and a succession of temporary ceasefires to allow the delivery of the much needed aid have been imperfectly observed.

A measure aimed at derailing the Iran nuclear bill has been blocked in the United States senate. Republican law makers have been hoping to pass resolution condemning the agreement which they argue doesn’t do enough to curtail Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Barbara Plett Usher reports from Washington. “Heated debate over the Iran deal has consumed Washington for two months. Giving ferocious Republican opposition, a resolution against the agreement easily has the number to pass. But in recent days, president Obama has secured the support of enough Democratic senators to block a vote and that’s what they’ve done. Republican still have one more week to pass the resolution and make it try. But the legislation aimed at killing the deal is essentially dead. Mr. Obama welcomed the outcome as a victory for the diplomacy, national security and security of the world.”

Northern Island’s first minister Peter Robinson is stepping down along with all but one of his ministers in a move that brings provinces power sharing government to the brink of collapse. Mr. Robinson’s Democratic Union Party lost the vote to suspend the government while police investigate a murder. They say is linked to the Irish Republican army.

The international criminal court has published arrest warrants against two Kenyans accused of using corruption to influence witnesses. The warrants against Paul Gicheru and Philip Kipkoech Bett were issued in March but were kept sealed until now. The court said that both men were arrested in July. ICC prosecutors last year dropped charges of crime against humanity against the Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta, but his deputy William Reto and Kenyan journalist still face similar charges related to violence which broke out after disputed elections in 2007.












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