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BBC英语新闻:2015-09-19 200余万叙利亚儿童无法返校

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Hello, this is the BBC news with Iain Purdon.

Serbia and the United Nations have sharply criticized Hungary of using tear gas and water cannon against migrants trying to enter its territory to reach northern Europe. The Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic accused Hungary of being brutal and non-European. "We will like to preserve the best possible relationship with our Hungarian colleagues, but they fired tear gas against those migrants and it was a chaotic situation and I hope it will be able to act calmly and responsibly and it will to be able to overcome this situation. But what we need is a comprehensive European solution." Hungary defended its action saying up to two dozen police officers were injured as migrants try to break through a border fence.

The top US commander in the Middle East General Lloyd Austin has admitted to Senaters that only 4 or 5 Syrian rebels trained by America to confront Islamic State militants are still fighting. Barbara Plett Usher reports. “Congress has approved 500 million dollars to train Syrian rebels to fight Islamic State. But the first 54 graduates of the program were attacked by Al Qaeda militants as soon as they entered the battle field in July. Some were captured and killed, the rests scattered. Law makers were dumbfounded to hear from General Austin that only 4 or 5 are still in the fight. There was clearly no way right now to meet the goal of training around 5000 recruits a year, he said. The admission is a stark indictment of president Obama's strategy to defeat Islamic state while keeping US troops off the front line.”

The charity Saves the Children says more than two million young people still inside Syria are unable to attend school because so many school buildings have been damaged or destroyed. The aid agency says the state of education in Syria is dire as the new school year gets underway.

Leading candidates for the US Republican presidential nomination for 2016 are taking part in a televised debate. Eleven contenders are there, but all eyes are around businessman and TV star Donald Trump who is unexpectedly remained a front runner. He’s clashed with Jeb Bush, one of his main rivals over campaign donations.

Gun shots have been fired in Burkina Faso to disperse a growing crowd near the presidential palace. Soldiers there have seized the interim president and Prime Minister. Here is our West Africa correspondent Thomas Fessy. “Their captors are soldiers from the elite presidential guards, but their intention remains unknown. Are they protesting against a plan to dismantle their controversial unit? Or are they trying to take power less than a month before the first elections are held since former president Compaore fled a popular uprising last year? And people fear that in the confusion the situation may escalate into violence.” This is the world news form the BBC in London.

A powerful earthquake has struck Chile triggering a tsunami down the country's entire coast. The quake with the magnitude of 8.3 centered off the coast around 246 kilometers northwest of the Santiago. Tsunami alerts were also activated in Peru and Hawaii. The earthquake shook buildings in Santiago. A local media report says Brazil and Argentina also felt the tremors.

A new study suggests the campaign against malaria in Africa has prevented almost 700 million cases of the most deadly form of the disease since the turn of the century. The research by a team at Oxford University found that the number of new infections in Africa had halved.

A Spanish football coaching school says it's helping a Syrian refugee who was filmed being tripped over by a camera woman on the Hungary-Serbia border last week. The school in Madrid says it was trying to find a job for Osama Abdul Mohsen, a football coach from Syria.

President Obama has invited a 14 year old Muslim student to the White House after he was detained by police for taking to school a homemade clock that his teachers mistook it for a bomb. Mr. Obama said Almed Mohamed's clock was cool adding that more children should be inspired to enjoy science like him. Larry Boyd of the Irving police force in Texas explained why the boy was arrested. "The student would only say that it was a clock and was not forthcoming at that time about any other details. Having no other information to go on and take in that consideration the device’s suspicious appearance in the safety of the students and staff at the MacArthur high school. The student was taken into custody for possession of hoax bomb."

A Russian TV comedy show has played extracts of a prank phone call to the singer Elton John, in which he thought he was talking to president Putin about gay rights. The fake president was in fact a well-known comedian nicknamed Vovan. BBC news.

Key Phrases/Words


take into custody:收监


deadly :致命的


triggering n. [电子] 触发;起动v. 引起(trigger的ing形式);扣…的扳机

magnitude n. 大小;量级;[地震] 震级;重要;光度

tremors n. 震动;颤抖(tremor的复数)v. [物] 颤动(tremor的三单形式)

presidential adj. 总统的;首长的;统辖的

dismantle vt. 拆除;取消;解散;除掉…的覆盖物vi. 可拆卸

controversial adj. 有争议的;有争论的

violence n. 暴力;侵犯;激烈;歪曲

presidential adj. 总统的;首长的;统辖的

contender n. 竞争者;争夺者

comprehensive n. 综合学校;专业综合测验adj. 综合的;广泛的;有理解力的

colleagues n. 同事;同行(colleague的复数)

confront vt. 面对;遭遇;比较

scattered adj. 分散的;散乱的

dumbfounded v. 使…慌乱;使…慌乱(dumbfound的过去分词)adj. 目瞪口呆的 ,惊呆的

recruits n. 新兵;新成员(recruit的复数形式);幼鱼v. 征募;雇佣;恢复健康(recruit的三单形式)

indictment n. 起诉书;控告











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