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  Hello, I’m JerrySmit with the BBC news. The South African athlete Oscar Pistorius has been released from prison a year after he was jailed for the manslaughter of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. He admitted shooting Ms. Steenkamp after mistaken her for an intruder. Karen Allen has this report. “Oscar Pistorius was driven under cover of darkness to his uncle’s house 20 minutes away. It was a premature departure designed presumably to avoid the immediate lap although the exact condition has not been made public, it’s understood he won’t be electronically tagged, but he will have restrictions on his movement. Oscar Pistorius’s parole could be short lift. In two weeks’ time, the supreme court of appeal will hear application from the state to convert the manslaughter conviction to murder.”

 The United States and Spain have reached a new agreement to clean up Spanish land contaminated with radio activity by a US nuclear accident nearly 50 years ago. In 1966, a US B52 aircraft dropped 4 hydrogen bombs near the southern village of Palemarus after crashing into a refueling plane in midair. None of the bombers detonated, but highly toxic plutonium was spread over a 200 hectare area.

 The Chinese President Xi Jinping is in Britain for a four-day state visit, the culmination of efforts by London to strengthen ties with the world’s second largest economy, as well as attending a banquet hosted by Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace. Mr. Xi will also address both houses of parliament. Jon Mg Brain looks how the trip is being viewed in China. “For days, China’s state media has gushed with excitement. At the moment, Xinhua’s website is dominated by a broad commemorative banner with details of the President’s program and celebration of the British monarch. People in the streets in Beijing are also enthusiastic. Some want easier UK visas, others more cultural exchange. And one woman hoped Britain would press the Chinese authorities to ease restrictions on social media.”

 There’ve been large rival rallies in Germany to mark the first anniversary of the anti-immigrant Pegida. Police say that 20,000 Pegida supporters were met by a similar number of counter demonstrators in Dresden. Scuffles broke out as police try to keep them apart. There are fears that Pagida is becoming more radical in response to Germany’s decision to take in hundreds of thousands of refugees this year. From Berlin, Damien McGuinness reports. “Numerous government ministers have accused the movement of using xenophobic hate speech to incite violence. This year, in Germany, there have been almost 500 attacks on refugees or their homes. On a Saturday, a female politician responsible for refugee housing was stabbed in the neck. She survived, but the assault has shocked the country as that calls the authorities to clamp down on the racist slogan that Pegida rallies.” World news from the BBC.

 Slovenia says it's allowed most of the refugees and migrants who was stranded on its border with Croatia into its territory. An estimated 5000 people, many of them apparently Syrian refugees, were stuck in the open and wet, cold and muddy fields for most of Monday as Balkan countries accused each other of reneging on promises they made about the number of migrants they would accept. Croatia’s foreign minister Vesna Pusic said countries in the region needed to start working together. "This mutual accusations don't really lead us anywhere. We are all facing the same crisis. They’re completely aware of that. It's difficult for Slovenia. But it's even more difficult for Croatia. We are struggling with way bigger numbers."

 Early results from Canada's parliamentary election are giving a strong lead to the opposition Liberal Party led by Justin Trudeau. They’re leading in almost every city in eastern Canada where voting has closed. Mr. Trudeau has campaigned on a promise of change after nearly a decade of government by the conservative party. 

Libya's international recognized parliament has failed to approve a UN proposal for a unity government, seen as a first step toward ending the country's violent political division. A majority of the parliament in Te Brooke are reported to have rejected the terms. Western and Arab nations had urged them to accept a power sharing compromise with the rival parliament in the capital Tripoli by today.

 The US Defense Department has admitted that one of its armed vehicles in Afghanistan last week was deliberately ran into the gate of the hospital in Konduz where 22 people had been killed in an American airstrike early this month. A Pentagon spokesman said troops smashed their way into the hospital compound to make an inspection without knowing that staff from the medical charity MSF were present. BBC news.

deliberately :蓄意地

airstrike :空袭

Pentagon :五角大楼

 parliamentary election:会选





xenophobic :排外



assault :袭击这次翻译中第一句The Chinese President Xi Jinping is in Britain for a four-daystate visit,与后面一句由连接词as well as连接的句子是并列的(即as well as attending a banquet hosted by Queen Elizabeth atBuckingham Palace. )下面是斑竹翻译的译文,供大家参考~~contaminate:污染

hydrogen bomb:氢弹

manslaughter :过失杀人


parole :假释














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