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BBC英语新闻:2015-11-17 法国战机空袭伊斯兰国大本营

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Hello, I’m Julie Candler with the BBC news.

French warplanes have carried out strikes on the Syrian city of Raqqa, a stronghold of Islamic State militants. The mission comes two days after the deadly attacks in Paris which Islamic State says it was behind. Hugh Schofield sent this reports from Paris. “Twelve planes took part in the attack operating efforts, French bases in Gordon and the United Arab Emirates. The defense ministry said the targets had been identified in earlier reconnaissance flights and the attack carried out in coordination with the Americans. President Hollande had described Friday’s attacks in Paris as an act of war and he promised that France’s reaction would be pitiless.”

It has emerged that a man who's now the subject of a huge manhunt of the Paris shootings and bombings was stopped by police and let go hours after the attacks on Friday. Officers stopped a car heading towards the Belgium border which was carrying 26-year-old Salah Abdeslam. Gavin Hewitt in Paris has more details. “News tonight well could be a hugely embarrassing episode for the French police. In the hours after the attacks here in Paris, they stopped a car heading towards the Belgium border. They questioned certainly one man. There may have been two others in the vehicle. But they questioned him for some period and then they examined his ID and then they let him go. He now is the focus of the manhunt. He now is the most wanted man in France. And it turns out that his brother was one of the suicide bombers in the attacks here. And of course this now as I said, is hugely embarrassing episode for the French police.”

The president of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker has said there is no need to change the EU's policy on migration following the attacks in Paris. A Syrian passport found next to the body of one of the gunmen in Paris was registered to a refugee who had entered the EU last month via Greece. Mark Lowe reports from the Turkish resort of Bodrum where many make the journey to the Greek islands. “The authenticity of the passport is still unclear. Frontex, the EU's border agency, warned earlier this year that Syrian passports were being forged as they're more likely to be accepted for asylum. But Greek officials say the passport was presented in Leros on October 3. The holder is likely to have reached the island from here in Bodrum, one of the over 500,000 who have travelled from Turkey to the Greek islands this year, Leros among those receiving the highest volume.”

A memorial service for the 129 people killed in Friday's attacks has been held at Notre Dame Cathedral. The archbishop of Paris Cardinal André ArmandVingt-Trois said Paris had been hit with unusual savagery. The bodies of up 30 victims are yet to be identified and some families are still searching for missing relatives. The French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said there were families that had been utterly destroyed. World news from the BBC.

The coalition fighting Islamic State militants in Syria has delivered around 50 tons of ammunition to the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces Coalition. The delivery also included rocket-propelled grenades. Here is Gary O’Donoghue from Washington. “This is the second shipment of ammunition to the groups in Northern Syria, the first taking place last month by air. This time the delivery was by road and according to one source, was roughly the same quantity as previously. Last time it amounted to around 50 tons of ammunition and rocket-propelled grenades. On that occasion, there were no weapons. Now it appears to be the same this time around. Last month, the delivery preceded a big push by the Arab and Kurdish groups to seize territory in northeastern Syria close to the Iraqi border.

The new prime minister of Nepal Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli has appealed to India to lift restrictions on the fuel, medicine and food supplies. Mr. Oli accused of India of imposing an undeclared blockade and said it was creating a worst humanitarian crisis in the recent earthquake.

Colombia's largest rebel group the FARC has requested the release of 81 of its fighters on health grounds. In a statement, it said the lives of the prisoners are at risk in Colombia's precarious jails.

Mexico has extradited two drug trafficking suspects to face trial in the United States. One of the men, Cesar Gastelum Serrano, was described by the US treasury department as one of the most prolific cocaine suppliers from Mexico Sinaloa cartel. The other, Pedro Rubio Perez, had been charged with drugs and organized crime offenses.

There has been a surge of resignations of Mormons from their church in the US state of Utah over the churches' new policy on gay married couples. Serval hundred resigned on Saturday but this swelled to about 1500 on Sunday. The new policy bars children of married same-sex couples from being baptized in the faith until they turn 18. BBC news.

stronghold n.据点, 要塞, 根据地

reconnaissance n.勘查,(对某地区的) 侦察或观测(尤指为军事目的),(执行侦察任务的)巡逻队、飞行队等

manhunt n.(对逃犯等的) 搜捕,追捕

suicide bombers 人肉炸弹

archbishop n.大主教,主教长

savagery n.野蛮, 野蛮人, 凶猛, 荒凉的状态

ammunition n.子弹,弹药,军火

blockaden n.封锁, 封锁部队,障碍物

precarious adj. 危险的,不确定的,不安全的

trafficking n.非法交易

prolific adj.富饶的,多产的, 众多的







基于健康原因,哥伦比亚最大叛乱组织——哥伦比亚革命武装力量(the FARC)要求释放该组织81名成员。在一份声明中,该组织声称哥伦比亚监狱并不安全,囚犯有生命危险。

墨西哥日前从美国引渡回两名涉嫌毒品交易的嫌疑人。其中一人塞萨 盖斯特轮 塞罗,美联储将其描述为墨西哥锡那罗亚卡特尔最活跃的可卡因供应者。另一人,佩特罗 罗比,彼瑞兹面临贩毒和组织犯罪的指控。


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