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BBC英语新闻:2016-05-02 叙利亚一处难民营遭到空袭

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Hello, I'm Jerry Smit with the BBC news.

An airstrike on a Syrian refugee camp near the Turkish border is believed to have killed at least 30 people. It's not known who carried out the attack in Idlib province, but a journalist in the region told the BBC local people have blamed the Syrian government which has targeted rebels in the area in recent weeks. This eyewitness says the victims were all civilians.
“They're all women and children, no one else. Look what those criminals have done. What did the children do? Where is Islam?  Where is it? Where is the world? Where is it? Where is everyone? They are all liars. Where is everyone?” The White House has condemned the attack. The spokesman Josh Earnest said there was no justifiable excuse for carrying out an airstrike against innocent civilians who had already fled their homes to escape violence.
The Republican speaker of the US House of Representatives Paul Ryan says he's not ready yet to support Donald Trump as the party's candidate for the presidency. Mr. Ryan said the billionaire businessman first had to show that he supported Republican principles and that he could win the votes of majority of Americans. Here is Laura Bicker. “Paul Ryan was in the running to be vice president in 2012. He's now the speaker of the House of Representatives. The House in the past has been critical of Donald Trump's proposal to ban Muslims from the US. He says he's still not ready to support the billionaire. Donald Trump has responded saying he's not ready to support speaker Ryan's agenda and added that the American people have been treated so badly for so long, it’s time politicians put them first.”
A vast wild fire in the Canadian province of Alberta is continuing to rage out of control. Three days on, the blaze has grown in size defying the efforts of firefighters with helicopters and air tankers to contain it. More than 80,000 people have already fled their homes in the Fort McMurry area and an emergency worker Chad Morrison says the flames are fueled by powerful winds. “Late yesterday, the wild fire grew rapidly due to the increased winds. We had winds recorded on side up to 70 kilometers an hour. And those winds came from the northwest. The fire blew out to the southeast corner late last night. And hours late as the premier said the fire is estimated to 85,000 hectors.” The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told parliament it was the largest evacuation in the province's history. He said the footage of cars racing down highways as far as spread around them was nothing short of terrifying.
Israeli war planes have launched attacks on four Hamas positions in Gaza during a continuing flare-up in violence between the two sides. The Israeli military said it was responding to mortar rounds fired at Israel. Several Palestinians were injured and a woman was later killed by Israeli tank shelling. News from the BBC.
The Supreme Court in Brazil has suspended the speaker of the lower house of congress who has led efforts to impeach the President Dilma Rousseff. The speaker Eduardo Cunha has been accused of hindering investigations into his own alleged corruption. Candace Piette reports. “The Supreme Court voted to strip Mr. Cunha of his post for allegedly obstructing investigations in accusations that he'd accepted millions of dollars in bribes which he denies. One of Brazil's most divisive figures, he played a key role in getting back in the lower house for impeachment proceedings against President Rousseff. The Supreme Court has said it was concerned that the allegations against him could taint the work of the congress. But his removal comes too late for President Rousseff who faces a vote in the senate next week on whether she should stand trial.”
A jury in the United States has convicted a former refuse worker of murdering nine young women and a 15-year-old girl over a period of more than two decades in Los Angeles. Lonnie David Franklin Jr. has been accused of being the mass killer who was known as the 'grim sleeper' because there was an apparent gap of more than 13 years between two spates of murders. A court heard How Franklin preyed on poor and vulnerable young women.
Security officials in Nigeria say militants have attacked a Chevron oil platform in the Niger Delta region. The militants are reported to have badly damaged the equipment that allowed oil to flow from one facility to another. A group called the Niger Delta Avengers said it had blown up the platform.
Voters across Britain have been taking part in a range of elections for the Scottish parliament, the National Assembly Wales, the Northern Ireland Assembly and more than 100 local councils in England. It's the first test of political opinion since Britain's main opposition Labor Party chose a new leader last year. BBC news. 
【Key Points】

defy v.蔑视,公然反抗,不服从, 向…挑战

evacuation n. 疏散,撤离,撤退,撤空

flare-up n.火焰、光等的骤发或骤燃,激怒,怒气(或疾病)的发作

mortar n.砂浆,迫击炮,房产

apparent adj. 易看见的,可看见的,显然的,明明白白的

vulnerable adj.(地方) 易受攻击的,易受伤的,易受批评的


美国,一个陪审团认定一名前清洁工有罪,20年多来,他在洛杉矶谋杀9名青年女子和一名15岁女孩。小朗尼.戴维. 富兰克林,被指控为连环杀手,因其2次连环杀人案之间有超过13年的明显间隔,被称为“冷酷睡魔”。富兰克林一所法庭讲述了如何谋害这些弱小可怜的女孩。 

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