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BBC英语新闻:2016-05-16 美国将启用罗马尼亚导弹防御系统

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Hello, I’m Natalia Rolleston with BBC news.

The ceremony will take place in Romania today to activate a key part of an American missile defense system. It’s designed to protect NATO countries in Europe from ballistic missile attack from Middle East. Jonathan Bill reports. “America spent 8 million dollars on radar and intercept missiles hauls into the old Romanian air base. US officials say the system is configured to deal with any threat from the Middle East and name Iran as a potential aggressor. Despite the recent agreement with Tehran on its nuclear program, Iran is still developing its own ballistic missiles. America and NATO insist it’s not about Russia and could not be used against its longer range intercontinental ballistic missiles. But Russia sees the missile defense shield does a provocation and a violation of previous treaties.”
More than half of the Brazilian senators, taking part in an all-night debate on whether to proceed for the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff, has said they would vote in favor of the move although the vote itself is still several hours away. It now seems all but certain that she will be suspended from office today. Wyre Davies reports from Brasilia. “Brazilian politicians love to talk, 81 senators given 50 minutes each equals more than 20hours of debate. Attempt could tell their allotted time for largely on deaf ears after all the chance to impeach president doesn’t come around very often. Dilma Rousseff faces formal charges that she illegally used state banks to conceal the size of the deficit, charges which she dismisses as baseless.”
The Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, who is attending an international anticorruption summit in London today, has told the BBC that the illegal drug habit west is the main driver of corruption in his country. He said his government was determined to address the issue, but it needed help. Earlier this week in unguarded comments caught on Cameron, the British Prime Minister David Cameron described that Afghanistan and Nigeria as fantastically corrupt. But President Ghani said there were no heart feelings about these remarks. “He was describing the legacy of the past, a legacy in which many actors, many factors combined to produce one of the most corrupt countries on earth. But that’s not the desire of our people, and I’m been elected on a mandate to make transparency, accountability, rule of law the imperative.”
Donald Trump appears to road back on his plan for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the US if he becomes a president. In an interview with Fox news, he said it was just a suggestion that he hadn’t been court for yet. He was responding to remarks by London’s new Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan. He rejected Mr. Trump’s suggestion that exception would be made for him to visit the US. BBC news.
The Japanese government has insisted that Tokyo successful bid to host the 2020 Olympics was clean. The government spokesman denied the reports in Britain’s Guardian newspaper by clandestine payment of nearly 1.5million dollars. The paper alleges that the sum was paid by the Tokyo bid team into an account links to the son of the disgraced former world athletics chief Lamine Diack.
The World Health Organization says more than 80% of the world’s urban resident is breezing poor quality air. In a new report, the WHO says air pollution in cities increases the risk of lung cancer, asthma and other diseases and causes more than 3 million premature deaths a year. Delhi, Cairo and Dakar, top at list of the most polluted cities. Maria Naro of the WHO said India and China face the biggest charges. “We know that there are several cities in China, several cities in India that they are very much and they are above the levels of pollution recommended by the air quality guidance in WHO and therefore I think these two countries, Indian and China, they need to do mass efforts because the situation at the moment is really bad for the population.”
The French government is facing a vote of no confidence in parliament today after it force to a controversial bill designed to reform labor laws. Right wing opposition parties have called for the vote a day after the government invoked a rare clause in the constitution to push through the reforms. The opposition is thought to be around 40 votes short of a victory. But they expect some support from within President François Hollande’s own socialist party.
The Japanese car maker Mitsubishi and Nissan have confirmed that they are discussing a possible financial deal as Mitsubishi struggles to recover from falsifying its fuel efficiency figures. Japanese media reports suggest Nissan will take a 1/3 stake in its rival to become the single largest shareholder. BBC news.



















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