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If you’re planning to apply for an MBA program, you’re required to take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). And you thought your days of sharpening number 2 pencils were over! How do you prepare for such a comprehensive test? Never fear.
GMAT For Dummies, Fifth Edition, puts at your fingertips everything you need to know to conquer the GMAT. This highly readable, friendly guide makes the study process as painless as possible, providing you with complete math and grammar reviews and all the preparation you need to maximize your score and outsmart your competition. You’ll discover how to:

Understand the test’s format
Bring the right stuff
Make educated guesses
Avoid the exam’s pitfalls
Calm your nerves
Save time and beat the clock
This Fifth Edition is packed with plenty of updated practice questions so you can see just how the GMAT tests a particular concept. Our sample questions read just like the actual test questions, so you can get comfortable with the way the GMAT phrases questions and answer choices. You get plenty of tips on correctly answering the sentence correction, reading comprehension, and critical reading questions and tackling the analytical essays. There’s also a comprehensive math review of everything from number types to standard deviation and expanded coverage of statistics and probability. Each section ends with a mini practice test to prepare you for the two full-length practice tests featured in this easy-to-digest guide.



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