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Previously on prison break 前情回顾:

I find it incumbent that you see the inside of a prison cell, Mr. Scofield. 我必须判你牢狱之刑,Scofield先生

Why do you want to see Burrows so bad, anyhow? 你为什么这么急着要见Burrows?

Because he's my brother. 因为他是我哥哥

So you get yourself tossed into Fox River with him? 你就跑到这个监狱来好跟他关在一起?

To what... save him? 干什么呢?... 救他?

and whoever it was that set me up, 不管是谁想陷害我

wants me in the ground as quickly was possible. 他巴不得我早点入土

Look, the closer it gets the more I'm worried 日子越接近

that the bottom is gonna fall out of this whole thing. 我越担心最后会出纰漏

That's the son of a bitch that fingered Abruzzi. 就是这个混蛋告发的Abruzzi

Someone found Fibanacci. 有人找到Fibanacci了

Who was this someone? 这人是谁?

Why'd you hire him? 你干吗要雇他?

Keep your friends close 要和朋友靠在一起

and your enemies closer. 而与敌人要靠的更近

Hey, come at me, John. 他们要是敢动我 John

I'm coming after you. 我就追着你不放

I doubt it. 我倒不信

I'm getting you out of here. 我要救你出去

It's impossible. Not if you designed the place, it isn't. -那不可能 -如果是你设计的 就有可能

You've seen the blueprints. 你看过建筑蓝图

Better than that. 比那还好

I've got them on me. 我纹在身上了

You're anticipating every one of my moves, 你能预料到我要落子的位置

three moves in advance. 提前想了三步子

You're a hell of a strategist, Fish. 你可真是个战略高手呀 雏儿

You ever think about Boston? 你想过波士顿吗?

Sure. Think you'll ever see it again? -当然想 -觉得你还能再见到吗?

I'm a 60-year-old man with 60 years left on my ticket. 我已经是60岁的人了 我在这儿还得待上60年呢

What do you think? 你怎么想?

I'm thinking about going, Ed. 我在想走

Well, there’s goin' and there's goin'. 哦 是“走(出狱)“ 还是“走(越狱)“

Which one you mean? 你说的是哪一个?

The one you think I mean. 你觉得我说的那个

Three days inside, 才在牢里呆了三天

and he's already thinking about turning rabbit. 你就想着要大闹天宫

It'll pass. 你的想法会过去的

It always does. 一向都是这样

There's bigger things to worry about at the moment. 因为现在有更重要的事情要担心

I've been in here long enough to know it when I see it. 我在这这么长时间了 一眼就能看出来

The calm before the storm. 暴风雨前的平静

Whites and blacks are going at each other real soon here. 白人和黑人很快要干一仗了

Everybody chooses sides, 每个人都要选定立场

and a lot of guys bleed. 会有很多人流血

There a reason? 什么原因?

Same reason you don't put cats and dogs in the same cage. 和你不把猫狗放到一个笼子里的原因一样

They don't get along. 他们水火不容

What? Toilet won't flush. -怎么了? -马桶不冲水了

So? 那么?

Means only one thing-- 只意味着一件事--

Shakedown, ladies! Shakedown! 大检查! 所有人注意了 大搜查!

All contraband will be confiscated. 所有违禁品都没收

The DIRT shuts off the water so you can't flush your contraband. 条子们切断供水这样你没法把违禁品冲掉

We got nothing to worry about. 我们没什么好担心的

Says you! 你说呢?

Under the table... 桌子下面...

What the hell is this? 这到底是什么?

Insurance, white boy. 是保险 白仔

Now dump it! 快扔了!

Open it. 开门

So... 哟...

tooling up for the race riot, are we? 磨刀霍霍要搞种族暴动?

Hand it over. 交过来

Rugheads and the billies. 黑人和白人

Now, which side are you on anyhow, Fish? 对了 你会站在哪一边儿 雏儿?

That would be neither, boss. 哪边也不站 长官

Maybe you're gonna go extracurricular with it then. 你课外休闲时说不定能派上用场

Stick a C.O., maybe. 也许 拿来顶着监狱官的脖子?

- Is there a problem here, Deputy? - Got a shank in here. - 有问题吗 副警长? - 在这儿找到一柄刀

Is this yours? 是你的吗?

You're not a good liar. 你可不善长说谎

Come on, Sucre, you're going to the SHU. 过来 Sucre 你得去隔离室

Move along, Deputy. 继续查 副警长

I'm not done shaking this cell down yet. 我还没把这间号子处理完呢

I said move along. 我说了继续

In the old man's back pocket, are you? 有这老家伙罩着,是不是?

Well, I got news for you, Fish. 好吧 我告诉你 雏儿

He may run this place during the day, 他可能白天在管这儿

but I run it during the night. 但是到了晚上 我作主!

-= 越狱 PRISON BREAK=- 第一季 第二集

The hell were you thinking, Michael? 你到底在想什么 Michael?

How are we doing it? 我们要怎么做?

The infirmary. 医务室

Infirmary? 医务室?

It's the weakest link in the security chain. 那是整个保安系统最弱的环节

As long as I get that PUGNAc, 只要我得到PUGNAc

I'll get all the access I need. 我就会得到我所需要的

What the hell's a PUGNAc? 那PUGNAc又是什么东西?

It lowers my insulin levels to the point that I'm hyperglycemic. 用来降低我的胰岛素水平直到我的血糖升高

As long as the good doctor thinks I'm diabetic, 只要那位医生认为我有糖尿病

I'll have plenty of time in there to do what I need to do. 我就会有足够的时间做我要做的

Which is? 做什么?

A little work. 一点儿准备工作

A little prep for your arrival. 为你所做的准备

That's the idea, anyway. 构思大概就是这样

The idea? 构思?

There's a little hitch in getting the PUGNAc, that's all. 不过拿PUGNAc出了点小麻烦 没什么大不了的

They don't exactly stock it at the commissary. 他们在补给库里并不存这个

You're telling me this whole thing's riding on a bunch of pills. 你是说所有这一切都悬在几片药丸上?

Someone's working on it as we speak. 说话这会就有人在忙着搞这个药

Now's not the time to be trusting a black inmate, Michael. 现在可不是相信黑人狱友的时候 Michael

Our relationship transcends race. 我们的关系超越了种族

Nothing transcends race in here. 这儿没有任何东西超越种族

I can't let you do it. 我不能让你这么做

Good behavior, you’re out of here in three years. 好好表现 你三年后就出去了

Gonna be a whole lot sooner than that. 会比那个早多了

Can't be done... 不可能做成的...

Can't be done, Michael. 不可能做成的 Michael

No one's ever broken out of Fox River. 没人曾经成功从狐狸河监狱逃出去

Every single step's already been mapped out. 每个步骤都已经策划好了

Every contingency. 每个可能性

Every contingency? 每个可能性?

You may have the blueprints of this place, 不错 你是有这地方的蓝图

but there's one thing those plans can't show you-- 但是有一样东西 蓝图是无法告诉你的--

people, guys like Abruzzi-- 人 像Abruzzi一样的人--

you so much as look at these cats the wrong way, 你要是看他们时没正眼看

they'll cut you up. 他们都会杀了你

As far as the rest of these guys are concerned 对于这些家伙而言

I'm just another con doing his time. 我只不过是一个服刑的囚犯

Staying out of trouble. Your don't go looking for trouble in here, -远离麻烦 -在这儿不是你找麻烦

it just finds you. 麻烦会找上你的

And when it does, we'll be long gone. 而等它找上时 我们早就远走高飞了

This is madness. 真是疯了

You can't even get out of your cell. 你甚至都不能出你的号子

Not true. 不是的

What, you got a key? 什么 你搞到钥匙了?

Something like that. 类似的东西

Wrong piece of real estate, Fish. 你找错地方了 雏儿

Belongs to T-Bag. 这儿属于T-Bag

Who? 谁?


You best speak with respect,Fish. 你说话最好客气点 雏儿

Man kidnapped half a dozen boys and girls down in 'Bama, 那家伙在Bama绑架了半打的男孩女孩

raped 'em and killed 'em. 强奸了他们 然后杀掉

Wasn't always in that order, either. 也不一定是这个顺序

Does T-Bag have a real name? T-Bag有真名字吗?

That is my real name. 那就是我的真名

No,no,no. 不用 不用 不用

Please... sit. 请... 坐

So you're the new one 你就是那个新人

I been hearin' all the rave reviews about. 我已经听了不少关于你的传闻

Scofield. Scofield

One thing's for sure, you're just as pretty as advertised. 不过有件事可以确定 你和传言中一样帅气

Prettier, even. 甚至 更可爱


Sorry? Assume that's why you're over here. -什么? -我想那就是你到这儿的原因

Few days on the inside, 在里面用不了几天

any God-fearing white man realizes 任何虔诚的白人都意识到

the correctional system's got a serious lean 惩罚机制已经严重地偏向了

toward the African-American persuasion. 美籍非洲人

I hadn't noticed. 我还没注意到

They got the numbers all right 他们人多势众

so they think they do as they please. 就以为他们可以为所欲为了

We got one thing they don't-- 而我们有一项他们没有的--

surprise. 突袭

We gonna take the ball game to them real soon. 我们很快就会向他们出拳

It's gonna be nasty for a first-timer like you, 你这样的新手可能会受不了

but we'll protect you. 但是我们会保护你的

I'll protect you. 我会保护你

All you got to do is... 你所要做的就是...

take this pocket right here, 抓住这个口袋

and your life'll be all peaches and cream. 然后 你生命就会完美无缺

I walk you walk with me. 我去哪 你就跟着我到哪

Keep you real close so no one up in here can hurt you. 和我保持近距离 这样就没人能伤害你

Looks to me you already got a girlfriend. 可你已经有女朋友了

I got a whole 'nother pocket over here. 我在这儿还有口袋

I'll pass. 我不加入

I don't protect you, 如果我不保护你

them rug heads gonna gobble you up like a plate of black-eyed peas. 那些土匪们会把你当成一盘黑眼豌豆一样吃光

I said no. 我说了不

Then you best move, then. 那么你最好离开

Now. 现在

You come around these bleachers again, 你只要再回到看台这里

it's gonna be more than just words we're exchanging. 那就不只是谈谈这么简单了

Know what I'm saying? 明白我说的吗?

Excuse me. 对不起

Are you the Tim Giles that represented Lincoln Burrows? 你是代表Lincoln Burrows 的Tim Giles吗?

- Okay, if you're a reporter... - I'm not a reporter. - 好吧 如果你是个记者... - 我不是记者

I know the defendant personally. 我和被告有私交

Huh. You family? 啊 你是他家人?

Not exactly. 不算是

We were in a relationship a few years back. 我们几年前曾交往过

Well, look, ma'am, I, uh... 哦 瞧 女士 嗯...

I-I don't know what to tell you. I mean, the man was guilty. 我-我不知道怎么告诉你 我的意思是 他是有罪的

The prosecution's case was a slam dunk. 这起诉案是件热门大案

Because the victim was the Vice President's brother. 因为受害人是副总统的兄弟?

If you're suggesting 如果你在暗示

that the federal government rammed this thing through, 是联邦政府要草草结案

okay, I take offense to that, 'cause I fought for that guy. 好 我也会很生气 因为我曾为这家伙辩护过

That's not what I meant. 我不是那个意思

The evidence was there. 证据确凿

Lincoln worked for Steadman's company. Lincoln为Steadman 的公司工作

He gets into a public altercation with the guy, 他当众和这家伙发生争执

so, he gets fired. 所以 他被解雇了

Two weeks later, Steadman's shot dead. 两个星期后 Steadman被射杀

The murder weapon is found in Lincoln's house, 杀人凶器在Lincoln的房子里找到的

and the victim's blood found on his clothes. 而且他的衣服上还发现了被害人的血迹

Trust me, there are cases you lose sleep over, but 相信我 是有很多让你辗转反侧的案子 但是

this isn't one of 'em. 这宗并不是其中之一

What about Crab Simmons? 那Crab Simmons 呢?

Lincoln said he could exonerate him. Lincoln说他可以证明他无罪

Why didn't you put him on the stand? 为什么你不让他做证呢?

The man's a five-time felon, all right? 那家伙是个五次的累犯 好吧?

He-He... 他-他...

He had no credibility. 他没有任何可信度

So, you wouldn't mind if I paid him a visit. 那么 如果我去拜访他一下你不会介意吧?

Be my guest, but I don't think it'd do you any good. 随便你 但是我不认为那对你有任何用处

Strange feeling. 一种很奇怪的感觉

I don't know how to explain it. 我不知道怎么解释

Now,um... 现在 嗯...

usually, my whole life, 通常 我的整个生命

it's always been crazy, noisy, 在我头脑里一直是疯狂的 杂乱的

maddening, you know, in my head, but... 绝望的 你知道 但是...

right now, it’s quiet. 现在 是平静的

It's perfect. 是完美的

Glad you came back. 很高兴你回来

I thought about you the whole time. 我一直都在想你

You know, I, uh, made a lot of mistakes in my life. 你知道 我 嗯 我这一辈子犯过很多错误

I know that. 我自己也知道

I'm gonna make it right. 我得把它改正过来

I know you will. 我知道你会的

What are you doing? 你要干什么?

I want to remember this. 我想要记住这一刻

No. Oh, come on. -不要 -哦 来吧

Oh, come on, V, please, just one. 哦 别动 V 求你 就一张

Okay. Come on. 好吧 来

Yeah. 好的

Easy, man. 放松 伙计

How we doin' on the PUGNAc? PUGNAc搞的怎么样了?

Hey, I'm workin' on it. 嘿 我正在努力呢

Well, work faster. 好吧 快点

I need that stuff tonight. 我今晚就需要那东西

What's up there in that infirmary that you need so bad? 医务室里有什么让你这么急着想要?

You get me that PUGNAc, and maybe I'll tell you. 你给我弄到 PUGNAc 我说不定就会告诉你

Thought we had an understanding. 我以为我们达成共识了

This here's for the family. 看台是给家庭内部成员用的

You made it pretty clear you ain't blood. 你已经表过态你不是其中一员

How 'bout you hand that over? 你把那个交过来吧?

Nice-looking piece of steel; bit of work. 看起来不错的一块钢块 稍一加工

You could do some serious damage with it. 你就可以用它搞点儿大破坏

Question is,who was it you was plannin' on damaging? 问题是 你想要伤谁呢?

I seen you with the Negroes, you know. 我看见你和黑鬼们在一起 你知道

Well,maybe you're one of them milk chickens. 哦 可能你这个白人比他们还了解黑人

All confused-like. 脑子有点糊涂了

White on the outside, black as tar on the inside. 外表皮肤是白 可骨子里却沥青般的黑

Maybe we ought to take a look at them insides and find out, 也许我们应该剖开来好好看看你里面

hmm? 嗯?

Girl Scouts! 女童子军!

Is there a problem over there? 那出什么事了吗?

Think we'll just hang onto this if that's okay with you. 你要没什么意见 我们今天就先到这

Hey,I'm not gonna ask you again. 嘿 我不会再问你第二遍的

Let's break up the party, ladies. 分散开来 姑娘们

You heard the man, little dogie. 你听见他的话了 小可怜

Get along. 闪人吧

What's it take to shake down another inmate, 要怎样才能干掉狱友

get something he's taken from you? 得到他从你那儿拿走的东西?

It would take Fibonacci. 需要Fibonacci作为交换

I'll give you Fibonacci-- 我会把Fibonacci给你--

I promise you that-- when the time is right. 我向你保证-- 在恰当的时机

Time is right now. 现在就是恰当的时机

No,the time is right 不 恰当的时机是

when you and I are both standing outside those walls. 你我都站在这些高墙之外

You're sitting on life without parole. 你过着不用假释的生活

You're never gonna stand outside those walls again. 你再也不会站在这些高墙之外了

Not unless you knew someone. 除非你认得什么人

Someone who knew a way out. 知道一条出路的人

What do you say,John? 你怎么说 John?

I say I've heard nothing but blabber. 我说我除了胡说八道什么也没听到

Philly Falzone. Philly Falzone

It's an honor. 真是荣幸

What are you doing here? 你在这儿干嘛来了?

Well,I,um... 哦 我 嗯...

I just thought we'd, you know,fraternize. 我只是想我们 你知道 交流交流感情

He looks like it,doesn't he? 他看起来像是, 是不是?

Looks what? 看起来怎样?

Like everybody's been saying. 像大家传的那样

You got no sack. 你的“蛋“没了

You've been neutered. 你被阉了

You shouldn't talk to me like that. 你不应该这么和我说话

You used to pick up my laundry. 你以前只是个为我提鞋的

Not anymore,John. 时过境迁了 John

John, John


word is that someone in here knows where Fibonacci is, 据传这儿有人知道Fibonacci在哪儿

and you're not doing anything about it. 而你却袖手旁观

I'm working on it. 我正在处理呢

Well,you're not working on it fast enough. 哦 你处理的不够快

Apparently,Fibonacci's coming up for air again. 显然 Fibonacci要再度露脸

Next month, a Congressional hearing. 下个月 有一次国会听证

Now,if he testifies at that hearing, 如果他在听证会上做证

a lot of people are going down, including me. 许多人都会倒台 包括我

Now,I've known you a long time. 我已经认识你很久了

Our wives are friends, 我们的夫人是朋友

our kids go to the same Catholic school. 我们的孩子们上同一所教会学校

Now,it would be a shame 现在 如果你的孩子发生什么不幸

if anything were to happen to your kids. 那真是太可惜了

I know my kids would miss them. 我知道我的孩子会想他们的

You don't need to do this. 你不用这么做

I do. 我必须这么做

I'll get this guy. 我会找到这家伙的

We'll get Fibonacci. 我们会找到Fibonacci的

Well,for everyone's sake, I hope you're right. 好吧 为了每个人 我希望你是对的

I am. 我是对的

Be well,John. 好自为之 John

Thank you. 谢谢你

Yo,Badge,I gotta use the phone! 快 警卫 我得打电话!

Sure,no problem. 当然 没问题

You want a pizza and a pedicure,too? 你还想要比萨和修脚师吗?

No. It's-It's Monday,man. 不用 今天—今天是周一 天哪

I got to call my girl. 我得给我女朋友打电话

She's expecting my call... 她在等我的电话...

Put a sock in it. You got nothin' comin'. 安静点 你现在什么也得不到

No,no,no... 不 不 不...

Hey,pull up the manifest. 嘿 查一下名单

There an Allen Schweitzer in GenPop? 在GenPop有Allen Schweitzer这个人吗?

Nope. 没有

You about the SHU? 隔离室里呢?

Nope. 没有

Why are you asking? 为什么问这个?

Curious,that's all. 只是好奇

You hear the trumpets,Fish? 你听见号角声了吗 雏儿?

I know you hear 'em. 我知道你听见了

That's Judgment Day. 那是世界末日

It's comin'... real soon. 就快来了... 很快

What are you doing in my cell? 你在我的号子里做什么?

I want in. 我想加入

I'm not quite sure I heard that,Fish. 我说什么 雏儿?

Did you just say you're in? 你是刚说的你要加入?

That's right. 是的

You know the old saying,don't you? 你知道那句谚语 是不是?

In for an inch,in for a mile. 既来之 则安之

Whatever it takes. 不管需要什么

You want me to fight, I'll fight. 你想让我打 我就去打

The bolt from the bleachers-- that's what it was for. 从看台上弄下来的螺钉-- 我就是要争那个

Well,you want to fight, you gonna get your chance. 好的 你想打 我就给你机会

- Next count. - Tonight? -下一场 -今晚?

Problem with that? 有问题吗?

'Cause we goin' straight at 'em. 因为我们要直接干他们

Better catch a square,Fish. 最好准备好战斗 雏儿

We undermanned in a big way. 我们人手奇缺

All I need's a weapon. 我需要武器

You want a weapon,bitch? 你要武器 婊子?

There you go. 这个给你

All prisoners return to cells. 所有囚犯回到号子里

You gonna have to prove yourself 你得好好表现证明

'fore we trust you with the heavy artillery. 如此重型的武器能交给你

Know what I'm sayin'? 明白我的意思吗?

Gates closing! 关门!

I wanted to apologize 我想道歉

for being so short with you before. 为了上次没能和你长谈

No problem. Closer it gets to an execution -没问题 -离行刑日期越近

the harder it becomes, -就变得越难

so that's why I wanted to give you this. 所以我想给你这个

It's the,uh,surveillance tape of the garage that night. 这个是 嗯 那天晚上车库的监视录像

It was a closed trial, 这本来是封闭审判

so no one outside of the courtroom saw it. 所以没有法庭以外的人看过

I thought it could help you out. 我想这能帮你

- With what? - Closure. -帮我什么? -解脱

Allen Schweitzer. Allen Schweitzer

That name mean anything to you? 这个名字对你有什么特殊意义吗?

Should it? 应该有吗?

I don't know. You tell me. 我不知道 你来告诉我

Never heard of the guy. 从来没听过这个人

Are you sure? 你确定?

Positive. 确定


Uh,what's up,Snowflake? 嗯 怎么样 白佬?

Do you think I'm a fool? 你把我当傻瓜啊?

What are you talking about? 你在说什么?

I see you up there with the Hitler Youth. 我看见你和那帮希特勒青年队在一起了

You know,I got a good mind to slash you open right now. 你知道 我现在就想把你砍成两截

It's not what you think. 不是你想的那样

They've got something I need. 他们有我要的东西

Now,see,that's funny. 哦 看呀 真好笑

Because I got something you need,too. 因为我也有你想要的东西

You want your PUGNAc,Fish,huh? 你想要你的PUGNAc 雏儿 嗯?

Right here,baby. 就在这儿 宝贝儿

It's all you. 都是你的了

Listen,white boy, 听着 白仔

your luck just ran out. 你不会再走运了

You chose the wrong side. 你站错队了

it's great to see your face. 能看见你真好

I think it's time you quit the charade,don't you? 你别再装了 好不好?

What? 什么?

It's starting to ruin people's lives. 因为你这样已经开始破坏别人的生活了

Michael's in here because he thinks you're innocent. Michael在这儿就是因为他觉得你是无辜的

He told you. 他告诉你了

He hasn't told me anything, but I know,Lincoln. 他什么都没告诉我 但是我知道 Lincoln

I know what he's planning. 我知道他在计划着

Call him off. 让他收手

If you love him,call him off. 如果你爱他 让他收手

I saw the tape. 我看过了录像带

What's on the tape's not how it went down. 录像带上的不是真的

I know what I saw. 我知道我看见的是什么

I know what I saw. 我也知道我看见的是什么

I was there,remember? 我在那来着 记得吗?

I got high that night. I had to. 我那晚磕得很兴奋

It was the only way I could go through with it. 那是我唯一的出路

I never pulled the trigger. 我压根没开枪

The guy was already dead. 那家伙当时已经死了

Yeah,I know. You've told me a thousand... 是的 我知道 你已经告诉我上千次...

Then listen! I was set up! 听着! 我是被陷害的!

I went there that night to clear a debt. 我那晚去那儿只是购销欠债的

Crab Simmons was on my ass for the 90 grand I owed him. Crab Simmons追着要我还欠他的9万美元

He told me the mark was some scumbag drug dealer 他告诉我目标是个臭名昭著的毒犯

and if I took it,we'd be clean. 如果我杀了他 我们就两清了

I never pulled the trigger. 我没过开枪

All I know is that somebody wanted me in the same garage 我所知的就是有人故意要我

as Terrence Steadman that night. 去Terrence Steadman所在的那个车库

Why would somebody want to set you up? 为什么有人想要陷害你?

It wasn't about me. It was about him. 不是我 是他

Steadman? Steadman?

Yes! 是的!

The guy was like a saint. 那家伙就像是个圣人

All the charity work, 那些慈善活动

the environmental progress his company was making... 环保运动 他的公司在做的...

About the only person in this entire country 而全国上下唯一有动机杀他的人

who had motive to kill him was you. 就是你

You came all the way down here to tell me how guilty I am? 你不辞辛劳地过来就是来告诉我我的罪有多重?

I don't know why I came here. 我不知道我为什么来这儿

You have your life now-- I know that-- 你现在有你自己的生活-- 我知道--

but if what we had before meant anything to you, 但是如果我们以前所有的一切对你有任何意义的话

you'd find out the truth. 你得找出真相

Maybe all this is the truth. 可能这些就是真相

Maybe they got it right. 可能他们是对了

What you all doing,boy? 你们都在干嘛 孩子?

Real funny. 真好笑

Hey,... white boy! 嘿... 白仔!

Badge! Open up,Badge! 狱警! 开门 狱警!

You talking again? 你又想说什么?

It's my girl's birthday. 今天是我女朋友的生日

Happy birthday to her,then. 那么 祝她生日快乐

You gotta let me call her! Please! 你得让我给她打电话! 求求你!

I'll give you a million dollars, 我会给你一百万美元

if you let me use the phone. 如果你让我用电话

I seen your kicks,Sucre. 我已经看到你的帐号了 Sucre

You got something like 40 cents to your name. 你名下好像只有40美分吧

Please! 求求你!

God,no! 天哪 不要!

All right. 好吧

Maricruz. What are you doing? Maricruz 你在干嘛?

Come on. 来吧

Yeah,it's okay,Hector. You go ahead. 没事儿 Hector 你去吧

What are you talking about? 你在说什么!

I think I'm just going to take a cab. 我想叫辆出租

What do you mean,like,go home? 你什么意思 回家?

I mean,you just got here. 要知道你刚到呀

He didn't call you,did he. 他没给你打电话 是不是?

Look... I love Fernando to death, 睢... 我也非常爱Fernando

but the guy's a deadbeat. 但那家伙游手好闲

You got to move on with your life. 你得继续你自己的生活

Mr. Giles,we'd like to have a word with you,if we could. Giles 先生 如果可以 我们想和你谈一下

I really don't have time. 我真的没时间

I'm afraid we're going to have to insist. 我恐怕我们必须要和你谈

It's come to our attention that you made a FOIL request 我们注意到是你提出了个信息公开申请 (FOIL 信息公开法)

a couple of days ago, on the Burrows case. 几天前 关于Burrows的案子

Yeah. So? 是的 那么?

Records show that you made a dupe of the surveillance tape. 记录显示你给监视录像带做了个复本

That's right. 没错

Mind us asking why? 介意我们问一下为什么吗?

It's for one of Burrows' old girlfriends,man. 是因为Burrows原来的一个女朋友 先生

She was under the impression that the guy was innocent. 她一直觉得那家伙是无辜的

I figured it'd,you know, help her with closure. 我想 你知道 这会帮她结束这一切

She's in possession of the tape now,then? 那么她现在有这盘带子?

Don't pull that card on me. 你别和我耍这套

It's the Freedom of Information Act. 资料公开法

She's entitled to that tape as much as you or I are. 她和你我一样有权拥有那录像带

Oh,no,no,no,no, no,by all means,by all means. 哦 不 不 不 不 不 是的 是的

May I go now? 我现在可以走了吗?

Just one more thing. 还有一件事儿

This old girlfriend of his... 这个他的前女友...

what's her name? 她的名字是什么?

Excuse me. 对不起

Is this the Simmons residence? 这是Simmons的家吗?

I'm Ms. Simmons. 我是Simmons夫人

I'm sorry,um... 我很抱歉 嗯...

I'm Veronica Donovan. 我是Veronica Donovan

I'm looking for Crab Simmons. Are you related? 我在找Crab Simmons 你们是亲戚吗?

He's my son. 他是我儿子

Is he around? 他在吗?

No. 不在


- Could you tell me where I could find him? - Lady,go away. - 你能告诉我哪儿能找到他吗? - 女士 走开

I can't help you. 我帮不了你

- Can't you understand that? - I'm sorry. - 你听不明白吗? - 对不起

It's just... 只是这是...

a man's life is at stake,and maybe your son can help him. 一个人的生命危在旦夕 而你儿子可能能帮他

Crab can't help nobody,lady. He's dead. Crab谁也帮不了 女士 他已经死了

I'm sorry. 很抱歉

Heads up! 注意!

7-up,cons,stand your gate! 注意 犯人们 站到门外来!

'Bout to jump off,Fish. 就要开始了 雏儿

Ballard,get back on your number. Ballard 回到你的位置上去

I need backup. 我需要支援

I said back on your number! 我说了回到你的位置上去!

Inmates,return to your cells immediately. 伙伴们 马上回到你的号子里去

Riot squad,report to cell block D. 防暴队 到D区来报到

Help me... 帮我...

Scofield! Scofield!

You're a dead man,Scofield! 你死定了 Scofield!

You hear me?! 你听见我说了?!

You're a dead man! 你死定了!

我真不知道说什么好了 各位


I try to treat you with respect. 我试着尊重你们

You can't even respect yourselves. 但是你们甚至都不尊重你们自己

So,there's going to be a 48-hour lockdown. 因此 现在起 48小时的禁闭

No mess. No showers. No visitation. 没有饭 不能洗澡 不能探视

And I strongly suggest that you all learn to get along. 还有 我强烈建议你们都学会友好相处

Otherwise,the next time, it's going to be a week, 否则 下次就会是一周

and the time after that, it's going to be a month. 然后再下次 就是一个月

Think about it. 好好想想吧

Got a Leticia Barres on the line. Leticia Barres打过电话来

I don't know who that is. Take a message. 我不认识这个人 留下消息

She says she used to date Crab Simmons. 她说她曾经和Crab Simmons约会

Leticia,thank you for calling. Leticia 谢谢你打电话过来

You want to hearwhat I have to say, 你想听我要说的吗?

we meet in a public place, where they can't get to us. 我们在公共场所见面 这样他们就不能找到我们

Whoa,whoa,whoa. Where who can't get to us? 等 等 等一下 谁不能找到我们?

You want to hear what I have to say or not? 你想不想听我要说的?

'Cause if you don't,I'm going to hang up right now. 因为如果你不想 我立该就挂电话了

No,no,no-- you just name the time and the place. 不 不 不-- 你说时间和地点

Over here. 在这儿

Leticia,thanks for coming.. Leticia 多谢你过来...

Go easy,lady. 别套近乎 女士

We don't know each other,you got that? 我们不认识 你明白?

We'll stay out here in the open where they can't get to us. 我们就在外面, 这儿他们不能找到我们

Where they can't do what they do. 在这儿他们不能做他们的做的那些

Only reason why I'm talking to you 我来和你谈的唯一原因就是

'cause they gonna kill your boy like they killed mine. 因为他们会杀了你的男人就像他们杀我的男人一样

Coroner's report says smack killed your boyfriend,Leticia. 验尸官的报告说你男朋友是死于毒品 Leticia

It was an overdose. 是服用过量

Wasn't no overdose. 没有服用过量

What do you mean? 你是什么意思?

Crab didn't use. Crab不用毒品

He had a bad heart. 他有心脏病

If he touched the stuff, it'd kill him. 如果他碰那些东西 他就死定了

I mean,don't you think 我的意思是 你有没有想过

it's just the slightest bit of a coincidence 有一星点儿的巧合

he OD'd a week after your boyfriend's crime? 他在你男朋友犯事儿一周后就用药过量死亡

They killed him 'cause he knew things. 他们因为他知道什么事儿杀了他

Things they didn't want to get out. 那些他们不想泄露出去的事儿

Like what? 比如说?

Like who was really behind that hit that night. 比如说谁是那天晚上袭击的真正主使人

Wasn't Crab,that's for damn sure. 不是Crab 那个可以真他妈肯定

And it sure as hell wasn't Lincoln. 而且也非常肯定不是Lincoln

Neither of them boys knew what they were getting into. 他们俩个都不知道他们卷进了什么阴谋当中

They were just pawns in a big game. 他们只是一盘棋里的被人利用的棋子

What? They're here. -什么? -他们在这

Who's here,Leticia? 谁在那儿 Leticia?

Don't try to follow me. 别跟踪我

Don't find me. I won't testify. 别找我 我不会做证的

Just slow down and talk to me. 慢点和我说

I'd get as far away from here as you can,girl. 我得走得越远越好 姑娘

'Cause there ain't nobody they can't get to. 因为没有他们找不到的人

Leticia! Leticia!

Hello? 你好?

We have a small complication. 我们有点小麻烦

There's a lawyer poking around. 有个律师在追查

Veronica Donovan. Veronica Donovan

Yes. 是的

You can handle a girl 你能搞定个女孩

who graduated in the middle of her Baylor law school class. 一个半途从贝纳法学院毕业的女孩

At least I'd like to think so, 至少我这么认为

given the stakes of what we're dealing with here. 就我们现在在做的一切的冒的险来看

Anyone that's a threat to what we're doing is expendable. 任何威胁到我们的人都是可牺牲的

Anyone. 任何人

Understood. 明白

Then do what you need to do to make this go away. 那么做你该做的 把这些摆平

You there,Pretty? 你在哪儿 可爱的?

I know you're there. 我知道你在那儿

Just want you to know I'm coming for you. 只想让你知道我会追着你

You got nowhere to run. 你无路可逃

You're trapped in that little hole of yours. 你被圈在你自己的小洞里

Trapped like a pig I'm going to slaughter. 就像只猪一样被圈着 我要去宰杀了

Who's my 1:00? 一点钟是谁来看病?

Uh,Michael Scofield. 嗯 Michael Scofield

I was wrong about you,Scofield. 看来我愿望你了 Scofield

Here's your PUGNAc. 这是你的PUGNAc

Little bit late. 有一点儿晚了

Better late than never,right? 总比没有强 是吧?

Scofield! Infirmary! Scofield! 医务室!

We'll see about that. 我们看看晚不晚

I'm gonna find out,you know... 我会查清楚 你知道...

what it is you're doing up there. 你在那到底在干吗

How long does this take? 要等多长时间?

It used to take hours. 以前要几个小时

They've come a long way with the new glucose kits. 现在研发出了新的葡萄糖检测设备

This'll take us about ten seconds. 大概只要10秒种

Slide the strip into the meter, 把带子插进仪表

we're ready to go. 我们就都好了

I'm sure you know this, 我相信你知道

but average glucose for the non-diabetic 但是非糖尿病人的平均葡萄糖水平

is about 100 milligrams r deciliter, 大概是每1/10公升 100毫克

so we see a number like that here, 如果结果是这样的数字

and we know you've been misdiagnosed. 我们就会知道你被误诊了

You seem nervous. 你看起来很紧张

I do? 是吗?

You're sweating. 你在出汗

Must be the needles. 一定是因为针的缘故

Never really got used to them. 我从没真正适应这些针

Somehow,with diabetes and that tattoo, 你身患糖尿病和还有纹身

I find that hard to believe. 你说你怕针 我还真不相信

Bad news,I'm afraid. 恐怕是坏消息

180 milligrams per deciliter. 180毫克每1/10公升

You're definitely diabetic. 你肯定有糖尿病

Do you need anything else from me? 你还需要我做什么吗?

Arm to stick a needle in. 伸出胳膊来扎针

Okay. 好的

I'll see you Wednesday. 我们周三见

Cute. 真可爱

Prisoner. 是人

I don't know. 我说不清楚

There's something strange about him. 他有些奇怪

What do you mean? 什么意思?

I gave him the results of his blood test, 我给他血液测验的结果时

and there was this look on his face 而他脸上的表情

It was,um... 是 嗯...

relief. 放松


It's all right. I got it. 没事儿了 我来吧

I'm headed over to A-Wing anyhow. 反正我也要去A区

You're positively beaming,boss. 你看起来容光焕发 长官

Got up on the right side of the bed this morning,I guess. 今天早上起床心情好

Hold up. 等一下

Sugar. 我去加糖

Don't you move,Fishy. 别动 雏儿

Hey,what are you doing? 嘿 你们干嘛?

You're coming with us,Fish. 你跟我们走 雏儿

This little polka you and I have been doing for a while-- 你和我玩了有一阵子小把戏--

as of this moment... 不过现在...

...it's over. ...要结束了

Fibonacci. Fibonacci

I want to know how you got to him... 我想知道你怎么找到他的...

and where he is,right now. 还有他在哪儿 就现在

Not going to happen,John. 我不会告诉你的 John

Now,I'm going to count to three. 现在 我数三下

One... 一...

I give you that information, I'm a dead man. 我一告诉你 我就死定了

You know it and I know it. 你明白 我也明白

Two... 二...

I'll tell you the moment we're outside those walls, 我们出了高墙再告诉你

not a second before. 一秒种也不会提前

You tell me now. 你必须现在告诉我

Not gonna happen,John. 我不会的 John

I'm going to give you one last chance. 我给你最后一次机会


1. find it adj.+ that + 句子,表示发现某事怎么样,其中it 做形式宾语,真正的宾语是that后面的从句。此句可翻译为:我必须判你牢狱之刑 Scofield先生

2. a helluva strategist helluva , adj. 很难的, 很大的。表示战略高手。fish译为雏儿

3. not get along 表示关系搞不好,此句翻译为:他们水火不容

4. as long as 表示只要…就怎么样,此句翻译为:只要我得到Pugnac我就会得到我所需要的

5. get into a public altercation with sb. altercation n.争论, 口角。表示与某人发生口角

6. put him on the stand 表示叫某人作证。

7. Maybe you one of them milk chickens. 翻译为:可能你这个白人比他们还了解黑人

8. neuter :adj. 中性的, 不及物的。此处翻译为:你被阉了

9. good mind 表示非常想,此处可翻译为:我现在就想把你砍成两截

10. pulled the trigger 表示开枪

11. have a word with sb. 表示和某人说话,交谈

12. be under the impression(of)表示认为,以为…此句翻译为:她一直觉得那家伙是无辜的

13. be entitled to sth. 表示对…有资格。此句翻译为:她和你我一样有权拥有那录像带

14. at stake 表示陷入僵局,困难时期。此处可理解为:一个人的生命危在旦夕而你儿子可能能帮他

15. used to do sth. 表示过去常常做某事,此处表示:她说她曾经和Crab Simmons约会。注意:be used to doing sth. 表示习惯于做某事,例如:I am used to walking after supper. 我在晚饭后常常习惯散步。

16. 此句可翻译为:他们只是一盘棋里的被人利用的棋子

17. headed:前进:继续朝着或沿着一定方向。be headed over to 表示前往某地,此处翻译为:我也要去A区

18. Got up on the right side of the bed this morning 表示今天早上起床心情好

19. Not gonna happen John,表面意思为John什么都没发生,根据上下文联系,可进一步翻译为:我不会告诉你的John

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