2017-8-9 14:28

We’re pitting China against America: 今天我们要拿中国跟美国比一比
We’re making a comparison between China and America in different aspects of life: 我们要对比下中美生活的各个方面
China vs. America: 中美对比,注意vs.在英语里要按照它的完整拼写来念versus


career prospects: 职业前景
The Chinese market is so dynamic and the growth is really robust: 中国经济充满活力,增长强劲
The Chinese economy dwarfs most of the developed economies: 中国经济把绝大部分发达国家都比下去了 (dwarf这个词作为名词的意思是侏儒,作为动词的意思就是把另一个远远比下去了)
There’re a lot of different opportunities; overall, it’s very exciting for me: 机会很多,总的来说,我觉得很新鲜很刺激
The things I get to do here, I don’t really think I can do them back at home: 我在中国收获的经历美国恐怕无法给予我
It’s a different way of living: 是完全不同的一种生活方式
I enjoy what I’ve achieved for myself while being here: 我非常享受自己在中国取得的收获和成绩
When you’re at home, you kind of feel like it’s always the same old thing: 在家乡生活感觉日子一成不变
If you always stay there and never leave, you’ll never experience much else in the world: 如果永远呆在一个地方,你就看不到外面的世界了
It’s good to get out and try something different: 最好出来闯闯,感受不同的事物
朝九晚五 or 出去闯闯?

There’re a lot of people in the West, me included, who are turned off by the idea of a conventional life characterized by a 9-to-5 job where you just repeat the cycle of getting up, going to work and going home: 西方很多人,包括我在内,特别厌倦这种一成不变、朝九晚五的工作和生活
Even if you have a 9-to-5 job here in China, at least the scenery and environment are totally different: 在中国即使是干一份朝九晚五的工作,所见所闻以及周遭的事物也是不同的
So there’s still some sort of stimulation: 生活也因此更刺激、更新鲜
There're also a lot of unexpected opportunities: 也有很多意想不到的机遇
There’re still things here that aren’t quite as established as they are back in the States: 不像美国,中国有很多东西还没有定型
You come here and do something that’s already been done in the States but hasn’t been done here yet: 可以来中国做一个在美国已经有人做,但在中国还没人做的事

Be it in China or in America, how much you get paid definitely depends on what you do: 不管是在中国还是在美国,赚多少都跟干什么工作有关
Given that I have a Master’s degree, I do think if I were back in the States right now doing whatever 9-to-5 job I have, overall I’d be making more money: 我有硕士学位,所以如果我在美国找一份朝九晚五的工作,薪资应该比现在高
But my expenses would be more: 但开销也会更大
This is kind of a trade-off: 有得必有失
Money’s important, but it’s not everything: 钱很重要,但钱不是万能的
The life experience I’ve gained by living here is invaluable: 在中国的生活经历是钱换不来的
In real dollar terms, you might be making a little bit less, but you actually have more disposable income: 光看钱的话,在中国收入可能比美国低,但可支配收入实际上更多
We’re netting more money: 实际到手的钱更多
I have more savings at the moment than I ever had: 我的积蓄比在美国时多
financial discipline: 经济自律,特别指存钱

Living within the inner ring here in Shanghai is even more convenient late at night: 住在上海内环内的话晚上更加方便
public transportation system: 公共交通系统
Big cities have very condensed populations: 大城市人口相对集中
China is definitely more lively/more stuff going on/more happening: 中国肯定是更热闹
Gun ownership is a right guaranteed in the US Constitution, but it’s also caused a lot of problems: 枪支持有权是美国宪法规定的权利,但也造成了不少问题
public safety: 治安
Going out alone late at night is not considered very safe in the States regardless of yourgender: 不管是男是女,在美国半夜独自出门总归是不安全的
For most parts, Shanghai is pretty safe: 总体来讲,上海真的挺安全的

Many foreigners feel even love life is more exciting in China: 很多外国人觉得在中国的爱情生活也更加精彩
When I first came, I was in my honeymoon period, so I was more optimistic and excited: 我刚来中国时,在那段蜜月期内,(恋爱)心态也特别乐观、特别激动
Maybe I’ve been longing for somebody more culturally similar to me:现在可能我更渴望一个在文化上跟我比较接近的伴侣
Lately, I don’t share that sentiment as much as I used to: 所以现在我的感觉、看法跟以前也不太一样
The dating scene: 恋爱、约会氛围
It’s hard to find people who click with you on an intellectual level: 要找到一个跟你有心灵撞击的对象很难
I don’t think that has anything to do with China; China’s always been China and will always be China: 我觉得这不是中国的原因;中国一直就是中国,以后也还是
It has more to do with me and my personal wants: 这更大程度上是我个人的原因和想法
This doesn’t mean other foreigners can’t find things like satisfaction or love here: 我也不是说其他外国人在中国就不能收获一份满意的爱情
When I first came here, I thought to myself, “Oh my God, there’s beautiful women everywhere“: 刚到中国时,我心想:“天啊,这里美女也太多了吧“
But it’s not about the quantity; it’s about the quality: 但重要的是质量、而不是数量
Maybe it's becasue you’ve matured, so your take on things is different: 也许是因为你更成熟了,所以看事情的角度也不一样了
Yes, you have access to more people: (在中国)你也许能遇见更多人
I highly value quality now: 但现在的我非常注重质量