歪果仁最喜欢的惊悚小说Top 8



2016-8-30 09:52

We recently asked people to tell us about the most suspenseful book they'd ever read — and they totally delivered. These titles will definitely take your breath away.


歪果仁最喜欢的惊悚小说Top 8

1. The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

《火车上的女孩》 作者:保拉·霍金斯

Rachel always observed a woman from her train as she passed the suburbs. But what happens when this woman goes missing? Rachel feels compelled to solve the mystery and stumbles upon dark, shocking truths in the process.


歪果仁最喜欢的惊悚小说Top 8

2. Before I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson

《在我入睡前》 作者:S.J.华生

Christine Lucas suffers from anterograde amnesia, a disease that causes her to lose all her memories after she goes to bed. She wakes up every morning not recognizing the bedroom she is in, or the man sleeping beside her (whom afterwards claims to be her husband, Ben). Everyday, she also receives a phone call from a doctor who has been helping her without her husband's knowledge, and reminds her about a personal diary she has been hiding. She flips over the cover and sees three words written in her own handwriting: "Don't trust Ben."


歪果仁最喜欢的惊悚小说Top 8

3. Bird Box by Josh Malerman

《鸟箱》 作者:乔什·马勒曼

An unknown creature is stalking the survivors of an apocalyptic attack. One glimpse of it is enough to drive a person to violent, fatal madness. Now Malorie and her two small children must make their way to safety down the river in a small boat — blindfolded, with only their ears to guide them.


歪果仁最喜欢的惊悚小说Top 8

4. An Untamed State by Roxane Gay

《未征服之岭》 作者:洛萨利·盖伊

Mireille's harrowing fall from a fairy-tale life of privilege to the torment of her kidnap and captivity at the hands of a violent gang.


歪果仁最喜欢的惊悚小说Top 8

5. Sphere by Michael Chrichton

《幽灵》 作者:克里奇顿

Six reasons you should read Sphere ASAP: 1) Alien 2) Spaceship 3) Discovered 4) On 5) Ocean 6) Floor.


歪果仁最喜欢的惊悚小说Top 8

6. The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

《风之影》 作者:卡洛斯·鲁依斯·萨丰

A young boy is taken to the Cemetery of Forgotten Books by his father and happens to pick one up. Years later, he finds out someone has been destroying all books by that author, and he’s drawn into the mystery surrounding these events.


歪果仁最喜欢的惊悚小说Top 8

7. And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

《无人生还》 作者:阿加莎·克里斯蒂

Ten strangers are invited to a mysterious island home for a weekend, only to be killed off one by one in increasingly gruesome ways. But no one has any clue who's behind it all or why this group of strangers was brought together in the first place.


歪果仁最喜欢的惊悚小说Top 8

8. Descent by Tim Johnston

《品德》 作者:蒂姆·约翰森

Teenaged brother and sister Sean and Caitlin go for an early-morning run during a family vacation in the Rockies, but the Sean returns alone. The novel then follows the Courtland family for the next year as they cope with their loss. They don't know what happened; — but, in the end, the Caitlin's ultimate fate comes as a surprise to all.