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1. Being able to banter when you first start talking to a girl is one of the most important and effective ways to get her attention right away. Once you've bantered for a couple minutes, it's alright to switch gears and talk about something a little bit more serious or personal. Showing her that you've got the contrast between playfulness and seriousness will show you to be a guy who is multi-faceted, not a one-note Johnny.
1. 第一次跟女孩儿搭讪时,让她注意到你的最重要且有效的方法就是开玩笑。开过几分钟玩笑后,是时候转换话题了,跟她谈论一点稍稍严肃或私人的话题。让她感受到你既有趣又认真,是个性格多样而非单调无趣的人。

2. For whatever reason, nothing screams neediness in a guy more than a huge, gleaming, ear to ear smile. Think of smirking as the smile's more seductive, more confident older brother. It's otherwise known as the eye smile, and it's extremely effective at communicating your feelings non-verbally. It's alright to practice in the mirror for a few minutes. Once you've got this down by yourself, it'll be time to try it out in real life.
2. 不管原因是什么,那种从左耳朵笑到右耳朵、笑到满脸褶子的灿烂笑容对男人来说真的一点也不必要。想想看,那种自鸣得意的坏笑才更诱人,更像个自信的哥哥。这种笑又被称为用眼镜笑,在交谈中微笑不用言语就能很好的传递你的感受。你可以在镜子前练习几分钟。当你搞定了自己的笑容,你就可以在现实中大显身手了。

3. Offering an original compliment is a really effective way to flirt. You can all but guarantee the girl you're trying to talk to has heard most of the more clichéd compliments dozens of times over the better part of her adult life.
3. 新颖的赞美是调情的有效法宝。与其说一些陈词滥调的赞美让女孩毫无感觉,还不如尝试赞美她一些更微妙的方面,这会给她很特别的感觉。

4. A man who pays attention to detail and remembers the little things will always go further than his less-observant peers. So if you're chatting up a girl, especially one you've just met, pay attention to the little things and try to casually mention them later on. This will show her that you're different than most of the guys she talks to -- which will go a long way.
4. 一个注重细节和记住小事的男人总是比粗心大条的人更胜一筹。当你跟初次见面的女孩闲聊时,关注一些小事,在后面的交往中不经意地提起。女孩会觉得你与其他男孩不同,这将有助于进一步交往。

5. When guys are starting to hit it off with a girl they're interested in, a lot of the time they get worried that if they let the conversation die or let her out of their sight for a moment, she'll lose interest. Most of the time, this couldn't be further from the truth. If things are going well, don't be afraid to leave her with a cliffhanger and excuse yourself for a moment. It will make you come off as a lot more confident than trying to drag on the conversation long enough to rival the ending of a Lord of the Rings film.
5. 当男孩和自己感兴趣的女孩相处合拍时,经常会担心谈话中冷场或将女孩晾在一边会让女孩失去兴趣。大多数时候,这月事实相去甚远。如果一切进展顺利,别担心惊险刺激的情节中离开她一会儿。试着拖延谈话时间就像看指环王电影的大结局,失陪片刻会显得你更有自信。

6. If you ask any woman out there the qualities that she looks for in a man, you can all but guarantee a sense of humor is going to be on the list -- and for many, it's near the top.
6. 如果问任何一个女人看中男人哪些品质,幽默感肯定榜上有名,并且接近榜首。

7. One thing that a lot of guys forget to do or are afraid to do when flirting with women is to add a little seduction into the conversation. Tension is a huge aphrodisiac and a great thing to take advantage of when you are flirting.
7. 在调情中说些诱惑的话是很多男人忘记或害怕做的一件事。当你在调情是,气氛紧张是一剂大大的春药,它能让你占到大便宜。

This will serve as somewhat of a test. If she doesn't respond after a minute, you should probably go back to what you were doing before -- but if she does, it may be a sign she wants to escalate things physically.

9. The "triangle look" is by far the best thing you can do when you're connecting with a woman and you're ready to take things to the next level. Here's how it works: Once you've already had some light banter and you're pretty certain things are going well, try looking into one eye, then the other eye, then down to her lips, and back to her eyes. Finish it off with a little smirk.
9. 迄今为止,“三点视“是双方关系准备进入下一层次时男女交流的最好方法。看看它是如何起作用的:轻松的逗笑过后,在你能确定气氛很好的情况下,试着注视她的一只眼睛,然后另外一只,然后往下看她的嘴唇,再回到她的双眼。然后以一个坏笑结束以上动作。

10. It's no secret that girls like to feel special. If we're being honest here, so do guys. Deep down, each and every one of us wants to believe that we really are unique, attractive, and interesting.
10. 众所周知,女孩们都喜欢感到自己很特别。坦率地讲,男人们也是如此。本质上,我们每个人都愿意相信自己是独一无二、有吸引力和风趣的。

Before you go off ignoring your surroundings and pretending there's nothing else in the universe at that moment besides her, you want to make sure she knows that you are a valuable, interesting person yourself.